Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When The FBI & Homeland Security Use Their Demonization Tactics Hell Can Become Other People

When the FEDS go out of their way to demonize a person targeted for this psychotic harassment it is clear that they are operating outside of the laws in this country. In my case as well as myriad others, their crimes go well beyond those of civil rights and with their use of psychotronic weaponry (satellite based mind control weapons) tread directly into human rights violations.

What the FEDS have done to those of us whom they have targeted for these crimes against humanity is so outrageous that they dare not ever take the chance that we will gain credibility, for if we are able to, their crimes will be promulgated far and wide leading to their dissolution - something which is inevitable. There's no question that the FBI, NSA, CIA and the rest of the US Intelligence community will be dissolved. The only variable here is how long it will take the American people to become educated in regard to the considerable crimes that these agencies have perpetrated throughout their notorious histories.

They have been able to get away with these crimes in the past, because the only source of news was through the US Media, which these agencies control through heavy censorship.

However, with the advent of the Internet, there is now a new venue in which any person can publish their content. This has allowed for the promulgation of real journalism again -- something that has been seriously lacking in the US Media since the CIA's Operation Mockingbird was put first put into place back in the late 1940's, to subvert the American people's ability to learn of the covert actions of the US Federal Government, and in particular its Intelligence community.

Operation Mockingbird and the National Security Act were two of the most subversive aspects of the 1940's. And the National Security Act in particular has been used as a very effective cover in preventing the American people from learning of crimes committed against them and other countries, by the US Federal Government.

I wrote the following back in 2005, given my experiences in being demonized by the FBI, NSA, and Homeland Security, in their efforts to cover up the crimes that they have routinely perpetrated against my Family, self and myriad others.

When Hell Becomes Other People

Until several months back while watching a Richard Gere movie called Intersection I had never before heard the phrase "Hell Is Other People." The term actually originated from Existentialist John Paul Sartre, and this maxim is considered by many others to be Sartre's legacy to his field of endeavor.

In understanding how those targeted by the FBI and other fascist intelligence organizations are completely alienated from society, and treated horribly by other people, including in many instances their very own families, Sartre's saying offers certain profound meaning to those who are targeted individuals.

Each human being yearns for the companionship of others. Whether it's the close bonds of family, friends, or still others who offer an even more intimate relationship. Even the loner misses the comfort of another person to speak with on occasion. Yet, targeted individuals quite literally, become devoid of any types of meaningful human bonds once they are relentlessly attacked by the FBI or others at its direction.

While the saying "no man is an island" has prevailed for quite a lengthy time, the sad fact is that TI's (short for Targeted Individuals) must become islands unto ourselves, as we are made to become societal outcasts by the very worst criminals on the face of our planet: the United States Federal (terrorist) Intelligence Agencies.


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