Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Are All Americans Under 24 Hour NSA Satellite Surveillance Since 9-11?

"NSA Satellite Based Millimeter Wave Technology enables the NSA to see through the roofs of your own homes as if you were living in a fish bowl. Gone is any privacy that you thought you had. And its use of SQUID technology (Super Conducting Quantum Interference Devices) enables the NSA to electronically access your sub vocalized thoughts so that its agents can actually read what you are thinking by way of their computer monitors! This is quite literally a rape of the human mind by an agency that the United States Constitution forbids from even spying domestically. Yet the NSA illegally spies on millions of Americans each year. Get educated on the NSA's remote sensing of humans. Google Akwei VS NSA."

James F. Marino

NSA Satellite Prisoner

Non Consensual Human Experimentee

"The Target Is Injected With An Implantable Microchip That Is How We Are Able To Track Them."

It's likely that this is what most of the neighbors of those whom the FEDS are illegally targeting for non consensual cover research and human experimentation are told, so that these people believe that only someone who's been implanted with an RFD chip is vulnerable to this technology. In reality, satellite based remote sensing systems have made the implanted microchip redundant as well as obsolete as a means of tracking people. Moreover, the NSA and those who utilize its technology including Homeland Security and the FBI don't want the public asking too many questions in regard to how TI's are being tracked. The implantable chip is a clever ruse in which to once again disinform the public.

A primary agenda is to use the public for its own nefarious means while the FEDS feed them bogus information regarding the real nature of their spy technology.

What's become crystal clear in modern day America is that the FEDS label anyone in this country whom they want to attack but cannot legally arrest, as some type of domestic terrorist, so that they are able to trample all over that person's civil liberties.

If the public was to learn that they themselves are being illegally monitored by these spy satellites the FEDS would have a much more difficult time in getting them to participate in these organized stalking crimes. Imagine what it's like to have your privacy so badly violated by these Nazi miscreants who masquerade as federal law enforcement, that they can amass 250 thousand hours or more of your life, and then go back and dissect ever second of it frame by frame.

This is what the FEDS have done to me over the past four years, and there is no question that they are doing it to a great number of American citizens, some of whom are aware that it is happening to them, yet most of whom are not.

"If The NSA and other agencies of the US Intelligence community are going to wantonly disregard our civil rights by using their advanced audio visual spy satellites to illegally remote neural monitor us, they should expect that we are going to aggressively pursue ways in which to not only expose this Nazi technology, but to also see to it that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for such outrageous abuses of both civil and human rights."

As someone who's been illegally monitored by NSA audio/visual satellites since 1980 (according to certain former NSA insiders, the year in which this satellite spy system was put into global use), I have often wondered as to the numbers of Americans who are being illegally spied on simultaneously by way of these satellites and the NSA's Signals Intelligence remote sensing technology.

If the US Federal Intelligence community ever needed a plausible reason in which to do so , 9-11 most certainly furnished them with it, for once this act of treason was perpetrated, they were afforded the excuse of watching all Americans, given that any of us could be considered a "domestic terrorist." A term which the Bush Administration has conveniently used to attack any person whom they cannot legally arrest, but want to neutralize.

The truth is that the FBI considers any person who speaks out in support of their civil liberties to be a terrorist because they threaten the US status quo. And they have proved this time and time again by using their unbridled authority to investigate anyone of their choosing, while trampling all over the US Constitution.

Even mentioning this unpleasant fact is enough to bring the FBI down on you in the present day.

However, helping themselves to someones medical, financial, or library records is one thing. And these violations of civil rights are noteworthy enough.

Yet using the NSA's spy satellites to engage in what should in and of itself be considered a terrorist act (that of spying Americans within the privacy of their own homes) is crossing the line in regard to privacy rights in this country -- even for an organization like the FBI, which has never respected civil liberties and always treated the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights as something to violate instead of respect. And this is quite an irony since all US Federal Agents take a sworn oath to protect and defend the US Constitution.

Yet they will propagate myriad excuses for why they have failed to do so; excuses which have become more outlandish with each passing year.

It is my opinion that the NSA, FBI and The Department Of Homeland Security are now relying on the NSA's spy satellite network to record the activities of every American citizen in the United States 24 hours a day, in what must be considered to be the most comprehensive compilation of dossiers on Americans in this country's history.

Simply put, they want to know everything about us including what we are thinking. And they now have the technology in which to do so.

It appears likely that the NSA's super computers and advanced satellite technology are more than capable of watching all three hundred million of us without even breaking a sweat, as we go about our daily business, completely unaware that we are being tracked and our sub vocalized thoughts catalogued within the NSA's vast data base for later reference.

It has been said that the NSA's Artificial Intelligence computers are so powerful that they have the ability to monitor the entire Earth's population six times over. That is roughly thirty six billion people!

And I know for a fact that the NSA has perpetrated this crime of treason against myself and many others. And in all likelihood they have also done so against the entire American population in one way or another.

There are far more people who are inclined to believe that this scenario is a possibility in the present day than there were just a year ago, when former NSA agent John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit began making the rounds on the Internet.

