Wednesday, May 16, 2007

As The FEDS Continue To Use Every Angle In Their COINTELPRO Operation To Illegally Entrap Me -- Their Ostensible Use Of Jury Duty Again Arises

As what has come as no surprise to me, the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security have again used the guise of New York State Jury Duty as yet another in a myriad of angles in which to in some way set me up for entrapment.

Now those of you who regularly access this blog are well aware that these FEDS have violated my civil rights in the most precedent setting ways imaginable. In their vicious attacks on me there has never been even a hint of Constitutional propriety.

I am referring to a group of criminals who are quite simply masquerading as law enforcement, and for the past 27 years (the last four which have been absolutely brutal) have done EVERYTHING within their power to decimate my civil rights, as well as those of my Family.

This situation is so terrible that the FEDS have quite literally found it necessary to demonize me with the public in their effort to justify what are absolutely DESPICABLE acts on their part. These federal vultures have become so desperate to set me up on something that they can arrest me for, because they have failed to drive me into a state of suicide through their use of an absolutely NASTY COINTELPRO campaign, and know that every aspect of what I have documented in regard to these unindicted felons, Nazi's under the skin, is not only the truth, but an indictment of US Intelligence as an anti-American modern day fascist community with absolutely no regard for the United States Constitution, its Bill of Rights, or the civil liberties of the American people.

Given that this latest jury duty summons is yet another conspiratorial attempt to set me up on trumped up charges, one in which any person involved would be complicit in this criminal conspiracy against me, I plan on documenting every aspect of it.

If this were a legitimate situation, I would have been happy to serve as a juror, considering it my duty as an American citizen. However, it is the absolute height of hypocrisy for the FBI, Homeland Security and the NSA, to use the laws in this country, those which they routinely violate and consider themselves to be above, as yet another way in which to attempt entrapping me. Their latest venue -- a United States Court House -- is just one more in a long line of locales which they have attempted to use for the purpose of entrapment.

Not only is this an indictment of the sheer gaul of these government rat bastards, but also perhaps the most outrageous attempt to deny someone their civil rights ever documented.

And I quite simply, will not tolerate having my civil rights violated by what should be considered to be modern day Nazi's operating under the of federal law enforcement!

As such, I am going to cover every possible angle that the FEDS may attempt to use in their efforts to set me up, from planting something in my automobile which they can arrest me for, to any other machinations that they might devise as the criminal provocateurs that they are, in efforts to illegally entrap me.

I deliberately use the word Illegal repeatedly here because there is NOTHING LEGAL about what these FEDS are doing to me or my Family!

Moreover, I have already gone on record as saying that the FEDS want me dead, since they've already used every possible aspect of psychological warfare in which to drive me to suicide. Having failed to do so, and also now being forced to view all of the crimes that they have committed over the years (as they dissect my Website), it is clear that they are no longer capable of any objectivity, and as such represent an even greater threat to my Family and me than they were four years ago, when they used a Great Neck psychiatrist by the name of Allan I. Stempler to commit fraud as well as grand larceny, by seeing me under false pretenses and taking more than a thousand dollars in which to do so.

Being a liar, Stempler will deny this, even though he is well aware that it is true. And moreover, that he violated the Hippocratic Oath he took as a new doctor, when he allowed himself to become part of the FEDS' criminal conspiracy to deny me my civil rights. Since Allan Stempler, there have been a myriad of people whom the FEDS have illegally used to entrap me, while promulgating lies in efforts to obfuscate the criminal conspiracy that they themselves are guilty of.

I am not just referring to a criminal conspiracy in this case, but one which may well be the best documented criminal conspiracy to violate an American citizen's civil rights under the US Color Of Law Statues, in United States History.

And there is nothing legitimate in my being called to jury duty (As of June 4th I will be a telephone alternate juror but can be called to go to court at any time during the 5 day period that I have been asked to serve).

It is my contention that the FEDS have no interest in seeing me serving as a juror, but instead want to use it as yet another criminal means in which to have plausible deniablity to set me up on some type of trumped up charges. However, that doesn't mean that they will not attempt to have me serve jury duty. At this point, they have grown so desperate with this absolute mess that they have created for themselves, that there is no longer anything that they would do which would surprise me.

