Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some Facts That The US Media Wont Tell You About The US Central Intelligence Agency -- CIA

A Timeline Of CIA Atrocities By The Late Steve Kangas -- Steve Was In The Process Of Publishing A Tell All Book On This Nazi Driven Organization And Was Murdered For It.

Journalist Gary Webb Was Also Murdered By The CIA For Doing An Expose On The CIA's Part In The Iran Contra Weapons For Drugs Scandal. While Attempting To Promulgate This Information Webb Was Fired From His Job And Blackballed From The Media Industry. This Occurred As A Result Of The CIA's Control Over The Mainstream Media Which It Managed To Accomplish Through Operation Mockingbird, Back In 1948. Since That Time, The US Media Has Been Run By US Intelligence, Which Is Why Americans Never Learn About The Horrific Crimes Against Humanity That The CIA, FBI, NSA And Their Federal Brethren In Crime Perpetrate.

Both The Deaths Of Steve Kangas And Gary Webb Were From Gunshots To The Head, And Reported As Being Suicides. Gary Webb Was Even Reported To Have Shot Himself In The Back Of The Head -- Not Once But Twice!

CIA Executions Work Like That -- Not Suicides!

A History Of CIA Atrocities By Steve Kangas

CIA History Of Electromagnetic Technology

CIA History Of Human Experimentation

CIA History Of Brain Washing

More Information On CIA Atrocities


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