Sunday, May 20, 2007

Collusion Within The Old Brookville PD

Given that I have done everything within my power to be respectful of the Old Brookville Police, while giving them four continuous years in which to end the organized stalking crimes that the FEDS are perpetrating against me, I have given up attempting to do so. As such I can no longer make excuses for the fact this police department has been aiding and abetting criminal behavior by allowing those who are perpetrating these stalking crimes to continue to get away with them.

While I am very pleased at being able to expose the FEDS for their corruption, as well as their provocateurs, I am not at all so in regard to the Brookville cops, whom since the age of 6 I have always respected and looked up to. Those were the days when we only had two police officers and two squad cars and very limited staff.

Today, we have more than 60 employees working for The Brookville PD, and while they have always been excellent in the performance of their duties, that specialness that I remember about them vanished long ago.

The personal communication between the Old Brookville cops and the citizens of this community is not what it was back in the old days -- it's far more antiseptic in the present day.

* After making the last statement, I would not be surprised to see a public relations stunt for one of the upcoming Brookville taxpayers' newsletters in which we see an Old Brookville cop shaking the hand of a local resident or some other PR attempt to give Brookville residents a nice cozy feeling about their men and women in blue.

There has also been a serious allegation made against one of their officers -- one Sergeant Robert S. Piampiano. Sergeant Piampiano has been accused by a former NYC Police Officer by the name of John Menso, of violating his civil rights under US Color Of Law statutes. Mr. Menso has also accused the Old Brookville Police of colluding to cover up Sergeant Piampiano's crimes against him.

These are extremely serious allegations and ones which to my knowledge have never been disclosed to the residents of Brookville, Upper Brookville, Old Brookville, or a number of other towns that the Old Brookville Police have jurisdiction over.

As a resident of the town of Brookville, I'd like to know why none of the residents of this town were ever notified by the Brookville Town Board, of the allegations against Officer Piampiano and the Old Brookville Police Department?

Given that this town has been placed in their protective charge, I believe this to be a reasonable request.

To learn more about this disturbing situation the readers can access this story at the following Website. When we hear about crimes like these that involve our own cops, it's getting to a point where we can't count on anything anymore. It truly is disgusting.


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