Thursday, April 19, 2007

Interview With Former NSA Employee & Government Whistle Blower Russell Tice

Several months ago I had been speculating as to whatever happened to Russell Tice, the former NSA employee turned government whistleblower, who reported to Congress that there were serious violations of civil rights being committed by those within the hierarchy of the National Security Agency.

It would seem that for all intents and purposes, since that time Tice's information has gone to waste, since to this author's knowledge, he never did testify in regard to what he knew about these NSA improprieties. And the American people are still waiting to hear what Tice has to say.

The following information is the last that we have heard in regard to Russell Tice, who appears to have like so many other government whistle blowers, been neutralized by the FEDS to prevent him from exposing the crimes that they are perpetrating against the American people.

The following is an interview that Democracy Now's Amy Goodman had with Russell Tice In December of 2005. Tice was eventually subpoened to testify before a federal grand jury on August 2nd, 2006, to disclose the impropieties that he had witnessed occuring within the hierarchy of the NSA. However the date for this testimony was abruptly cancelled, with no further information forthcoming in regard to a new date.

On July 26th, 2006 Tice was approached outside his home by two FBI agents, and served with another subpoena ordering him to testify in front of another grand jury within six days, in what appeared to be an intimidation tactic.

In answer to the subpoena, Russell Tice's attorney, Josh Dratel sent a letter to the Department of Justice requesting that they be given further information in regard to the nature of this subpoena and additional time to prepare for Tice's testimony.

The DOJ granted them this request, however, never schedualed a new date for Russell to testify.

To date it would seem that Russell Tice is hanging in a state of limbo just waiting to hear from the DOJ in regard to a new date for his testimony. Given the treasonous nature of his information, he will probably be waiting for quite sometime to come.

The following is a quoted observation in regard to this situation from Professor William Weaver, an NSWBC (National Security Whistle Blowers Coalition) advisor. " The subpoena for Mr. Tice did not indicate whether or not he was the target of a criminal investigation or just a witness, and gave him only six days to prepare for the original grand jury hearing date. The intervention of first class legal counsel put the government off track, for it appears that government attorneys wanted to get to Tice before he could obtain legal advice."

The latest update in regard to Russell Tice's testimony can be accessed at the following Website:

While there are undoubtably numerous issues within Russell Tice's testimony, I personally believe that the NSA's illegal use of remote neural monitoring is amongst them. I also believe that the NSA and FBI are heavily reliant on the NSA's audio/visual spy satellites to illegally monitor those Americans whom they are curious about, and that they are fearful of losing this venue in which to spy should this information be promulgated by way of Tice's testimony.

The following's a post that I wrote sometime back in regard to my concerns about this situation. As usual, this government is getting its own way, protecting those who should be prosecuted and villifying those who are attempting to do so.


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