Setting someone whom they illegally target up on trumped up charges is how these FEDS make most of their so called legal arrests.

Moreover, if you don't think that the FBI or its brethren in crime will set up someone whom they are targeting for a COINTELPRO STING, by planting corroborative evidence on the person or their property, then you truly need to research the FBI's history of COINTELPRO, which is in reality, the standard way in which the Bureau operates.

The entire US Intelligence Community operates in a similar way.

There is little doubt in my mind that these FEDS will "grease" the situation by creating a hostile environment for me while I am at the Mineola Courthouse -- if in fact the situation ever gets that far. As I said, their MO is to get others to do their dirty work for them, and then show up at the last minute for the accolades.

And given that there are few people in this country outside of those who work for US Intelligence who are more familiar with the criminal ways in which they operate than I am, I can tell you with absolute certainty, that the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security want me dead -- and they don't care how they accomplish it.

However, having gone public with this, their more recent MO has been to create situations in which to make me appear to be mentally unbalanced, in efforts to further damage my credibility.

This also begs the following question:

If I am mentally unstable, exactly why is it that the FEDS are utilizing psychological warfare in which to cause me mental distress? ( The truth is that through the extensive research that I have done in regard to the US Intelligence community's crimes over the past three years, I have become mentally enlightened as to what these miscreants really are -- an absolute cancer on the human race.)

Common sense would indicate that I am mentally stable and that the FEDS are indeed using their psywarfare campaign ( a part of the COINTELPRO operation that they are illegally conducting against me), in efforts to drive me into a state of mental instability in order to substantiate whatever profile it is that they have created for me. This is a common tactic that they use against any person whom they target for one of their COINTELPRO STING operations.

Is there anything in this situation pertaining to the FEDS' actions that even hints at honesty or law abiding behavior?

Nothing that I can see.

Which begs yet another question.

If the FEDS must go to such great lengths to entrap someone who is clearly not committing crimes that they can be arrested for, exactly how is it that they fit into the category of law enforcement?

Moreover, it's outrageous enough that they have videotaped me within the privacy of my own bathroom and bedroom for the past 27 years, while subjecting me to non consensual cover research in the way of satellite based remote neural monitoring, for these aspects alone to set a precedent regarding the FEDS' violation of both the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

If what the FEDS have done here does not qualify as absolutely depraved behavior, I don't know what does.

Moreover, the FEDS have now crossed so far over the line in regard to their criminality against me, that they have now set a precedent in regard to violating an American citizen's civil rights under US Color Of Law Statutes, that has never been seen before. And I suspect that there will be numerous others coming foreword to document similar situations within the near future - I am already aware of several Americans who are in the process of doing so.

At this point the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security have committed so many crimes against me that they are now looking to toss the US Constitution out altogether, since they have violated it as badly as they have.

And demonizing me (or any other person whom they have perpetrated so many criminal acts against -- and there are many) does not for one second minimize or excuse what these FEDS have done.

They are simply creating a smokes screen in which to obfuscate the facts here, in the hope that somehow all of their crimes are going to miraculously be forgotten.

Now that is delusional thinking. And given that the FEDS are the ones who are taking part in it, I think it's clear that they themselves are mentally unstable, and clearly in need of psychiatric help.

If I had a long criminal rap sheet, they might have some grounds for these attacks - yet even then the criminal ways in which they have routinely conducted themselves while violating the US Constitution are completely outrageous as well as inexcusable.

However, I have never been arrested, tried, or convicted of any crimes in close to 50 years, and that weighs heavily in my favor; not the FEDS'.

The following are two posts that I wrote in regard to my earlier experiences with the FEDS' attempt to use jury duty as yet another venue in which to entrap me. Having hit rock bottom in their depravity as well as their desperation, I suspect that they will not let this opportunity pass them by, so I will continue to document every aspect of it, as well as the lies that they continue to promulgate to the public, in their efforts to conceal what are without a doubt some of the most outrageous and precedent setting violations of US Civil Liberties ever documented.

Jury Duty Subpoena Arrives:

Subpoena Day And Something Unexpected:


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