Thursday, May 17, 2007

The FEDS Use Of Psywarfare To Dehumanize Those They Target

This aspect of the FBI's COINTELPRO's has a particularly chilling effect on those they target (TI's) in that in order to manipulate those who attack TI's through the most vicious and inhumane acts, they must first see them as being less than human. This takes time, and the FBI (and other US Intelligence Agencies that take part in these types of crimes) must take great care to gradually brainwash those who are going to be utilized in the attacks on specific individuals, so that they are made to slowly and deliberately despise them.

Once this occurs, the FBI can then control those whom they use as provocateurs, to do their dirty work for them, as these mind controlled people then wantonly attack any persons whom the FBI has targeted. This form of brainwashing finds its roots in Hitler's Gestapo, which was known for committing some of the most horrific acts against humans, ever documented.

TI's will often hear themselves being referred to as things rather than humans, since this is a direct attack on their psyches, in efforts to demonize and demoralize them.

Let's face it, nobody likes to be referred to as an it or a thing.

However, many TI's usually are. And as I have stated on numerous occasions, the real irony here is that while the psychological attacks are done in efforts to attack the psyches of TI's, the real brainwashing occurs within the minds of those who are used to take part in these attacks.

I have seen this happen time and time again, and there is absolutely no question, that those who attack TI's are in fact the ones who are really brainwashed, while most TI's themselves, are simply just demoralized and in unbearable psychological pain (and if directed energy weapons are used physical pain as well) as a result of these brutal and relentless attacks.

I have often recommended that TI's maintain their self respect in the face of all of that they are being subjected to, because all TI's are truly remarkable people, for their ability to stand up to what is quite literally a Hitlerian attack on them.

What all TI's must also remember is to never allow the miscreants who attack them to destroy their creativity or their love of life. For if they manage to do so, then they really will have succeeded in their insidious plan to destroy us.

However, if they fail to break the indomitable human spirit that is in each of us, then they indeed will be the losers in this situation, and ultimately left with a legacy of unprecedented cruelty, that most certainly no decent person ever wants to be saddled with.

As a survivor of 27 years of NSA/FBI non-consensual cover research and human experimentation (synthetic mind control research), as well as 14 years living with a US Government created biological weapon that tortured me endlessly while destroying my once robust health, and for the past 4 years having been subjected to the cruelest psychological warfare ever meted out to anyone, I have far more desire to see the criminals within the US Federal Government exposed than your average person does. However, that does not mean that any person who has not been forced to deal with such adversity should simply let the US Government off the hook for its crimes against humanity.

I have absolutely no intention of doing so, and neither should you.

Moreover, whether you choose to believe it or not, the murders of nearly 3000 of your own brothers and sisters on 9-11-2001 were not perpetrated by some foreign country, but in fact by your own government.

Attacks like the one on 9-11 take years of planning and involve an enormous conspiracy which includes every part of the hierarchy within a country's Military/ Industrial/ Intelligence complex, in order to carry out such a conspiracy successfully.

9-11 was just such a conspiracy.

And it is because of the conspiratorial nature of these attacks, that Americans have been unable to obtain any satisfactory answers in regard to them. While there are myriad reasons for these attacks to have taken place, Americans are never going to be made privy to them, simply because as a society, the US Federal Government considers each of us to be expendable the minute that we begin asking too many of the right questions -- those in regard to the secret agenda of the shadow government in this country.

Do you know what they call us behind our backs?

SHEEPLE --- People who can be disregarded as though they were a herd of sheep.

And because those who operate covertly within the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex of this government were involved in the 9-11 attacks, they cannot afford to have us learn A. who they are (and by this I mean the specific names of those involved -- George W. Bush and his administration were most certainly involved in the attacks, but acting merely as provocateurs for those who really control things in this country) and B. exactly what roles they played in this horrific crime against humanity.

It is because of these "people" that the US Constitutional Republic which Americans were once graced with, was long ago subverted by a fascist shadow government. And it is this fascist government and its use of
advanced forms of technology, which has now subjugated the American people to living their lives under rule by TECHNO FASCISM; a state in which we are tracked by way of hi-tech satellites and super computers which target the electromagnetic fields that surround our bodies, as they record everything that we say, do, and yes, even think!

I am living proof that TECHNO FASCISM exists in the United States, and so are many other people who've been illegally targeted for this crime against humanity. And I tell you this because unless the American people (and for that matter our brothers and sisters from the other nations on this planet) band together to expose this atrocity, we will one day become a race of mind controlled slaves, having had all of our human instincts completely eradicated from our species. And we are far closer to experiencing this in the present day then most of the people on this planet can possibly realize.

And I can think of no greater crime against nature, than the extinction of any species on this planet, including that of the human race.


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