Monday, May 21, 2007

How Many Of You Have Found That The FEDS Will Infiltrate Your Local Broadcast Stations To Direct Their Psywarfare Tactics Against You?

Yes, believe it or not the FEDS have done this to me and I know of other TI's whom they've also done it to.

This can work in a few ways. Normally, it just takes a phone call with an explanation and the radio hosts are furnished with some trigger words and phrases -- all which are enunciated in an exaggerated manor to get your attention, while the normal listening public is absolutely clueless that anything is amiss. In still other situations the NSA can piggyback its own broadcasts off of the regular broadcasts that a station sends out so that your radio or stereo tuner plays these instead of the normal music or other programming that's being broadcast.

If this sounds like a tremendous violation of your Constitutional right to quiet enjoyment it most certainly is.

And in the privacy of your own home no less!

This situation became so bad in 2005 that I stopped listening to radio all together. I also stopped watching cable TV, since the NSA was tapping into our cable signal and inserting its own propagandized programming in place of our own. I eventually began listening to radio broadcasts again about a year ago, and the FEDS to this very day still use some of these hosts to propagate their trigger words and phrases, which I now for the most part ignore.

I have reported this in detail in a journal that I keep which includes roughly 2000 pages of documentation, in regard to the COINTELPRO attacks that the FEDS have perpetrated against me over the past 27 years. And at some point in time this information will be used as evidence against them whether a trial takes place in the United States or in an International Tribunal Court. At this point I will do whatever I have to to obtain justice in this horrific situation.

In the beginning my accounts were difficult to believe -- even I had difficulty in believing them -- even though these crimes were being perpetrated against me 24 hours a day! At the time I could not figure out how the FEDS were able to see me within my own home, when there was no evidence of hidden cameras. And I was completely befuddled when they began to demonstrate that they could also read my sub vocalized thoughts! To my knowledge, cameras can't do that!

However, over the course of time I have come to understand the advanced technology that the FEDS utilize to ILLEGALLY attack me and so many others, and since promulgating this information on a very wide scale, there are quite a few people who no longer doubt that my accounts are indeed accurate, but also illustrate the existence of advanced satellite technology which has now placed the civil liberties of all Americans in serious jeopardy.

There are at the very least, tens of millions of Americans who are being tracked by way specialized NSA satellites that target the electromagnetic fields that surround their bodies, which are then used as tracking devices. These people are illegally spied on twenty four hours a day, even within the so called privacy of their own homes, as they shower, use their toilets, and make love with their significant others, in what are nothing less than protracted and ILLEGAL fishing expeditions conducted by the NSA, FBI and other intelligence agencies in this country. These agents are FILTHY PIGS!

For emphatic purposes allow me to once again state that THIS IS ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

When I first began to circulate this information I was bombarded by government provocateurs who looked to discredit my accounts -- they have done the same with myriad other TI's who are also telling of similar accounts.

In the FEDS' desperation to prevent me from promulgating my information in regard to the NSA and its Signals Intelligence remote sensing technology, they would block my posts on Independent Media Center Websites, or see to it that they were immediately hidden so that none of the people who accessed these IMC sites could find them.

This has been and continues to be an OUTRAGEOUS violation of my First Amendment Right to freedom of speech.

In their desperation, when my first Angelfire Website began receiving more traffic, the FEDS had it deleted and had Angelfire give me a bogus reason for doing so. When I attempted to contact Angelfire to see how to get my site reinstated, the FEDS blocked my E-mails from going through so that I would not be able to. I lost an enormous amount of valuable information because of this.

And this type of chicanery has been a constant with them every time I have attempted to circulate my information to Internet venues which could be useful in allowing me to promulgate these disturbing accounts.

However, something that the FEDS themselves never counted on was that while they were decimating my Civil Rights, and demonstrating for me that they truly are a fascist organization (The FBI, NSA and DHS in particular here), I would find former agents of the US Federal Government who would be documenting the same types of COINTELPRO harassment that I was being subjected to.

And these men and women have been of enormous help to many a TI, given that they are discussing the types of covert technology that the FEDS are illegally deploying against us and many others.

I am grateful to these former agents, because they have helped to bolster my own case against the NSA, FBI and DHS, as a result of the information that they have made public via the World Wide Web.

