Thursday, April 12, 2007

Author Jim Keith & His Book Mass-Control-Engineering-Human-Consciousness

Mass -- Control -- Engineering -- Human -- Consciousness is a book for current times -- one which clearly documents the sophisticated "mind control" technology that is being deployed on a myriad of people in the United States and abroad. As a long-term target of this insideous technology and the monsters within the US Government who deploy it against so many unwitting citizens, I think that it's imperative for every person on this planet who's old enough to read to see the topics that author Jim Keith discusses in his book.

Like numerous others who've researched and reported on covert technologies that the US Government does not want Americans learning about (including Gary Webb, Steve Kangas and Bill Cooper), it appears almost certain that Jim was murdered for publishing this book as well others; he also published articles regarding the mysteries behind the deaths of several famous people including John F. Kennedy jr. (whom he said was murdered when his plane was blown up) and Princess Diana (whom he said was pregnant and murdered as a result of it) shortly before he died.

Jim damaged his leg in a fall and was told that he needed surgery for a broken kneecap. He died during surgery to repair his kneecap, when a blood clot from his leg quickly traveled to his heart. In what would turn out to be prophetic, prior to the surgery, he mentioned to a confidant that if the surgeon put him under he did not think that he would make it through the surgery.

Jim wrote many controversial books concentrating on topics that certain very powerful people did not want promulgated. And the fact that he died so suddenly, and from a situation that has the probability of occurring roughly one in a trillion times, only makes one wonder if he was not murdered. Coroners can be forced to cover-up the real cause of death in a situation in which the FEDS are looking to prevent or obfuscate an investigation, as well as falsifying a death certificate, more easily than one might imagine.

Jim's book can be purchased at the following Website, or you may want to try your local library. However, I tend to doubt that you will find it there, given the nature of the covert topics being discussed.

The following's a comment by a former friend of Jim Keith's:

October 10, 2002
John Hammell

"Jim Keith meticulously researched this book, ... I challenge anyone who thinks this is a work of "fiction" to come to that conclusion after first visiting the following websites where you can learn a lot of factual information about the MKULTRA program which verifies what Keith is saying: ...

Website of John Mecca who is under MKULTRA Mind Control and who is trying hard to warn people. ...That is the website of Advocacy Committee Human Experimentation Survivors- and Mind Control These are people who have suffered the torment of the damned at the hands of the CIA, which is doing the bidding of the Illuminati to set the stage for forcing us into a psychocivilized society with everyone to be put under electronic mind control.Check out this website which shows actual US patents on Mind Control/Behavioral Modification Technology.... and this is only the tip of the iceburg because its the declassified stuff: ...

Check out this free online book: Blueprint for a Prison Planet- The Plan to Microchip Humanity: ...

Check out ...Anti NSA Section, last bullet pointed item is a lawsuit of John St.Claire Akwei vs NSA. In it he details NSA's scientific capabilities for doing Remote Neural Monitoring. Akwei is one of thousands of victims of CIA black ops human experimentation.

Also, I happen to know that Jim Keith was killed for writing this book. He is no longer alive. He was a friend of mine, and what happened to him could happen to me at any time for trying to expose the same things. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The people who gave this book bad reviews are either fools or NSA debunkers who don't want people to read the book."

More Information On The Late Jim Keith Can Be Found Here:


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