Saturday, April 28, 2007

George Orwell's Anti Utopian Novel 1984 Became Reality In 1980 When NSA Audio Visual Satellites Began Deploying Remote Sensing Technology On Americans

Omnipotence, Omnipresence & Omniscience

Over the course of human history the aforementioned attributes have only been associated with the specific deity represented by some type of monotheistic religious belief system. However, what would you say if the US Federal Government had access to technology that could reasonably approximate the abilities mentioned above?

Because the disturbing truth of the matter is that while they can't completely achieve these aspects of the Godliness that most humans have been indoctrinated into adopting for their belief systems, in many respects them come frighteningly close.

NSA satellites are used to deploy advanced technology which is capable of tracking humans by targeting the invisible electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies; EMF fields that surround all objects which have even the most minute amounts of electricity running through them.

And according to the lawsuit filed against the NSA by one of their former employees, a man by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, every American citizen can be accessed by way of these EMF bio electric resonances at anytime the NSA decides to track them.

This can only mean that the individual bio electric fields that surround each of our bodies is already catalogued within the NSA's enormous database, which allows for the most outrageous abuses of the 4th Amendment ever documented.

The ability for an NSA cryptologist to electronically access the mind of an American citizen is a violation so outrageous that most Americans would not believe that it was possible. However, it has been occurring in the United States for nearly thirty years on a large scale, and the reality is that if all Americans are not presently being watched individually by way of these satellites, in which their actions and thoughts are being archived 24 hours a day for possible later reference, it is certainly a reality in the near future.

Why would the US Federal Government go to such trouble?

Here are some basic reasons:

A. It's never trusted the American people and has only used them as cash cows in which to finance its covert operations. Those operations that its Intelligence community is notorious for carrying out in both the United States and abroad through the CIA and US Military Intelligence. Expressly, overthrowing legitimate democracies and replacing them with CIA controlled puppet dictatorships which masquerade as democracies.

This is done to protect US corporatism (the driving force behind the fascist ideology which has been presently sublimated behind a masquerade of democractic respectablity) and allow for the spread of US Imperialism throughout the rest of this planet to protect US interests, at the expense of humanity.

The late alternative journalist Steve Kangas, a former military intelligence officer who was murdered by the CIA for his attempts to expose its rampant criminality, reported that in attempting to accomplish this task the CIA has murdered at least 6 million people around the world -- equal to the number of Jews who were ruthlessly massacred during the German Holocaust.

The truth of the matter is that in the present day the United States Of America is nothing but a masquerade of democracy, when in reality it's operating as a quasi fascist police state.

All governments have an inherent need to want to control every aspect of their citizens' lives, and as such must know as much about these citizens as possible.

The primary reason for this, is because governments have always fought to maintain their power base and are eternally concerned with maintaining them. Those citizens who think differently become a threat to the status quo of such governments, and as such must be routinely monitored to know exactly what they are thinking at all times. This was the prime motive in the creation of remote neural monitoring satellite technology -- the ability to invade the minds of the citizens in this country so that the NSA would be able to know exactly what they are thinking at any given time.

This is outright FASCISM!

And it is taking place right here in the United States of America. And what I am writing about on this blog is eventually going to cost me my life. So please don't let it be in vain.

Make the most of this information and circulate it to everyone you know, since this technology was created with you in mind and to quite literally make you an unwitting slave of the US Federal Government (and the New World Order which is now being gradually ushered in). This is a matter of life and death -- yours, mine, and myriad others. So take action now and speak out. Do whatever you have to to make the NSA and remote neural monitoring household terms. If you fail to do so, you will be the ones who are forced to suffer the tragic consequences of your silence.


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