Monday, May 21, 2007

McCarthyism & The Modern Day War On Terror- Two Farces Implemented To Destroy American Civil Liberties -- The FEDS Are RED!

For those of you who are too young to understand what the term the FEDS are RED means, I refer you to the 1950's McCarthy Hearings, in which a sociopathic politician by the name of Senator Joseph McCarthy destroyed the lives of many good Americans, by using the bogus threat of communism to instill fear in the American people, and turn this country into one of paranoid cranks, in which Americans were literally convinced to spy on their own neighbors thinking that they might be Communists (or as they were called in those days -- REDS).

** The McCarthy Hearings were used as an instrument of propaganda by the CIA to detract the American peoples' attention away from the CIA's smuggling of Nazi war criminals into the United States under "Operation Paperclip."

The truth is that the Bush Administration has managed to accomplish nearly the same agenda in the present day, by propagating the bogus war on terror in order to turn the United States of America into a fascist police state.

And for the past six and a half years this miscreant has managed to do just that as he tells us to keep an eye out for terrorists -- the real irony is that the most notorious terrorist in the world right now is George W. Bush, and the criminal minions who covertly support him.

While Senator McCarthy should have been concentrating on the CIA's smuggling into this country of Nazi war criminals under Operation Paperclip,which would ultimately result in the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, he was instead using his bogus hearings and the US media propaganda machine, to send the American people on a wild goose chase, which in summary accomplished nothing more than to destroy the lives of many decent and law abiding citizens.

If one carefully studies the ideological foundations behind Fascism, Nazism and Communism, they can only arrive at one conclusion -- they are all inherently the same form of EVIL government; government which ultimately subjugates its citizens to being subservient to its own doctrines at the expense of individual liberty.
And that is not a government that anyone who values independent thinking would ever want; one which they would in fact, fight to the death to prevent from ever being propagated.

That is unless they were unaware of such a subversion of their own government.

And in the modern day, while many Americans are now waking up to this painful fact, far too many still have yet to. And this is why it is important for all of those who are aware of what is really happening in this country, to stand our ground and expose the Bush Administration and the rest of the miscreants in the US Federal Government's hierarchy, for the modern day Nazi traitors and treasonists that they are.

In regard to the McCarthy Hearings, the only reason that they ended as abruptly as they did was because McCarthy himself was inadvertently beginning to expose the CIA's rampant criminality.

After doing several years of my own independent research in regard to the past Century of this country and its governments' history, I can say one thing for certain about the United States Of America.

It is a Bright Shining LIE


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