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How Is It That Certain Government Whistle Blowers Have Managed To Stay Alive For So Long?

This is an excellent question and one that has been asked in regard to many US Government whistle blowers who have claimed to be targeted by the FEDS for neutralization and in some extreme cases even murder.

So how have these former agents managed to stay alive for so long?

Look at this situation from your own perspective. If you were going to target someone (whom you wanted to get rid of) for murder, and they found out about it, and then went public saying you wanted them dead, would you still attempt to carry out the murder?

Not unless you're a complete moron, since you're the first place that the cops are gonna look if this person turns up dead.

In reality, the mere fact that the person whom you were targeting made such an accusation against you would be enough for the police to at the very least question you.

However, when the FEDS are involved, and given the unwarranted authority that they have, making such an accusation against them would on the surface seem to be implausible. And there would be very little likelihood that there'd ever be an investigation into accusations that would appear to be so outlandish.

However, for those agents who have compiled mountains of circumstantial evidence which clearly document that the US Federal Agencies that they once worked for have clearly orchestrated conspiracies in which to permanently get rid of them, the public must now take these accusations more seriously -- especially when
in the present day there are a number of former agents who have made such claims.

Given the promulgation of such disturbing evidence, the FEDS themselves would now be damn fools if they chose to execute someone who has accused them of planning to commit their murder.

And it is for this reason that such agencies as the FBI, CIA and NSA rely heavily on the use of psychological warfare in such cases, in efforts to destroy the minds of those they target, so that they will be driven to suicide, or some type of outburst in which they can either be legally arrested, or institutionalized in a psychiatric facility -- a fancier name for prison.

The FEDS must rely on such despicable tactics, for if they are to prosecute someone who has gone public with accusations that implicate these agencies in criminal conspiracies orchestrated to deny them their civil liberties, the FEDS themselves will have an extremely difficult time in attempting to do so, given the complete lack of any credible evidence.

And of course during this time the criminal evidence against the FEDS themselves continues to mount, given that they are committing the same types of crimes that those whom they target have been accusing them of all along.

This becomes an extremely dangerous situation for them as the public is now carefully watching their every move, even though they have demonized those they target, in efforts to obfuscate the situation.

And Heaven forbid if those they target are familiar with the psychological operations that the FEDS utilize in their efforts to covertly and criminally deprive any American of their civil rights, because this becomes an even greater indictment of how criminally agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and Homeland Security operate, when they cannot legally charge someone with any crimes.

Amongst the myriad crimes that I have accused the FBI and NSA of is the illegal use of satellites to spy on me within the privacy of my own home. Such criminal acts have reduced these Feds to deviants and sexual predators, who should be locked away for life so that they can longer take part in such depraved activities.

These agents and the absolutely filthy ways in which they conduct themselves are SICK.

Moreover, instead of admitting defeat (as any sane persons would), these agents then become obsessed with attacking those whom they cannot legally arrest, while many of the real criminals in society are free to commit their crimes.

There is nothing normal about being stalked by groups who are organized and networked out across the United States; groups of thugs who at the direction of the FBI or Homeland Security will act as criminal vigilantes, while racing their cars up and down in front of your home at all hours of the day and night, acting out prepared skits, and utilizing the same types of psychological warfare operations that the FEDS themselves are notorious for using to drive those whom they cannot legally arrest to suicide.

Does anything that these people are doing sound normal to you or for that matter even legal? Of course not.

Because they themselves have become brainwashed by the FEDS into doing their dirty work for them, being convinced that they are doing their part to keep their community safe from dangerous criminals.

There's only one problem with this. The people whom they are illegally stalking and harassing in most cases have no criminal histories to speak of, and are in fact victims of those who are taking part in these depraved and criminal conspiracies to deny them their civil rights -- furthermore, it's those who are taking part in these organized stalking crimes who are the real criminals -- along with those federal agents who covertly sanction their doing so.

The key question is why would the FEDS go to such trouble to drive us insane?

What makes us so important that they would spend millions of dollars each year violating our civil rights in efforts to destroy our sanity?

The reasons for this depend on the specific crimes that the FEDS have chosen to perpetrate against each of us. However, in each case this criminal harassment is being done to silence those of us who can document serious crimes that agents within the US Federal Intelligence Community are guilty of perpetrating against us; in many cases crimes which include precedent setting violations of both civil and human rights.

And our allegations are extremely bad for the image of US Intelligence -- especially the FBI, which promotes itself as being the consummate defender of American civil liberties and the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

However, the FBI's long-term history of COINTELPRO and both civil and human rights violations has shown that this agency is anything but a defender of our Constitution, and instead diametrically opposed to any ideology which promotes an open and free society. The FBI is nothing but a modern day secret police force like Hitler's Gestapo, or Russia's former KGB.

This federal agency does not operate within the framework of the US Constitution and never has. It is a disgrace to the American people and to any legitimate law enforcement that we may have left in this country.

As for why the FEDS want to silence me -- my blog speaks for itself, for it's here that I am documenting content which describes the absolutely vicious crimes that the FEDS have perpetrated against me for nearly three decades.

And if you carefully consider the nature of these crimes as well as their extensive duration (27 years) you will see that what the FEDS have done here is completely OUTRAGEOUS!

And the advanced NSA satellite technology that I describe in regard to this agency's harassment of my person, also applies to every person on this planet, including all Americans, whose privacy is now in jeopardy like never before. I am telling the world what these federal miscreants really are - criminals and frauds who are guilty of perpetrating the most outrageous crimes against humanity ever documented.

So is it any wonder why these federal lowlife thugs want me dead?

I have accused them of using me as a non consensual guinea pig for the past 27 years, which is in violation of the US Constitution as well as every human rights law in existence, and short of being murdered (a likely possibility), I have no intention of ending my research or reporting, which I consider to be a pubic service.

To anyone who has studied the FEDS as carefully as those of us who've been illegally targeted by their COINTELPRO STING Operations have, they are well aware that there is nothing about how they operate that is either legal or constitutional.

And while promulgating our information has made the situation more difficult for them in which to entrap us -- by way of some illegal STING operation -- the fact is that in their desperation the FEDS have now become even more dangerous then they were in the past.

They have been harassing me for the past 27 years. If I was a legitimate criminal they would have been able to arrest me long ago. This is just common sense. However, they were unable to, even though these depraved miscreants even took to spying on me within the so called privacy of my own bathroom and bedroom for the past 27 years. We put pieces of filth like this in prison, so why are these miscreants still free to continue to attack myself and myriad other Americans who are illegally spied on in the exact same way?

These FEDS are the CRIMINALS!

There is no one serving time in federal prison in the present day, who is more despicable than the men and women who work for the US Intelligence community; those who suffer from an obvious God complex which dictates their outrageous and criminal behavior. These agents are disgrace to the American people, our Constitutional Republic and the legitimate law enforcement that we have in this country -- men and women who would cringe at the depraved and pathetic acts committed by these federal agents.

The bottom line is that there will be no legitimate arrests for those of us whom these FEDS continue to illegally target. Just a protracted and federally driven series of crimes being perpetrated against us until we are either dead, or the cesspool that federal law enforcement in this country has become, is finally cleaned up.

Until then, we will continue to experience a vicious cycle of the most depraved and Hitlerian types of crimes ever documented, and by people who are just as evil.

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