Friday, May 04, 2007

When Art Imitates Life

The above lyrics from a song by singer/songwriter John Mayer could not be more profound in the present day, given the outrageous LIES which have been told to the American people by the US Federal Government; its acts of cowardice, betrayal, and inhumanity truly precedent setting.

To secretly deploy satellite technology which can illegally track any American citizen 24 hours a day, and repeatedly rape their minds, as they are routinely subjugated to the enslavement of programs run by super computers capable of artificial intelligence, is the most outrageous crime against humanity ever documented.

For this reason is it any wonder why Congress will cower behind some well orchestrated series of LIES in which to hide the truth about the evil minded Nazi's who deploy this technology against an unwitting American citizenry, while harboring themselves behind a mask of democratic respectability?

This has become the greatest of American LIES. One which if discovered collectively by the American people would surely destroy the shadow government within this country.


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