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Another Indication That I Have Been Under Illegal NSA Satellite Surveillance For Years

In the present day, and given my extensive experiences as a political prisoner of the United States Federal Government, I have no illusions about the fascist police state that this country has become.

"If the FBI or any other US Federal Intelligence Agency can toss out the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights anytime they become an inconvenience exactly what is the point of having them?"

However, back in 1988 I would experience a situation which clearly proved that the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights were in serious trouble even back then.

I had rented a Winnebago motor home which my brother, myself, and a few friends were taking with us on an upstate trip to New York's Adirondack Mountains.

For the most part the trip was enjoyable, with the exception of the structural integrity of the Winnebago itself, which caused us several problems that detracted from an otherwise memorable outing.

However, our homeward bound trip would cause us to experience something that to this day rings true of the quasi fascist police state that the United States Of America would become in the 1990's.

We had just entered the Bronx, one of the 5 boroughs of New York City and dropped off one of our friends, when we were pulled over by a police cruiser, and confronted by two uniformed New York City police officers.

While I would like to say that they were polite and respectful to us, I can't.

They were anything but.

While one of these officers did a quick walk around inspection of the Winnebago, the other began questioning me (since I was the driver) about any weapons or contraband that I might have had in the vehicle, while checking to see that my driver's license was valid. It was.

The only weapon that we'd had with us was a shotgun that belonged to one of our friends, whose brother incidentally, was a New York City police officer at the time.

He'd taken it with him with the intention of going hunting while upstate, but never had the opportunity to.

When he left us he took his weapon with him. I should also state that the gun stayed unloaded and in a closet within the Winnebago during the entire trip, and was only removed by our friend when we dropped him off at his home.

As the two police officers continued to move around the Winnebago, one of them (his hand resting near his pistol holster) told me that he wanted to see the inside of the vehicle and ordered the 4 of us to exit the vehicle so that he could search it.

At this point, we were in no position to argue with these cops, so we exited the Winnebago as the one cop walked through and searched it, opening closets, draws, and anything else he decided to randomly inspect, while his partner kept an eye on the rest of us.

One of my friends at the time whispered to me that what these cops were doing was illegal and a violation of the US Constitution, and that he was going to look into pressing charges against them for harassment and improper procedure as soon as he got home.

Truthfully, at the time I thought that he was making too much of the situation, given that these were police officers, and assumed they must have been operating within the law.

I would later learn that they were not.

Moreover, they had guns and from their agitated states appeared to be more than ready to use them.

When the cop emerged from the Winnebago, satisfied that we had told him the truth, he said that we could be on our way.

However, out of curiosity, I asked him exactly what we had done wrong to be pulled over in the first place, since I was the driver and had broken no traffic laws that I was aware of.

The officer replied that he'd had a report that there were some guys in a Winnebago with Wisconsin license plates throwing bottles at cars and being rowdy. Given that none of us had thrown any bottles out of windows or anywhere else, and been in the Bronx for less than 10 minutes at the time that we were pulled over, I began to wonder what the odds were of another Winnebago with Wisconsin license plates being within our vicinity at the same time.

It was clear that the cops had lied to us, and for a long time I had wondered why.

Given that we were again pulled over by two female police officers only a few minutes later, one of whom began to flirt with my brother while her partner walked around the vehicle, I began to suspect that the other cops had put these two on to us just as another form of harassment.

I want to also note that all of us were extremely respectful of these officers at the time, and gave them absolutely no reason to cop an attitude with us.

While one of the female officers continued to flirt with my brother, the other began asking me questions and also requested to see my driver's license.

I explained to her that we had been pulled over just minutes earlier by two of their fellow officers, however, she continued to ask me for my driver's license, which I then handed her.

She ran it through the DMV and then handed it back to me telling her flirtatious partner that we checked out and could go.

However, being stopped by two sets of cops, while having been in the Bronx for all of ten minutes had me wondering if there was more than a coincidence to everything that was happening to us at the time.

In the coming years I would see more of these types of what appeared to be random harassment for no reason, and later tie them to myriad other occurrences which had taken place since around 1980 (not coincidentally, the year that I was ILLEGALLY placed into the NSA's remote neural monitoring system and made into a virtual satellite prisoner).

It's bad enough to be made into an unwitting government guinea pig, but to be illegally spied on for decades on end as they monitor their dirty deeds goes beyond the pale.

On another occasion my car was towed while in the Bronx when visiting a friend, for having been illegally parked. The problem was that the car was legally parked, and the tow truck driver deliberately towed it away knowing this.

When I returned to find my car missing I went to the * New Rochelle Police Department to get it back, and was harassed for about 20 minutes while the officer on duty told me that they had an arrest warrant out for a James Marino, and wanted to know if I was the one who they were looking for.

