Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mind Control Target George Farquhar & Project Freedom

A foreign mind control target by the name of George Farquhar began a Website called Project Freedom, in efforts to expose the mind control oriented crimes that the NSA and what he refers to as the MCP (Mind Control Police) have been perpetrating against him (and numerous others) for the past 14 years.

I read an article that he has written on this which can be accessed at the following Web site. I found it to be very interesting as it describes much of what I have been and continue to be subjected to as an NSA mind control target and satellite prisoner - there are millions of us in this country alone, however, only a select few have actually realized that they're being targeted. This is why it is so imporant for us to be able to get this information out the general public, because the US Media has been told to completely ignore this Government's use of classified satellite based mind control technology. As usual, the media is useless for promulgating any important information that the American people can benefit from.

George Farquhar's article can be downloaded in PDF format so that you can print it out for easy reading.


George's "Project Freedom" Web site can be accessed below. There are numerous TI's now taking to the Internet to find the justice that the judicial systems in their countries (the USA in particular) are denying them.



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