Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Two Accounts Of People Being Subjected To Crimes Which The US Judicial System Has Completely Ignored

There are close to 600 stories of people around the globe who are being targeted for non consensual cover research and human experimentation by their governments, listed on the Mind Control Forums Website ( and this is a just a small fraction of the number of people being targeted around this planet). Many of these people are American citizens who have routinely reported being subjected to satellite based technology which is used to target and torture various parts of their bodies while both electronically stealing and manipulating their thoughts. I am also quite familiar with this crime against humanity, having been targeted for it for the past 27 years.

Others have reported being illegally implanted with microchips which are then used to illegally track them and subject them to whatever technology these chips represent, in what is yet another attempt to determine the efficacy of this technology.

I personally know of no less that 10 people who have reported being chipped in such a way, and given that both of my parents underwent surgery within the past 3 years (during a time in which I have been subjected to US Government sanctioned organized stalking crimes as well as mind control cover research), I am now seriously considering the possibility that they too may have been implanted with these RFD chips when they underwent their respective surgeries.

They have also been put through a nightmarish situation by the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security over the past four years as have my brother and his family. However, they will vehemently deny this because they were coerced by the FEDS to do so, and are now taking part in this conspiratorial cover up out of fear for their own safety.

I don't blame them for this at all, because these FEDS will murder anyone who gets in their way, and my Family are smart enough to realize this. The truth is that if I had not taken to the Internet more than two years ago to report what we were being subjected to, I would have been murdered by now.

Given that any attempt to murder me would now automatically place the FEDS themselves under direct suspicion, since I have repeatedly accused them of attempting to do so, there is no longer any question that they have chosen to demonize me with my own community in efforts to obfuscate this situation.

However, I have far too much incriminating information against them, and they know it, which is why the situation has now become more complicated than most people can possibly imagine.

Those of us being targeted by these FEDS and the rest of the shadow government in this country are now dealing with an EVIL that is beyond description -- so pervasive is this EVIL that it has encompassed every aspect of the US Federal Government and destroyed the constitutional republic that this country once was.

And for this reason it is up to those of us who've been made aware of this to expose this situation for exactly what it is, regardless of the cost to our own personal safety. The situation is now truly that terrible.

There are many people on the Mind Control Forums Website who have expressly asked not to have their stories reprinted elsewhere, and I respect these requests. However, there are other victims of these sick and depraved crimes who have given permission to re post their accounts.

I have done so with two of their stories below. The FEDS are attacking those of us who come foreword with our accounts, as viciously as one might imagine, given that the global spy satellite (mind controlled) network that they have deployed against us is gradually being promulgated on an International scale.

And when this happens the proverbial "you know what" is gonna hit the fan!

As terrifying as this technology is (which can also be said of the sociopathic monsters who have deployed it against us), there is an overwhelming excitement in knowing that this global government criminal network is gradually unraveling to the detriment of its Nazi hierarchy, and that we are the people who are responsible for what will most certainly be its inevitable destruction.


As the citizens of this planet are gradually awakened to the complete fraud that they have been subjected to(and this has now begun) by their own governments, it is now only a matter of time before they seek their own brand of justice for this precedent setting and treasonous betrayal of their trust.

The following are two accounts placed on the Mind Control Forums which describe the absolute monsters that we have working within the US Federal Intelligence/Military/Industrial Complex -- those people who consider themselves to be above the laws that we are subjected to. While the second account does not tie the US Government directly into the attacks on this person, it clearly shows a conspiracy in which a hospital, doctors, and the local police are in some way involved in the attacks being perpetrated against her.

Could your average criminals get a hospital to implant you with an RFD microchip while you are undergoing routine surgery? Could they switch your child with someone else's? Could they get the local police and court system to take part in your harassment, while they refuse to even take your complaints in regard to the crimes being perpetrated against you seriously?

Absolutely NOT!

However, the FBI could as could any other branch of the US Intelligence/Military/Industrial Complex. And moreover, they routinely do so.

The US Military/Industrial Complex -- the organizations that are at the heart of most of the mind control technology being deployed against us as well as the organized stalking crimes that ALL people targeted for ILLEGAL mind control experimentation are subjected to 24 hours a day.

