Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why Have The Profile And Links Section Of This Site Been Moved?

The right side of my blogger has been lowered so that my profile is out of view, as are the hundreds of links to Websites which support my documentation. Why? Perhaps because far more people are now considering my claims of being an NSA satellite prisoner and are looking into John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit, which documents much of this technology, and the cutting edge space weaponry that they are using to violate the privacy of all Americans. And not having my profile at the top of this Webpage (one which discusses the NSA's illegal surveillance of my person by way of spy satellite) lessens the initial impact that the site has, since new visitors don't immediately see my claims of being an NSA satellite prisoner -- something that would certainly stimulate anyone's interest -- especially when considering how the NSA's illegal use of this technology can effect them.

For the regular readers this is not a problem, given that they are already familiar with my accounts and extensive documentation, all of which is clearly above reproach. However, given that my intention is to propagate this information on a global scale, the FEDS' attempts to even cheat me out of placing the information where I want it on my own blog, while they use the media to demonize me and prevent me from posting on the main pages of the Independent Media Center Websites, illustrates what absolute control freaks they are.

They don't want any backtalk; they don't want anyone defending themselves or their First Amendment right to free speech. They simply want to overrun anyone whom they target and toss the Bill Of Rights out the window.

Well, as far as I am concerned let every damn one of them move to Russia where their tyrannical indoctrination will fit right in. As an American citizen, there is no way that I am ever going to let these modern day fascists deny me my civil rights, or those of anyone else, without fighting to the death for them.

By violating the civil rights of the American people and betraying our trust as they have, the US Intelligence community has lost its credibility.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security monitor this Website all day long, simply looking for reasons to have it deleted. They have made certain to remove or hide the articles that I have written and self published on Independent Media Center Websites all across the country, in efforts to keep me from promulgating my information. And I am far from the only person who is documenting such precedent setting violations of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

The FEDS are well aware that I am telling the truth and have documented a literal mountain of circumstantial evidence against them. For these reasons their attacks on me are constant, and they are taking every opportunity to poison my Family against me, as well as the community at large.

They simply cannot afford to have more credibility given to my accounts. However, this is happening in spite of the FEDS' attempts to circulate their disinformation. The specialized satellites that the NSA deploys against those Americans whom it targets can home in on the electromagnetic fields that surround each of our bodies, and use them as tracking devices. They target you in a similar fashion to how a fighter jet can home in on the heat from an enemy aircraft -- the real difference here being that the fighter jet is homing in on heat, whereas the NSA's satellites and supercomputers are homing in on electromagnetic fields.

Similar principles -- different sources.

One of the most disturbing aspects in all this is that satellite based remote neural monitoring technology can decode your sub vocalized thoughts, and even target specific areas of your brain to influence your behavior; both of which I have experienced on myriad occasions. And many other victims of this technology are gradually surfacing on the Internet to describe similar experiences.

We are telling an ugly truth about the US Intelligence community and short of being murdered (a likely possibility) we are not going away.

We are also being vilified by the FEDS for exposing this technology. The FEDS' protocol for dealing with this is as follows: complete denial that this technology exists, or simply stating that there are highly classified programs that they do not have the security clearance to discuss.

Most of the time, they simply use their guile to undermine a target, while covertly utilizing psychological warfare in efforts to gradually erode a TI's confidence so that they are driven into desperation.

They'll stalk us around the Internet all day long and immediately move in on a post that we make on a heavily trafficked site, in order to discredit us. However, when you self publish a post that has been immediately hidden, and two minutes later there is a person who miraculously manages to find it, posting a comment like "get back on your medication" or go buy a "tin hat," it's clear that the FEDS are extremely concerned about us, and what we have to tell the public.

The truth is that if they did not have such tremendous control over the US media, this technology would have been exposed years ago, and the FEDS would have been attempting to survive a scandal the likes of which has never before been seen in any country.

What the FEDS have failed to realize is that they cannot keep a situation of this magnitude under cover indefinitely, especially when it concerns the betrayal of an entire country. And the NSA's illegal deployment of this technology on its own people is treasonous.

For this reason, those of us whom the FEDS have failed to neutralize are quite candidly being vilified by them in public, because they recognize the scandal which is now gradually emerging; one in which the legacy that they will be left with will forever expose them for the frauds and subversives that they are.

The main issue here is that it's the FEDS who are dead wrong for what they have done to us.

I know the anger that I experience in having to helplessly watch as the FEDS trample all over the inherent rights of my Family, self, and numerous others. And I can only imagine what would happen in this country if 300 million Americans became this angry at learning of such a betrayal simultaneously.

The NSA, FBI and other Intelligence agencies in this country (who illegally deploy this satellite based technology on American citizens) simply cannot afford to have the American people believing that this technology is real, or that the citizens of this nation are one of the specific reasons that it was developed and now deployed on a large scale -- many of whom are not only being illegally tracked and spied on 24 hours a day, but also used as unwitting guinea pigs for those who are honing this technology for specific applications.

However, this information is now a matter a record, thanks to John St. Clair Akwei, a former NSA employee and government whistle blower ( who exposed the NSA's abuse of this technology for the first time back in the early 1990's), and others who have found their own venues in which to propagate this information.

One of the best on the Internet is Australian Paul Baird's Website, which discusses this technology in detail and includes many different patent numbers for the types of directed energy weapons that are mounted on satellites and deployed on citizens around the world. His Website can be accessed at the end of today's post.

The real issue is what will the FEDS do when the American people as a whole realize that they have been betrayed, and the NSA (which is not authorized to spy on Americans) has been illegally spying on millions of them every minute of their lives for years on end?

When the FEDS find themselves behind the 8 Ball on this one, it should indeed prove to be very interesting.

Satellite Prisoner Paul Baird's Excellent Website On Specialized Satellites And Their Covert Capabilities.



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