Saturday, May 12, 2007

Common Traits Between Vehicular Organized Stalking & FBI Vehicle Surveillance Teams

Given the extensive reports by individuals targeted for organized stalking crimes here in the United States, those which include being followed by hundreds and sometimes as many as thousands of vehicles at one time, those which box them in and subject them to a constant stream of harassment, I think it's important to identify the tactics used by these criminal networks to attack those whom they target.

As someone who has been targeted for the felonious crime of vehicular stalking for at least a decade, and in the past four years, absolutely inundated by these miscreants, I have identified many different and important characteristics of this US Government sanctioned organized stalking crime.

The most important point that I want to illustrate here is that organized stalkers are following a very definite protocol when they use their vehicles to stalk and harass those whom they target.

It is in FACT nearly the exact same vehicle stalking protocol used by FBI Vehicle Surveillance Teams throughout the United States, and just as effective in forcing those being harassed into making the types of mistakes that can cost them their lives.

Like all of the FBI's protocols, their Vehicle Surveillance Teams have adapted this particular one directly from Hitler's Gestapo, and it includes the use of psychological warfare operations (psyops) in efforts to damage the minds of those persons being targeted.

I should note that the FBI's VST's work a bit differently then those of the organized vehicular stalking teams that they sanction. While the FEDS use covert psywarefare tactics against those whom they target, the latter uses far more aggressive ones.

While I have seen just about every possible configuration of these teams in their harassment of myself, the Website I have listed at the end of this post includes a tutorial put together by a former FBI agent, who describes the exact tactics used by the FBI (and those whom they sanction to organize stalk others) against those they target, focusing on the "FLOATING BOX SYSTEM" that the FBI depends on in order to continue this deception.

However, in the case of organized vehicular stalking there's one very real difference in how these teams operate.


And therein lies the critical difference between a legit FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team which does everything in its power to prevent you from knowing that you are being stalked, while using subtle psychological tactics to cause you to make mistakes, and a team of organized vehicular stalkers who are as OVERT about stalking you as they can possibly be.

The following is a tutorial written by a former FBI agent by the name of Lee Adams, who describes the FBI Floating Box System that it deploys when following someone whom they target. It will help anyone who is being targeted by either the FEDS or the groups of organized stalkers whom they sanction (many of whom are in fact federal agents) to have a better chance at recognizing these teams before they can cause you any harm.

Considering how little respect (none actually) the FBI has for you or your civil rights, it is refreshing to find that many of its own agents become so disgusted with the Bureau's Nazi protocols, that they turn against it and furnish the public with the FBI's secrets.

You have to really respect these former agents, because in blowing the FBI's cover, they are putting themselves at risk for being targeted for the same types of psychological warfare operations.

Below you will find Lee Adam's primer oh how these FBI Vehicle Surveillance Teams (and organized vehicular stalkers) operate. You'll most certainly want to share this information with everyone you know!

*** A word to the wise.

Access this site while you can. There has been a need to create mirror sites of this one, because when the FEDS find them they do everything possible to shut them down. I have seen this happen twice now since 2005. This is yet another example of how the FBI violates your First Amendment Right to free speech, and how they attempt to close down any Websites that they deem to be a threat to them or the United States status quo.

Of course this is also indicative of how little the FBI thinks of you and the US Constitution -- they can illegally spy on us, but if we try to protect ourselves from the FBI's ILLEGAL and anti-American intrusions into our lives, they do everything in their power to prevent us from doing so!

Given my own extensive experiences with FBI/NSA satellite spying through the use of NSA audio/visual satellites (as well as the EXTENSIVE brainwashing that 've subjected my Family to by way of COINTELPRO operations over the past 4 years) and remote sensing technology to ILLEGALLY spy on me (an myriad others) no matter where I am -- including my own bedroom and bathroom, I can tell you that these Nazi rat bastards don't respect anyone or anything. Their precedent setting crimes against humanity and arrogance are truly appalling!

So get EDUCATED and learn how to protect yourselves from these modern day Nazi's.

An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team Primer By Lee Adams


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