The following accounts are from the Mind Control Forums Website. You will notice the area which says "in the event of your death or missing in action, do you want your personal account to remain on the MCF site?

This statement is indicative of the perilous situations that all TI's are placed in by these government criminals. And the reality is that many of us have already been covertly murdered by them.

website: http://exoticwarfare.com/

In the event of your death or missing in action, do you want your personal account to remain on the mcf site: yes

would you care to be an area contact for other victims: yes

can others place your information else where on the web: yes

contact-address: everreadyminions@sbcglobal.net

location: Alpine, Texas

your-introduction: "I have been a victim of psychotronic technology for around17 years maybe more. They went full-on trying to drive me nuts or kill me with this technology in the fall of 2002.

Today is April 11, 2007. I just spent four hours with ceramic tiles all over me moaning my head off with the pain. If I end up dead soon, please contact my state representative Pete Gallego and The Texas Ranger, Dave Duncan, along with the International Criminal Court and tell them all that you want my death investigated as murder. Sue the hell out the government, keep the money, and use it to get this horror finally ended.

Love you all.

You are the bravest and strongest people that I know. You have been the bestest of friends and have given me the best support."

Carolyn Palit



e-mail: mtbayer2@hotmail.com
date: april 9, 2007
do you want your email listed: yes

can others place your information else where on the web: yes

In the event of your death or missing in action, do you want your personal account to remain on the mcf site: yes

would you care to be an area contact for other victims: yes

area-contact: Electronic / Psychotronics harassment

contact-address: mtbayer2@haotmail.com

location: Indiana

your-introduction: "The first hint that I was being targeted was when a neighbor man started stalking me in 1991 and I was eight months pregnant and we just moved into this house we had built.

When my son was born my husband said he lost sight of him after I gave birth (I think they switched babies and if I had a DNA test they will just lie and say he is mine). I noticed there was a physical difference in my private parts, which I think was a chip implant.

This neighbor stalker continued to harass me, pulling guns on me, I could feel the breeze of bullets fly past my face in the back yard. One night I awoke to see him and his two sons in my bedroom and by the time I could react, he punched me in the eye and put a cloth over my face. The next morning I had a black eye and when I called the police to report it, they just laughed and said I must have been dreaming. When the stalking law passed in 1997, I applied for a temporary restraining order.

When this man violated it by putting about 14 signs up in his driveway and windows saying I was crazy -- and needed a doctor, when the police finally arrived two hours later, they said he did not have enough time to receive the restraining order which I told them it was effective immediately and they just laughed.

When I called them again a couple of days later because his kids were driving their bikes into our garage door and broke it, they did not respond. When we finally had our court hearing for the permanent restraining order, he brought a cop to court (who lived two doors down from him) to lie for him and say how their kids were friends and what a great guy he was because this stalker gave the cop money to help build his fence.

No permanent restraining order was granted but this stalker took me to court a couple months later saying I was crazy and would hurt someone if the court would not intervene. The judge issued a mutual restraining order which this stalking family violated many times from obscene phone calls (which the police would never give me the records), to pulling rifles and guns on me which neighbors saw but said they were too afraid of him to get involved. I have video's of when he purposely let his dog go on me and I got caught in the chain and fractured my foot.

Even then the judge would not have them pay for those doctor bills when I took him to small claims court. A video of him following me when the restraining order was in place and I would stop the cop and say look there he is right behind me, here is the order do something. The police would just say he is going to same place I was in this small town of 22,000. That is what a restraining order is for. The last time I saw him in my bedroom I went to the emergency room the next morning and reported it as a rape.

The doctors said I was raped but must have been dreaming; I have the written document. Whenever I or my son went to the doctor, the doctor was called out of the room during our visit and more than once I went out to see what happened and usually a security guard just asked me to get back into my room. When I went to have carpal tunnel surgery, a nurse came to sit with my husband and me in the room and told me I must have been pretty important to have all that attention, I was too drugged to be able to ask her what she meant, but when my husband tried to go to the bathroom she stopped him. I believe they put rfd chips in me then.