And it is largely because of these agents, that many Americans have now realized that this technology is not only real, but also a threat to their own well being. And that has been the saving grace in this entire nightmare, because once they learn of this, they in turn begin to promulgate this information through their own venues. And thanks to this truth movement, word is finally getting out in a very large way about how horrible the US Intelligence community is and how it routinely disregards the civil rights of American citizens in the most egregious of ways including using covert forms of terrorism to achieve its means.

I am not in anyway overstating the case here when I say that the US Federal Government has become the arch enemy of the American people, and uses its intelligence community as a modern day secret police force similar to that of the former Gestapo and KGB.

While I am truly sorry that I had to break this terrible news to so many people, I would have been guilty of treason against the United States Of America if I had not done so. And the same can be said of every person who has learned of this information, had they not come forward with it.

Fortunately, there are also some brilliant former government whistle blowers who have come forward with helpful information in regard to how much of this satellite based remote stealth technology operates. They have been and continue to be a boon to the Patriot Truth Movement in this country.

And this is good news for every person on this planet since it helps to compromise the fascists within this government whose job is to use the American people as unwitting guinea pigs for a program known as Non-consensual Cover Research and Human Experimentation.

Think of yourselves as human lab rats, because that is exactly how the FEDS see us. Actually they refer to us as SHEEPLE, meaning that we are no more intelligent than a herd of sheep and should be treated as such!

Which is why every American who learns of this technology must tell everyone they know about it. The FEDS are so furious with those of who have come forward to publicize this information that they want us dead. We are putting one a hell of crimp into their attempts to destroy what is left of our civil liberties.

They certainly want me dead and I would have been long ago if I had not been made so public. So now they demonize me, because they cannot legally arrest me, since no crimes have been committed. What the FEDS have perpetrated against me has absolutely nothing to do with the rule of law in this country,and instead everything to do with a criminal conspiracy in which to violate the laws of this land under US Color Of Law Statutes.

This is why they subject me to psychological warfare 24 hours a day, in efforts to get me to kill myself. However, I have gone public many times stating that I am not suicidal, and that my death will most certainly be a premeditated murder committed by the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security.

Furthermore, in one way or another these soulless government rat bastards let me know everyday of my life that not only do they want me dead for telling others about this technology, they also want me to suffer in the most despicable ways possible before they murder me.

As it is, they have destroyed my health, the result of being infected with a government createdbio weapon. They have also destroyed my relationship with my beloved Family as well as former friends and my community. And for the past four years they have done everything possible to destroy my sanity through the use of psychological warfare.

Given this, I will not mince words here. I despise them for it, and for every vicious crime that they have perpetrated against every person who has ever been targeted for a federal COINTELPRO STING operation.

These people are Nazi's. However, they are much more clever than the Nazi's of Hitler's Nazi Party ever were, and have done a credible job of concealing themselves within the fabric of American society over the past 60 years -- making nice lives for themselves in this country, while perpetrating the same types of vicious crimes that they were notorious for in Germany. However this time around for the US Federal Government.

Nazi AmeriKa is really what this country has become in the new millennium.

And as the New World Order is ushered in (which is happening right now) the entire populace on this planet is going to be subjugated to the enslavement of their minds -- done covertly through the use of implantable chips as well as satellite based brain entrainment technologies.

And these Nazi's are scared to death of anyone who knows the truth about what they are attempting to do to the rest of us; those who are revealing this treasonous betrayal to others.

As strange as this sounds, it is time for the American people to see their enemy for what it truly is -- not the other people from around this planet -- who are in reality our brothers and sisters -- but instead this bogus excuse of a democracy that we call the United States of America; a country that has been orphaned as the result of a once subverted and later destroyed constitutional republic.

Like many others I have become an enemy of the police state that the USA now is, and I will continue to be until this shadow government is either overthrown, or I die (more than likely by way of covert assassination).

My experiences are pretty much the same as most every TI's. Complete and utter decimation of my life by the most putrid scum on this planet -- we call them federal agents. At least that is what I used to call them before I found out that this trash sold us all out a long time ago. Given the fact that there are ladies who read this blog I cannot repeat here, what I call the FEDS in private.

But look at the situation this way -- what would you call people who are attempting to torture you to death?

Because that is exactly what this Nazi filth is doing to me. And for this, they are now losing the secrecy of the covert and Nazi technology that they have been deploying against millions of unwitting citizens for years.

May each and everyone them rot in hell for an eternity for betraying the trust of the American people.


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