* This cop telling me about a James Marino who they had an arrest warrant out for was another blatant lie typical of gaslighting that the FEDS use in their attacks on those whom they ILLEGALLY target. There was no such person. A few months ago someone under the screenname Lilypat posted a message on a forum that I was a former CIA operative with criminal ties and then cited this Website. I just happened to find the site while surfing the Internet looking to see where my information was being circulated to.

I posted about it on this Website and the person under the screenname Lilypat saw my post and posted an apology for having mistaken me for someone else. However, not before impugning my character. I still believe that this person is either a FED or one of their shills looking to circulate disinformation in regard to me. This is typical of the types of calumny that the FEDS illegally use to destroy the reputations of those whom they target for their COINTELPRO operations. One of their former agents was actually forced to post the results of a physical exam showing that he was in good health after the FBI posted inflammatory comments stating that he was suffering from some type of sexually transmitted disease, this in efforts to destroy his credibility for the truthful and disturbing information that he was disseminating in regard to the FBI and CIA.

Examples such as these truly illustrate that these FEDS are filthy PIGS, who have far too much time on their hands, which enables them to commit such vicious attacks.

Regarding the harassment that I received at the New Rochelle Police Deparment, the friend that I was visiting who had accompanied me to this police department that day thought that the entire situation was extremely strange, having known me for years, and knowing that I had never had any trouble with the law.

The officer on duty finally said, "no, you're not the same James Marino, so just pay this fine at the cashier's window and you are good to go." When I continued to argue that my car had been parked legally, he said "do you want your car back or not?"

Given that I was now very concerned that my car might be vandalized and cost me far more than the imposed fine, I reluctantly paid it.

However, given many of the odd occurrences that I was suddenly having with cops I now began to realize that not all of them were the upstanding citizens that I was brought up to believe they were.

Several months later, I would have a retired cop speeding along route 107 in Brookville, Long Island aim his car directly at me and pull away just at the last second -- something done to goad me into chasing after him -- which I did.

After a long screaming match, he pulled out his wallet and said "I'm a retired cop, turn off the fuc*ing car and give me your keys!"

Of course, I was a lot younger back then and intimidated by this retired cop, so I did what he said. However, had this happened in the present day I would have said the following:

A. You're a retired cop which means that you no longer have the right to make any requests of myself or anyone else.

B. As a retired cop what the hell were you doing playing "chicken" by aiming your speeding car at someone else's? You're supposed to be setting good examples, not bad ones! What are you, a maniac?

Unfortunately, everything that I have mentioned in today's post just further documents the mountain of circumstantial evidence that I have compiled in regard to the FBI/NSA conspiracy to deny me my Civil Rights over the past 27 years. It's also a strong indication of the quasi fascist police state that the United States Of America has become in the past few decades.

There is also little doubt that given the extreme crimes that the FEDS have and continue to perpetrate against me (as well as myriad others), that they will also continue to demonize me in efforts to completely obfuscate the situation and cover up their own complicity in some of the worst and most precedent setting civil rights violations ever documented by an American citizen.

Moreover, common sense would pose the following questions:

A. Where is due process of law here?

B. Since when do the FEDS get to illegally spy on Americans, subjugate them to non consensual cover research in the form of illegal human experimentation, both slander and libel them, demonize them, destroy their relationships, reputations, and finances, while subjecting these citizens to the most depraved acts of cruelty through the use of psychological warfare, ever documented - and in violation of the US Constitution, its Bill Of Rights and every human rights law in existence?

This isn't law enforcement we are talking about anymore -- these are vigilante thugs who belong in prison. And if they can do what they have done to my Family, self and myriad others who are now reporting the most outrageous violations of civil rights ever documented, exactly what makes you think that they cannot do it you?

Now that I look back at my life for the past 27 years, there is no doubt that the NSA (at the direction of the FBI) was watching me every second of the time by way of its audio visual spy satellites, and setting me up for these "situations" as some sort of depraved entertainment for these sick bastards. And there is little doubt that these agents, who are not only sociopaths, but also suffering from a God Complex, are perpetrating these types of crimes against a myriad of American citizens who have no clue that they are being used as unwitting lab rats for these government degenerates.

If I am certain of anything, it is that what I have described here is not only the absolute truth, but a situation which is eventually going to create a scandal within the US Federal Government that has yet to be seen in this country's 231 year history, as more and more Americans come forward to describe the exact same types of government crimes that I have and continue to report on my Website.

While your average American citizen continues to be completely ignorant of such crimes, you no longer are. So please circulate this information to everyone you can and defend your civil liberties by exposing the criminals who are harboring themselves within the shadow government in this country, and using the mask of democratic respectability to covertly perpetrate their crimes against the American people and the rest of the world.


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