There is a grainy substance on our mail. It is some type of drug. Presently, I am being group stalked by this sickie and his wife. He admitted in the first court to being on anti psychotics but I could never get copies of transcripts. Justice is not Justice if you are a criminal with money."


Jim Marino Speaking: I should also note that in every case that I have personally researched in regard to every person who was targeted by the FBI for its COINTELPRO STING Operations, not one ever received any help from any of the organizations that they complained to. The police ignored their claims, their politicians ignored their claims, the Department Of Justice ignored their claims and yes, even the US Congress ignored their claims. And some of the people were famous -- most of you have undoubtedly heard of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., actress Jean Seberg, and environmental activist Judi Bari of the Earth First! movement.

And there are myriad others who were also attacked in the same way by the FBI and its vicious use of psychological warfare (including myself and my Family), which the FBI used in efforts to force them into committing suicide. Sadly far too many times this fascist agency was successful in either doing so, or in forcing those whom it illegally attacked into such states of desperation that they committed acts of violence which enabled the FBI to legally arrest them.

One thing's for certain. The FBI plays dirty, commits all sorts of crimes and rarely if ever makes legitimate arrests -- and by this I mean arrests which were as a result of people committing legitimate crimes, and not those who were illegally entrapped by the FBI -- entrapment is a standard operating tool for the FBI even though it is clearly UnConstitutional for it to do so.

And so is the Bureau's use of blackmail to coerce those whom they cannot legally arrest into submitting to the FBI's demands.

The B in FBI should really stand for BULLY!

The FBI even sent an anonymous letter to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. just days before he was to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace, threatening to expose some extra marital affairs that he'd had, unless he committed suicide. Dr. King refused to bow to the FBI and its criminal operations and was later covertly murdered by this agency for it.

Actress Jean Seberg was driven to suicide after being subjected to the FBI's COINTELPRO operations for her vocal support of the Black Panther Party. The psychological torture that she endured at their hands forced her to have a miscarriage. Judi Bari and her activism to save the California Red Wood Forest also became a bane to the logging community and the FBI, who subjected her to years of its COINTELPRO operations.

When they failed to force her into committing suicide through the use of psychological warfare -- nearly always the main goal of a COINTELPRO STING -- they then attempted to murder Judi by planting a bomb under the seat of her station wagon. Though critically injured and permanently crippled by the bombing, Judi would live long enough to sue the FBI and in 2002 posthumously win a $4.4 million dollar award against the FBI. (Judi died in the late 1990's from breast cancer -- no doubt brought on by the trauma that her body sustained in the FBI's bombing of her car.)

A far lesser known case has to do with a woman by the name of Margie Schoedinger, who in 2002 filed a lawsuit in the State of Texas against noneotherthan George W. Bush and the FBI, claiming that Ms. Schoedinger had been used for aberrant sex by Bush for years, and that both he and certain members of the FBI would routinely drug and gang rape her. Her descriptions of the attacks waged against her by the FBI and Bush -- after she attempted to publicize what they had subjected her to -- are typical of the COINTELPRO operations that many persons targeted for them have experienced in one way or another.

There is also no doubt that the US media was ordered to avoid this story like the plague, and did exactly that.

However, for those who did decide to take a closer look at Margie Schoedinger's claims it became readily apparent that there was more than a little truth to what she was saying, and that the FBI and Bush himself had conspired to destroy her credibility by attacking not only herself but also those around her, including her very own family. I have seen this first hand in the way in which the FEDS have used coercion into intimidating my Family into keeping silent in regard to what they have been subjected to by these criminal thugs.

See Raymond Ponzoni's an American Caligula to learn more about Margie's accounts, those which would end in her tragic and untimely death, at the age of 38. (quite possibly a murder to look like suicide.)


The main issue here is that the FBI is controlling Congress and not the other way around, in spite of the contrary rhetoric that the US media promulgates.

If Congress was in control of the FBI, the FBI's vicious COINTELPRO's would have ended long ago.

However they have not.

So exactly what do we need this federal agency for, when it's become crystal clear that it's committing criminal activities instead of preventing them? And if the US Congress cannot reign the FBI in, exactly what do we need them for?


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