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Americans Owe A Debt Of Thanks To The Family Of The Late CIA Agent Frank Olsen

Most Americans have never heard of Frank Olsen, a former CIA agent who was alleged to have jumped to his death from a Manhattan hotel window just days after having had a beverage that he was consuming secretly spiked with the drug LSD. In later years this would turn out to be nothing but a lie, fabricated by the CIA to prevent Olsen's family from asking any further questions.

While they received a settlement from the US Government as a result of Frank's death, they'd always had problems with the official explanation for the cause of it.

As a result they began their own investigation in what would turn out to be one of the most disturbing discoveries in American history. During this investigation, the Olsen's were furnished with roughly 16,000 pages of declassified documents by way of the Freedom Of Information Act, which exposed many formerly classified intelligence operations. One of primary concern to them had to do with the CIA's MKULTRA program, which included the use of LSD in mind control experimentation that the CIA was conducting as early as the 1950's.

It was because of the Olsen family and their research, that the CIA's criminality was first exposed on a large scale. While most of the CIA's MKULTRA documents were ordered destroyed by former CIA Director Richard Helms, there was still enough information on this program by way of the FOIA to expose the CIA for its crimes against humanity. Frank Olsen's family was determined to make certain that his death would not be in vain.

In 1994 they had his body exhumed for an autopsy, which concluded that Olsen did not die by jumping to his death as they had been told, but was instead murdered, when he was hit in the head and then literally flipped out a window (A CIA technique to murder someone) before plunging to the ground below.

This is just one in a myriad of instances where the CIA had taken part in the murder of one of its own.

The real issue is what was Frank working on to get him killed? According to reports by insiders who knew him at the time, just shortly before he was murdered, Frank had returned from trips to England and Germany, where the CIA and Britain's version of this agency, MI6, were working on ways in which to prevent allied spies from yielding to interrogations. Those who'd seen Frank shortly before his death claimed that once he had returned form Frankfurt, Germany, where the CIA and MI6 were conducting deadly experiments on prisoners of war and others who were considered to be "expendable," * Frank became distraught with regard to the moral implications behind what he had seen.

* Reference -- US Electromagnetic Weapons And Human Rights By Peter Phillips, Lew Brown, and Brigit Thornton

It was shortly after this that he would be murdered And the CIA would concoct a story about Olsen jumping to his death after ingesting a large amount of LSD, which to this day is still considered to be the official explanation.

It is truly amazing how the US media is able to continue to perpetuate these lies, in spite of evidence which clearly proves them to be just that.

In the modern day, the types of mind control technologies that the CIA, NSA, DoD, FBI and other agencies have access to have gone well beyond that of anything that existed at the time of Frank Olsen's death.

Today these agencies have access to satellite based technology which is beyond the scope of most people's understanding. And as a result of this, it is the responsibility of those American citizens who learn first hand of this technology to expose it to the public.

As someone who has been targeted for this technology for years on end, the FEDS are not exactly thrilled with my describing how this technology operates, or for that matter my opinions in regard to how many other Americans are being illegally and unwittingly targeted for it.

For this reason I have been demonized by the them, and my reputation and relationships systematically destroyed.

So why do I take further risks in exposing this technology?

Simply put, I do not want to see what has happened to my Family and self happening to anyone else. And I am determined to make this technology known to every person on this planet so that people can learn of it and take a proactive stance against the Nazi's in the United States who operate covertly deep within the recesses of the US Federal Government.

Some readers may doubt what I have written here; others may even ridicule me for doing so. And that is their prerogative.

However, I can say without any hesitation that I have reported this information as truthfully and accurately as possible. I have discussed every aspect of what my Family and I have been put through, even though these issues are of a very personal and painful nature to me, because I realize the importance of exposing this technology, and the horrific consequences that it is capable of.

The following is an excellent article on some of the satellite based technologies being deployed against many American citizens in the present day. It also focuses on a piece of legislation which has enabled the US Federal Government to conduct an all out war on your civil rights -- The Military Commission Act of 2006.

US Electromagnetic Weapons And Human Rights By Peter Phillips, Lew Brown, and Brigit Thornton


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