Wednesday, May 16, 2007

FEDS Again Interfering With My Angelfire Website

As I have reported on numerous occasions, the NSA or any of its brethren in crime can access any electronic device of their choosing and tamper with it at will. They are also quite capable of remotely hacking any Web server, to access any account that they choose to tamper with.

Their latest attack on me has to do with preventing me from posting on my Angelfire Website. I can access the Web site and post my information, however, I cannot save this information because it is specifically related to the harassment that these FBI, NSA and Homeland Security are subjecting my Family and me to.

Other pages on the site that have nothing to do with this harassment post and save perfectly. For instance, I have several hi-fi pages ( a hobby that I have enjoyed for decades), and I can post on them and save the information anytime I like. So why can't I save the defamatory posts' page that I have dedicated to journaling the FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO campaign begin waged against my Family and me? Because they don't want me to, and use the NSA's Signals Intelligence capabilities to intercept my access to the Angelfire server whenever I try to save a page which documents their PSYCHOPATHIC harassment!

This has been going on consistently for the past several days, and has been done intermittenly by the NSA over the past month or so on Angelfire alone. However, this has also occured with many different Internet venues which I attempt to access and on a regular basis, including this blog.

Moreover, while one might believe that such FBI ILLEGAL spy technology as Carnivore or its Trojan virus spy software known as Magic Lantern, to be on the cutting edge of electronic spyware, this would be a complete falsehood. Truth be told, any software engineer can write a program like Magic Lantern and incorporate it into a down loadable innocuous program that your unwitting Internet user can download to their hard drive. This is hardly cutting edge technology, yet many persons who become aware of it are as in awe of the FBI's software as they are fearful of it.

However, the NSA's technology does not need some Trojan virus key logger to illegally spy on you. Their Signals Intelligence program (the technology of which is hidden under another cover program known only as radiation intelligence *) was designed with electronics in mind, which is why it can be utilized to gain access to such technology with the ease that you or I experience when we sign on to our Internet accounts.

* This according to former NSA agent John St. Clair Akwei, a government whistle blower who sued the NSA in 1991, based on information that he had procured in regard to illegal domestic spying (and other crimes) that the agency was in the commission of.

Do you know where the largest collective of mathematicians in the world are employed? No it's not the US educational system -- it is the National Security Agency. And for good reason, since the technology that this agency employs is not only designed by some of the most brilliant mathematicians in the world, but also operated by them.

Moreover, I no longer wonder why society as a whole is so ignorant of this, since we are fed a constant stream of disinformation (by the US media) in regard to the capabilities of the vastly superior technology that the US Intelligence community has access to.

So is it any wonder that when caught in a scandal involving the US Intelligence community's violation of American civil liberties, the heads of these agencies will attempt to present themselves publicly as being merely incompetent, rather than the villains that they truly are?

That they would waste an enormous amount of US Taxpayer money each year, using their advanced technology to harass American citizens by way of their satellite based weaponry, is just further evidence of the covert and criminal agendas of these agencies, who through their gl0bal chicanery have now made America the most despised country on this planet. And unfairly so, since your average American has no clue of the crimes against humanity that the US Intelligence/Military/Industrial Complex is guilty of, and would most certainly take umbrage if they were to learn of such things.

In 1982, a thirty five year old lawyer by the name of James Bamford wrote a book exposing the secretive NSA for what it was. One might only imagine the demeanor's of those within the hierarchy of this agency when on one afternoon shortly after its publication, Bamford was seen in the NSA parking lot autographing copies of the "Puzzle Palace" for NSA employees!

The following Websites cover some brief information on Bamford as well as an interview with NSA whistle blower Russell Tice, who was immediately neutralized by the NSA, FBI, and Congress when he attempted to expose what is most assuredly a segment of the NSA's Signals Intelligence program known for tracking people by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies. It is known as remote neural monitoring, and according to former NSA agent John St. Clair Akwei gives the NSA the ability to spy on any person whom it targets by way of audio/visual satellites, and for virtually every second of their lives. Akwei has also said that the specific information regarding this program is hidden under another program known as "radiation intelligence."

The NSA's use of this technology against Americans is the most outrageous violation of the 4th Amendment ever documented.

And since this technology can also illegally access your own thoughts, the issues here cross the line from civil rights into human rights, and may well indeed encroach into myriad areas of the law once this technology has been promulgated on a large scale.

As an NSA satellite prisoner for the past 27 years, I am telling the readers exactly what Russ Tice would be telling you if he was not prohibited from doing so by the security clearance that he signed when he joined the NSA. Something he could go to prison for if he did.

And imagine what would happen if Mr. Tice, given his credibility as a former NSA operative in dark operations, was interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes program with the information that you see on my Website.

The following day the only thing that Congress would be doing would be attempting to get their servers up and running again, after a deluge of angry E-mails from their constituents crashed them.

Bamford, James. The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America's Most Secret Agency. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1982. 465 pages.

Inside the Puzzle Palace: interview with NSA whistle blower Russell Tice


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