Monday, April 16, 2007

Deadliest Shooting In US History Puts The Gun Control Controversy Back Into The Spotlight

April 16th, 2007 has turned out to be yet another day which will live in infamy. At roughly 7:15 this morning a crazed gunman went on a shooting rampage on the campus of Virginia Tech that left 32 students dead and more than 26 others wounded, in what has turned out to be the deadliest shooting in modern history.

The shootings took place two hours apart and on opposite ends of the School's 2600 acre campus. The gunman killed himself as SWAT teams moved in. Students are already leveling serious criticism at Virginia Tech officials, whom they claim did not do enough to protect them.

While this may seem to be an arbitrary incident, it brings back the painful memories of the 1999 shootings at Columbine High school, in which a dozen students and a teacher were murdered, and numerous others wounded. A number of other campus sieges have taken place since then as well.

One must wonder, given the mind control technologies being covertly deployed against a myriad of American citizens in the present day, if this did not in some way play a role in today's shootings. Moreover, given the New World Order's covert agenda of removing guns from the public so that only the government has access to such weapons, makes one contemplate if there is not more to this situation.

Was the person who took part in today's killings affected by this technology in some way?

The CIA has long been researching the most effective forms of mind control technology and has used many unwitting subjects in the past to determine the efficacy of such technology. One particular facet of such experimentation included the search for the perfect Manchurian candidate -- someone who could be programmed into murdering and have no memory of it.

For those who claim that the CIA would never allow innocent students to be subjected to such horrific crimes, one need only reference this agency's covert mind control experimentation conducted as early as the 1950's. These covert programs which include MK Ultra, have always been a major focus of the CIA and continue to be in the 21st Century. One of the best known CIA MK Ultra cover operations was conducted during the 1960's by then preeminent psychiatrist Dr. Ewen Cameron, at McGill University. The CIA has a lengthy history of conducting such nefarious operations -- those which constitute some of the worst crimes against humanity ever documented -- while using legitimate institutions as fronts for its immoral and criminal activities.

In this author's opinion, the two separate shooting incidents at Virgina Tech today appear to have more than a hint of conspiracy to them. Whether or not US Intelligence is involved remains to be seen. However, this tragedy appears to have the CIA's fingerprints all over it.

Moreover, there is a very definite desensitization in society regarding such horrific acts, given that over the past several decades, Americans have been witness to a myriad of tragedies that have gradually eroded our empathy towards such acts of violence.

That is not to say that we are not emotionally effected by such horrific acts; indeed we most certainly are. It is just that as a defense mechanism, we must in some way remove ourselves from the horrors that this world holds for each of us. And shielding ourselves from such atrocities as the one which in unfolding at Virginia Tech this very day, will only serve to add to this apathy.

There is no doubt that the violence which is experienced by Americans through Television, as well as the movie and music industries (Rap Music - in particular the genre known as Gangster Rap), is also in large part responsible for the indifference that now effects American society.

It seems as though as long as Americans can pay their mortgages, feed themselves and put clothes on their backs, they see no need to challenge the status quo in America. And therein lies the real problem. The status quo has always served to promote mediocrity, while obstructing any attempts to improve society.

And of course, hearing about the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq and those of many innocent Iraqi's on the news each night, has done nothing to improve this situation. We ground ourselves in the day to day minutiae of life, so that we have a false sense of reality, in order to shield ourselves from the violence that we have no control over.

However, our refusal to accept these acts has placed each of us in an even greater peril -- that of making snap judgements which can endanger us, out of sheer ignorance.

And it's such ignorance which allows for our refusal to accept what we cannot or will not morally or ethically tolerate, regardless of the facts.

Perhaps this is the most terrifying aspect of the cumulative effects of these terrorist acts -- the indelible impressions that they leave us with -- those of despair, and the inability to see a way out of this nightmare.

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