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These Are The Types Of Shills (Unwitting Or Not) That The FEDS Use To Discredit Legitimate Targets Of Mind Control Technology

The following's a response from the article that I posted regarding yesterday's tragic massacre of 32 students on the campus of Virgina Tech. My response to this person's comment is included right after it.

" guns kill...period. they have no business being i... guns kill...period. they have no business being in anyone's hands besides law enforcement and military personnel. you, and your egomanical claims to be under mind surveillance (and even mind control) by the government, only help to verify that those who think guns are a necessary right and that everyone should be ready to protect themselves from the nwo are a bunch of loons who are paranoid at best and most likely delusional.guns kill. that's their primary purpose. cars kill sometimes, but they most just drive. they are meant to drive, that's their primary purpose. but guns kill.get rid of the guns, and get rid of this level of violence. if this guy didn't have any guns, he may have been able to knife a couple people before being wrestled to the ground. the victims would have at least had a fighting chance if it had been a knife...even a samauri sword or machete. knives are fine...have all the knives you want. but guns should be banned."

(Ian D. Miller)

Given that the FEDS are routinely attempting to use others who are either shills for them or unwitting victims used as pawns to attack someone whom they are targeting -- I will have to include Ian D. Miller in one these categories.

First, I want to give Ian the benefit of the doubt by placing him in the second category; someone who's being used as an unwitting dupe for the FEDS. I can certainly understand his emotive response in regard to guns and their use for killing, especially since yesterday's cold blooded massacre of 32 students. And if I had my way, guns would not exist at all. However, given human nature, and the fact that certain people will make weapons out of the most rudimentary of objects, removing guns from society will not help the situation.

Furthermore, Ian's comment that only law enforcement should have access to weapons, assumes that law enforcement is indeed operating within the confines of the US Bill Of Rights, and as such can be entrusted with such weapons.

However, given the serious nature of the crimes routinely committed by the FBI (the nation's preeminent law enforcement organization) ; crimes that are often times perpetrated with complete reckless abandon and then covered up through an implemented wall of silence, the American people now have no choice but to depend on their Second Amendment right to own guns in order to protect themselves.

While there are numerous instances of such abuse, I cite the FBI/BATF massacre of the Branch Davidians in WACO, Texas, as well as the cold blooded murders of both Vicki and Sammy Weaver in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, because both of these atrocities stemmed from concerns over weapons that these people had access to.

Moreover, in both instances, the FEDS promulgated bogus cover stories as to why they were even on the private property of these people. In the Weaver case, it was clear that the two US Federal Marshals who had entered the Weaver Compound did so illegally, just looking to cause trouble. And it was because of these Marshal's that both Sammy and his mother Vicki were shot to death by agents of the FBI and BATF.

The murder of Vicki Weaver is particularly chilling, as she was shot through the head while clutching her 10 month old daughter in her arms, by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi. Even other agents on the scene were horrified by Horiuchi's cold blooded murder of Vicki Weaver, and a judge ruled that he could be tried for it.

However, a week later the case was mysteriously dropped and murderer, Horiuchi, allowed to remain free to kill again. Federal agents are routinely allowed to get away with these types of crimes, and destroy those whom they perpetrate them against, in order to keep the public from learning of circumstances behind them.

Even former agents whom in frustration with the mass of corruption that they have seen within their own agencies, have become targets of the very peers whom they once worked with; subjected to the same types of cruelty that they saw being meted out to those citizens whom these agents chose to attack through the use of their COINTELPRO operations.

Moreover, how many times in recent history have we heard of police officers who shot unarmed American citizens to death, yet were then let go with a slap on the wrist?

Far too many times, unfortunately.

The real issue in regard to the use of armed weapons, is the responsibility of the person(s) who have access to them. These weapons are harmless unless they are placed in the wrong hands. The same can be said of automobiles, which have killed far more people than all of the handguns combined.

As for Ian's statement: "and your egomaniacal claims to be under mind surveillance (and even mind control) by the government, only help to verify that those who think gns are a necessary right and that everyone should be ready to protect themselves from the nwo are a bunch of loons who are paranoid at best and most likely delusional."

It's quite obvious that Ian is either (if that is this person's real name) a provocateur for these FEDS, looking to circulate disinformation, or just woefully ignorant of the advanced technologies which the US Military/Industrial complex has access to in the present day. Technologies that include audio/visual satellites which do have the capability of tracking any persons on earth by homing in on the electromagnetic fields that surround their bodies and using these fields as a tracking device.

Comments Addressed Directly To Ian:

This is fact, Ian, not fiction.

And it also means that you, as well, can be tracked at anytime and ILLEGALLY monitored 24 hours a day for the rest of your life. So instead of sowing discord, do your own research and start circulating the facts instead of your own ignorant opinions.

This technology is also capable of remotely, electronically reading a targeted person's sub vocalized thoughts. There are myriad individuals around the world who've reported being subjected to this phenomenon. And I am far from the only one who's disseminating this information.

My Website is replete with such accounts. However, it's clear that you've either not bothered to consider them, or you already know about this information and are deliberately looking to obfuscate the situation.

While I have no way of knowing whether or not you are deliberately circulating disinformation or simply ignorant of the facts, I do know that these weapons exist, and that anyone who claims that they do not is either ignorant of them, or aware of them and looking to create a smokes screen to prevent the public from learning the truth.

Given that I am well aware from first hand experience of the existence of the technology of which I speak, and circulating this information within the public domain, the FEDS have chosen to demonize me in efforts to destroy my credibility.

However, in the important venues, they have failed to do so, and must now just attempt to slow the speed at which this information is made public, as myriad others come forth with similar claims.

Moreover, those who perpetrate these crimes against humanity are well aware of what is going to eventually befall them as a result of their mass deception of the American people, and just looking to create as much subterfuge as they can in efforts to stall what has become an irreversible process.

As for the gun issue, one need only use their own eyes to see that the USA is bordering on becoming a fascist police state, with the militarization of even our own state and local police. And that those individuals who support their Second Amendment right to own a firearm are being targeted by government agencies in efforts to not only destroy them, but to also make examples of them so that others will become too frightened to stand up for the Constitutional rights.

That is a clear sign of fascism.

Constitutional activist Rick Stanley is perhaps the best example of this type of assault on the US Bill Of Rights.

His story can be accessed below:


Ian, given the facts, I would strongly urge you to do your own research, simply for the benefit of yourself and your family. If, however, you are aware of this technology and deliberately circulating disinformation (only you know this for certain), then you are guilty of a treasonous act against the American people.

I would prefer to think that you are just an innocent dupe. And if that is the case, rather than insulting those of us who are being targeted and tortured by this government deployed technology, I would suggest that you read through my Website and learn of a truth that the mainstream media is far too terrified to ever promulgate.

Good day, Sir.

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/Non Consensual US Government Experimentee


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