Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What can you say about people who break the same laws that they attempt to enforce on the public all day long, while destroying incriminating evidence against themselves, as well as destroying those who attempt to expose their crimes?

The FBI & its US Intelligence brethren have made careers out of doing both.


A Common Characteristic Of FBI Agents Is A Tendency Towards Sociopathic Behavior.

A lack of empathy towards those whom they illegally target for COINTELPRO STING Operations, which allows these agents to perpetrate the most vicious and psychopathic crimes imaginable, while maintaining a nearly robotic sense of calm, characterizes the behavior of most US Federal Agents.

While they maintain an outwardly acceptable public demeanor, this is only used to mask the inner workings of their criminal minds.

However, not all agents are sociopathic and some actually manage to break the psychological brainwashing hold that the US Intelligence community has on them, to become government whistle blowers. Unfortunately, once this occurs these ex agents then find themselves being persecuted by their former brethren, who then wantonly and systematically destroy their lives.

The FBI is a defect of an organization -- an accident -- and the same can be said for the rest of the US Intelligence community, which has become an absolute cancer on the human race.

What else can you say for agencies that destroy the only honest people working for them in efforts to conceal their crimes from the public?


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