Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Video On The Torture That Citizens Targeted For Illegal Mind Control Operations Are Subjected To By The US Federal Government

This is a well done mini documentary which discusses the modern day MKULTRA and COINTELPRO operations that the US Federal Government is illegally conducting on millions of Americans -- most of whom have no idea who is behind them.

It refers to the term "The Death Of 1000 Cuts" to describe the ways in which psychological warfare operations are used to gradually destroy a targeted persons (TI) sanity, in efforts to either drive them to violent states in which they can be imprisoned, incarcerated in a psychiatric facility, or forced to commit suicide.

While lasting little more than 10 minutes, this documentary still manages to cover some very important information regarding the atrocities committed by the US Federal Government and its Intelligence community; crimes which they are perpetrating on myriad Americans in the present day. What is being done here consists of the CIA's MKULTRA experimentation. However, rather than concentrating on a few hundred subjects at a time, in the present day the US Intelligence community is using its advanced satellite technology to conduct its illegal psychological experimentation on millions of unwitting Americans at one time.

Please share this video with others, given its importance in the present day. As someone who has been targeted for these atrocities, I believe that ALL Americans must become informed of this technology and their vulnerability to it as soon as possible.



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