Monday, April 16, 2007

This Is Just Plain Wrong!

The following's the latest update from Pam Stanley, wife of constitutional activist Rick Stanley, who has been battling with the Colorado court system over trumped up charges that he was wrongly convicted of.

This latest assault on both Rick and Pam is a complete outrage, yet the news media organizations have largely ignored it. It's clear that these organizations are essentially useless when it comes to reporting news that the US Intelligence community does not want publicized, since they treat such information as though it simply does not exist.

Rick's wife, Pam, reports that he was injured when his back was "bean bagged" by a weapon that the SWAT Team had used on him -- I note that Rick did not need to be physically restrained since he was not resisting arrest.

So exactly why was he?

He is presently awaiting notice from the Colorado Supreme Court in regard to an appeal that he filed two weeks ago, which asks that the case in which he was wrongly convicted be reviewed by this court. If this court refuses to consider his case, Rick will end up spending the next 6 years of his life in prison -- convicted on trumped up charges so obvious, that his case cries out to be reviewed.

And if this injustice is allowed to occur, there's no telling what may happen to him. The FBI has a history of covering up murders that it commits behind prison walls - murders that are nearly always made to appear as suicides. I cite the case of the late Kenneth Trentadue, who was beaten to death within his cell, and then hung in which to make his death appear to be the result of a suicide. His story can be accessed over the Internet by typing in the "FBI's murder of Kenneth Trentadue," or accessing the following URL:

The same situation could happen to Rick. Especially given his vociferous criticisms of the corruption within the US Federal Government. He has made a lot of enemies by expressing his truthful opinions and many of these people would like to get even with him. Now that he is incarcerated, there is nothing to prevent this from happening.

Based on my own review of his case, Rick Stanley should not be serving one more second in prison, much less the next 6 years. This is yet another situation where the FBI has used the US Judiciary and the state law enforcement agencies in Colorado, for its own criminal means; manipulating the Colorado court system into setting an innocent man up to be wrongfully incarcerated.

It should be the FBI who is facing charges of influencing public officials -- not Rick Stanley!

This is the real FBI -- an organization that has always existed to violate the civil liberties of the American people. And until this agency is abolished (as it should have been in 1971 after its COINTELPRO operations were revealed to the public) it will continue to abuse any American citizens whom it chooses to target, with complete absence of judicial oversight and due process of law.

The FBI is a modern day Gestapo/KGB. An organization that is clearly anti-American with respect to its covert operations and a direct threat to the United States Bill of Rights.

Perhaps it's time that the American people created a petition to abolish the FBI, since it's become painfully obvious that Congress can no longer control this agency or the extreme ways in which its Nazi ideology continues to manifest itself.

RELEASE: Update on Rick Stanley

I just got back from Denver County Jail a few minutes ago. I was able to visit with Rick for about 10 minutes after waiting aproximately 2-1/2 hours. My sister-in-law and her husband were kind enough to take me down there and wait with me, although only 1 of us was allowed up to see him. We got there at about 6:40pm and they allow 3 groups of 10 in, starting at 7:00pm. I was in the 3rd group.

He seems to be holding up well under the circumstances. He was allowed a shower this morning and he is still in the clothes he had on yesterday when they took him into custody. There is a large hole in the back of his shirt and a large bandage on his back from where they bean bagged him when they ambushed us yesterday. Apparently he was burned pretty bad by that. Needless to say, I am pretty upset about that! You know him though, he seens to be taking all this in stride. I think he feels the worst that I was subjected to their abuse as well.

We expect that he will be moved to Adams County tomorrow. Then he will hopefully get a hearing as soon as possible and a new bond set. I will advise everyone as soon as I get more information.

Pam Stanley

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