Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blueprint For A Prison Planet

I recently found an article entitled " Blueprint for a Prison Planet" which so palpably describes the reasons for why this planet and its inhabitants are in the present deplorable state that we are, that I wanted to post the hyperlink to it on this Website.

In short, this is an article that very simply states why the human condition on this planet not only never seems to improve, but is in fact getting more hopeless with each passing year.

The author of this article, a man by the name of Nick Sandberg, carefully takes his readers through many different aspects of human history, and describes for us the emergence of the goldsmith a few hundred years back, and his role in shaping modern day banking. While this may seem simplistic enough, Mr. Sandberg goes on to hold these goldsmiths responsible for the sorry state that the economies around the world are in in the present day.

He paints them and the modern day banking industry that they helped to found as complete charlatans, who were able to con the citizenry of this planet into entrusting them with our money, and how with as little as ten percent in the way of assets, these bankers were able to leverage themselves into controlling virtually every aspect of what happens in our daily lives.

For those who are familiar with the way in which the Federal Reserve Banking system was created, and the complete fraud that this institution has since its 1913 inception always been, Mr. Sandberg's article is even more compelling.

He takes us from the early goldsmiths into the present day world of technology, in which Sandberg describes the complete subjugation of the human mind to a technocracy, one in which all humans will again be conned -- this time around into having microchips inserted into our bodies, which will ultimately bring about the absolute enslavement of humanity -- and the demise of a great many of us through genocide, in the interests of preserving the remaining resources of this planet for the modern day goldsmiths of the world, those often referred to as the Elite or Illuminati.

What makes Blueprint for a Prison Planet so frightening is that it's so right on the money in regard to what is gradually happening to the human race, that it forces its readers to take notice of a situation that they have probably never even considered possible, given the relentless brainwashing that we are subjected to by the propaganda machine for all governments on this planet -- the media.

This article is a must read for all humankind, since it focuses on the human race and the nightmarish situation that we are presently headed on a direct collision course with.

Blueprint for a Prison Planet can be accessed at the following Website:


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