Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Imposing A Federal Income Tax On Americans Is UnConstitutional

Your average American has no idea that every time they allow their employers to withhold income tax from their paychecks, they are aiding and abetting a crime.

The 16th Amendment of The United States Constitution was never properly ratified.

It was only ratified by four US States, which represent roughly 25 percent of this country. So how can you have a law which affects every person earning income, without the legislators from every state giving their approval to this amendment before it was passed into law?

The answer is that you can't.

And by doing what they did, Congress broke the law.

Americans have been illegally charged with an income tax since 1913, when the US Federal Reserve Act was passed into law and the US Federal Reserve International banking cartel was illegally created.

This is fact, not fiction. And can be readily proven by way of the US Freedom Of Informaton Act.

Ask your average American citizen if the Federal Reserve Bank is owned and operated by the US Federal Government and they will tell you that it is.

A well known producer by the name of Aaron Russo took the street in one of his documentaries to ask Americans this exact question. Upon learning that the Federal Reserve Bank is a privately held international banking conglomerate which operates completely independent of the US Treasury, these citizens were to say the least, not happy!

And the situation would not improve if they were told that the Federal Reserve Bank is largely responsible for the devaluation of the US Dollar in the present day, which is now worth approximately four cents relative to its original worth.

Moreover, when finding out that the Federal Reserve Bank prints currency which is based on nothing but thin air, and then charges the US Treasury interest for doing so, which is then passed on to the American taxpayer in the form of a federal income tax, your average American is going realize that they have been taken to the proverbial cleaners.

To put it succinctly, the Federal Reserve Bank is operating illegally and always has been. It is also responsible for the substantial devaluation in the US Dollar over the past Century, given that it freely prints paper currency which is based on nothing of intrinsic value. And circulating all of this extra paper has done nothing but help to greatly diminish what it was once worth -- when it was actually based on the gold and silver coinage contained within the US Treasury's vaults.

Take the US housing market for example. If you use an inflation calculator to figure out what $50,000 was worth in 1965, relative to your purchasing power against a home in the present day, you would find it to be worth about $328,000.

Now anyone who purchased a home in 1965 for fifty grand will tell you that it is now worth well over a million dollars. So where did the extra devaluation come from -- that which inflation can't account for?

The Federal Reserve Bank's continued issuance of currency which is based on nothing.

It has literally devalued our once valuable currency to the point where it's nearly worthless.

While real estate is an extreme example of the damage that the Federal Reserve Bank has done to the US economy, the fact is that American consumers are paying more for everything in the present day, from the gas they put in their cars to the loaves of bread that they buy at their supermarkets, all because these international Illuminati bankers have looted the United States through decades of their own chicanery.

And the fact that no one who's in a position of power in the present day will even attempt to correct this situation, is proof of how much control these bankers have over every aspect of our lives.

The last person who actually tried to correct this situation and restore power to Congress as the sole entity to manufacture US currency through the US Treasury, was President John F. Kennedy, through Executive Order 11110.

And only four months after doing so, look at what happened to him.

Remember Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963?

Kennedy's assassination was in large part the result of his attempt to put the Federal Reserve Bank out of business. And while there are all sorts of conspiracy theories ranging from the CIA wanting to prevent him from ending the Vietnam War early, to Majestic 12 wanting to murder him for his request for full public disclosure of the Alien Agenda that the shadow government in this country has been keeping from us for the past 60 years, there is no question that the Federal Reserve Bank had as much to gain by seeing JFK dead, as did any of myriad organizations.

So exactly who murdered JFK?

How about the US Military/Industrialist/Intelligence complex along with the consortium of international bankers who operated within the Federal Reserve Banking cartel?

Unlike the American people, all of the aforementioned had quite a bit to gain, since their murder of JFK was the final piece they needed in destroying our Constitutional Republic for good, and taking over the US Judicial System -- the perfect compliment and Fiftieth Anniversary Gift to their hijacking of our economy through the Federal Reserve Act, in 1913.

Today we have a lie for a government.

And those who attempt to promulgate this information are quickly attacked in conspiratorial retribution for doing so.

The fact is that US society is heading for a mine field of epic proportion -- one created by all of the aforementioned miscreants who pose as this country's respective leaders.

And if you do a little historical homework on your own, you'll find that they have perpetrated the greatest fraud of all time, and that the American people have been the subject of this betrayal.


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