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Awaiting Word On The Fate Of Rick Stanley

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis are now familiar with the plight of Constitutional activist Rick Stanley. For those who are new to this blog a quick introduction is in order. Rick is a Colorodan business man who in 2002 ran as a Senatorial candidate on the Libertarian Party's ticket.

Typical of those looking to seek political office in this country, Rick has both the charisma and political savvy to have garnered more than his fair share of votes. However, he also has something else going for him that your average politician does not.

He is far better educated in regard to the true history of the US Federal Government, and has been quite vocal in regard to his opinions about it as well as the massive cover up that was orchestrated more than a Century ago, to prevent the American people from ever learning of the absolute conspiratorial fraud that this government is guilty of -- one which smacks of treason.

Not too long after he announced his candidacy, Rick became the target of an FBI COINTELPRO STING Operation, in which to set him up on trumped on charges so that he could be removed from society and"reeducated" by way of this country's penal system.

From what I am aware of, Rick is now just days away from being imprisoned for the next six years of his life, as a result of the aforementioned COINTELPRO STING OPERATION that was perpetrated against him by the FBI -- America's modern day Gestapo.

Given that I have done some research on Rick over the past few months, I've been interested in learning what his political views are, as I've wondered what role they may have played in regard to the FBI's attack on him.

And after having looked over his Website for a considerable amount of time, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Rick is now facing the better part of the next decade in prison -- not because he has committed any crimes -- but instead, because of his political views; an outlook that is both refreshing and an outright assault on the corrupted US Federal Government and its status quo.

The following are some posts from Rick's Website which list his political stand on taxes, the role of government, term limits and campaign finance, the Federal Reserve Bank , and social security.

While I was familiar with everything that he discussed, I guarantee that most of you are not, and for this reason alone should visit his Website (which is included at the end of this post) to read about the rest of Rick's political views.

What Rick has identified on his Website is a government that is as sneaky and criminal as it is sleazy. One which treats the American people as though they were morons who are to be used as something that this government can parasite off of (which is does constantly). Rick has called for the paring down of this albatross so that it can become easier to manage, and serve the American people as it was designed to -- something that it has not done in more than a Century.

by Rick Stanley

I am calling for the end of our current form of income tax, and abolition of the IRS. My reasons are simple.

The system does not work for American citizens. The reasons are too numerous to list. Pick your own.

The system is intrusive and an invasion of the American citizens' right to privacy.

The 16th Amendment to the Constitution authorizing the Congress to lay and collect taxes on incomes was only properly ratified by 4 states as the amendment was written. The 16th amendment is invalid because it has never been properly ratified by 3/4 of the states.

This amendment was introduced in Congress on July 12, 1909 and was illegally ratified on February 3, 1913. Secretary of State Knox' certification of this amendment on February 25, 1913 was an unconstitutional abomination.

We had gone for roughly 125 years without an income tax. In 1913 our country was secure and prosperous, the envy of the world.

Excises, imposts, and tariffs funded our government prior to 1913.

Elimination of the income tax guarantees Americans a small federal government that is Constitutional.

See Rick's Website for his advice on how to abolish the income tax in this country.

The Role of Government

America is a republic. In a republic, each citizen has certain unalienable rights, which can never be taken away from him. We cannot understand how the American government ought to operate unless we know what a republic is supposed to be. (To learn more about the republican form of government described in Article 6 of the federal Constitution, click here).

Rick believes in a reduced role for government. Government involvement is only justified in cases where the defense by a third party of life, property, and free exchange is required. He recognizes the Constitutional authority of the federal Government to "regulate commerce," but believes that this regulation should only extend itself to assuring that American citizens are able to participate in fair and free exchange in a free market. He believes that the word "regulate" means to assure that free markets allow all to participate without limitation -- not to assure that only a limited few are allowed to participate.

Rick supports government funding for research only in cases where national security and the development of the American economy require it. In almost all cases, this means that research and development can occur through corporations, private foundations, and individuals interested in the benefits, both financial and intellectual, of such research and development.

Rick supports the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, which indicates that the states, not the Federal Government, are responsible for transportation, education, and other policy areas not specified in the Constitution.

Federal Reserve

Rick demands this Unconstitutional entity that IS NOT part of the US Government, be ended immediately, and Congress take over the money supply as mandated by the Constitution. The Fed is an independent group of international bankers who have been looting America since 1912.

Term Limits & Campaign Finance

Rick is in favor of term limits at the federal level to be one term in all offices. Rick believes that common men and women should represent America in Washington, fulfill their duty to the country, and return home again as common people. National service would become an honorable position once again, as a personal service to the Republic.

Professional politicians and lawyers representing the American public in Washington have proven to be a failure. They do not provide a cross-section of America to represent every man's interests at the federal level.

Does America really want to stop the corruption and influence of money in OUR government? There is your answer, America - short, sweet, simple, and to the point. Probably not complicated enough for our nation's lawbreakers. Sorry, I meant lawmakers.

The most powerful way of reducing the corruption and influence of money in our election process is to reduce the size and scope of our government in Washington, and by taking the profit motive out of personal service to the country.

Regarding Campaign Finance - tax dollars should never be used for this purpose. Ever.

Our federal government should never try to tell Americans how much to give or not to give for a political campaign.

I feel that term limits will minimize the corruption that has marred our electoral system and campaign finance practices.

Under our current system, fat-cat contributors buy incumbent politicians knowing full well that their stooges will be returned to Washington to do their bidding term after term. This corrupt practice will be stopped dead in its tracks, if we subscribe to a limit of one term.

Social Security

End this fraud against the American people! Those who have retired will receive everything they were promised till the end of their lives. They earned it, it was promised to them, and they must be repaid.

Pay every taxpayer back -- every penny that was stolen from them in the Social Security swindle. The government knows to the penny what you put into the Social Security system and owes it to you so that you can put your money into whatever financial instrument you decide is proper to secure your own retirement. You decide when you will retire with a secure retirement fund in your own name.

Future Social Security deductions, and the equal contributions from your employer, will be put into that same financial instrument that you feel is the best investment to be set aside for your future retirement. This is based upon your own personal responsibility, and will be in your own name.

Americans are not sheep and do not need to be treated like cattle, either. We make our own decisions and accept responsibility for the success or failure of our own decisions.

To put it simply for the Government: "Let me keep my money and stay the hell out of my retirement fund! Protect me from fraud and force and stop trying to force your fraud on me!"

If the government wants to keep lying to the American people by saying they don't have the money to pay us back, then they should sell every asset they have to repay their debt to the American people. We don't need a government that amasses trillions of our dollars in cash and hard assets at the expense of the hard working men and women of the United States.

I'm calling on the caretakers of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence to uphold the documents that they swore to defend. If they won't defend them, they must resign and let American citizens who will defend our heritage step forward to defend our liberty and our right to freedom!

The rest of Rick's comments can be viewed at the following Website. Given that he is a textbook example of an American citizen who has been neutralized by the FBI and US Judiciary, for his attempts to expose the egregious fraud which is occurring in the United States in the present day, I believe that it is important to propagate his story nationally -- something that the mainstream US media has for obvious reasons chosen not to do.

Rick Stanley's Website:



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