Thursday, May 03, 2007

Alternative Venues For Exposing The US Intelligence Community's Crimes

Since the US Federal Intelligence community has a virtual "headlock" on the US media, those of us who are being persecuted by them need to find alternative ways in which promulgate our information.

The Internet has become the venue of choice, since it offers international exposure of these crimes in addition to the ability for those who seek to learn more about them to do so. In the past few years the Internet has become the largest venue for data gathering on this planet, and will only continue to be as it grows.

However there is a far more simple way in which to circulate your message as an adjunct to the Internet, and you can do so every time you leave home.


Drivers from around the globe have been expressing themselves through this alternative medium since it was first utilized decades ago.

As TI's you've been subjugated to some extremely depraved acts of cruelty and you have every right to defend yourselves.

In fact, it is your Constitutional right to do so as the First Amendment clearly states.

There are several organizations online which will make custom bumper stickers for you.

And if they refuse to do so based on the subject matter, you can use any number of computer software programs in which to do so, and then print out the stickers that you create on waterproof adhesive paper to attach to your vehicle's rear bumper. The Windows Paint program offers a very simple and cost effective way in which to create myriad forms of artwork, and can be utilized to make bumper stickers as well.

Let's face it, the people who are attacking us don't play by any rules and have sought to destroy us through various forms of calumny. So why should we not take every opportunity in which to expose these thugs?

Unlike these miscreants, we are not breaking any laws in defending ourselves. We are using our Constitution and its Bill Of Rights as they were designed to be used. To protect our civil liberties when others commit crimes which violate them.

I know that the people at FFCHS are always brainstorming and looking for ways in which to get their message out. Bumper stickers are a clever and inexpensive way of doing so. Given the importance of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (and this agency's use of spy satellites to illegally track and remote sense a myriad of Americans), a simple bumper sticker that says: Google: Akwei VS NSA in bright colors should be enough to arouse the curiosity of any drivers following you.

This is just one example of many which can be illustrated for the public through the use of a bumper sticker campaign.

Then all they need do is to enter this information into their computer when they get home and learn all about the NSA's SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE Program and its illegal use of satellites to track and remote sense American citizens.

This agency is perpetrating this terrible crime against humanity, so exactly why are we letting them get away with it?

These FEDS are the criminals and it's about time that the people in this country starting exposing them for what they are.

The following is an example of a simple bumper sticker that you can make for your car's rear bumper. Imagine having 30 million people calling their senators simultaneously, asking for an explanation for why the NSA is using audio visual satellites to spy on Americans, when it is illegal for it to do so (in fact even against its own charter).


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