Once one reads the contents of John's lawsuit, one must acknowledge that what the NSA has done goes so far beyond the scope of its authority, and represents such an outright threat to the privacy of all Americans, that this situation must be exposed and confronted as expediently as possible.

The mere fact that once John Akwei reported this lawsuit, the NSA began to use its remote neural sensing technology to electronically torture him is more than enough evidence of its culpability in treasonous crimes against the American people.

Moreover, the fact that in 2006 former NSA agent Russell Tice was fired from the NSA for divulging treasonous improprieties within the hierarchy of this spy agency only reinforces the information that John Akwei has presented to us.

What the US Congress is doing at present is attempting to figure out a way in which to head off what is most assuredly going to be the most scandalous situation in US History. This is why the US media has not done any reporting on the Akwei VS NSA lawsuit. They are either unaware of it or have been told to steer clear of it.

However, given the import of what the NSA and others within the US Intelligence community are using these satellites for -- ILLEGAL and PROTRACTED fishing expeditions which can last for decades on end -- I find that the benefits of exposing this technology on a very large scale are well worth the risks, given that this treasonous spying is so outrageous that the US Federal Government will never publicly admit that it is presently occurring.

I know for a fact that it is!

And I tell you this because as an American who has not only been illegally spied on by this technology for decades, but also subjugated to various forms of non consensual cover research and human experimentation, my life is in serious jeopardy. And for that matter so is the life of each person who attempts to promulgate John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA.

In the past 27 years, not one second of my life has been private. Moreover, not one thought that I have had has been private in all this time.

This is an electronic NAZI rape of the human mind!

I have not even been able to use my own bathroom without having the NSA and FBI spying on me by way of audio visual satellites, nor have I been able to sleep within the so called privacy of my own bedroom without these agencies illegally spying on me. And if they deny doing so they are perpetrating yet another crime by lying in regard to the violations of the 4th Amendment that they have committed against me.

If this is not the most outrageous violation of US Civil Rights ever documented, I don't know what is.

When the FBI can collude with other US Intelligence Agencies to violate any Americans civil rights in this outrageous a way, the problems within this government have gone well beyond what most Americans would consider to be manageable.

And we have now arrived at this point.

I stand ready to testify in regard to every aspect of the FBI/NSA/DHS conspiracy waged against me, in efforts to expose these outrageous crimes against humanity, and to alert the American population to the fact that they too are in jeopardy of having their civil liberties violated in such unconscionable ways.

I have no doubt that millions of these people have already been subjected to the NSA's remote neural sensing technology, and as such have been illegally and unwittingly exposed to non consensual human experimentation by the NSA.

The NSA spies on all Americans.

The only variable in this case is how extensive this spying is.

And in this author's opinion the extent of this spying is completely beyond the comprehension of most Americans.

The FBI/NSA and Homeland Security may well be watching and recording everything that the American people are doing and thinking twenty four hours a day.

I've told the readers of this blog about this illegal spying and my personal experiences with it on numerous occasions, as I continue to search for ways in which to expose this Nazi technology.

However, given that I have been neutralized with extreme prejudice by these agencies, the rest is up to you.

So go out and tell your families, your friends and your neighbors about it and have them contact Congress to DEMAND a formal investigation into the US Intelligence community -- a continuation of the Church Senate Committee Hearings of the 1970's -- something which is DESPERATELY needed at the present time.

Former Congressperson Cynthia Mckinney was in the process of reopening these investigations when she was defeated for re-election -- something which turned out to be quite convenient for the US Federal Intelligence community.

So I will not rule out voter fraud in the case of her election loss.

After Senator Frank Church conducted his investigation of the NSA in the mid 1970's he was heavily favored to win re-election in his State of Idaho, yet mysteriously lost the election.

I have little doubt that the machinations of the US Federal Intelligence community had something to do with this, and that quite possibly outright voter fraud by way of ballot stuffing may have taken place. This as payback to Senator Church for attempting to expose the rampant corruption within the US Intelligence community.

His investigation into the NSA concluded that in the wrong hands it could be used to turn the United States Of America into a fascist dictatorship! And it is clear that Senator Church's observations have turned out be more than a little prophetic in the present day.

What the FBI, NSA, and Homeland Security have perpetrated against my Family and self constitutes some of the most outrageous violations of both civil and human rights in US History.

And I have already volunteered to take a polygraph if one is given by the ACLU and Amnesty International, in order to validate my documentation. Based on my experiences I no longer trust law enforcement in this country since the FBI and Homeland Security have perverted the law through their use of illegal COINTELPRO STING operations which they use to attack those whom they cannot legally arrest.

COINTELPRO's are not only ILLEGAL but also unconstitutional since they violate every aspect of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

My contention at this point in time is that the FEDS have committed so many crimes against me that they are now looking to completely eradicate my civil rights, so that my testimony can never come out in a court of law.

They neutralize any persons whom they have perpetrated such EVIL acts against so the public fails to learn of them. The fact that such criminal acts are routinely taking place in this country while US Judges attempt to create an appearance of juris prudence within their courtrooms is an absolute disgrace.

What the FEDS are attempting to perpetrate here is clearly indicative of desperation on their part, as is the extensive COINTELPRO smear campaign that they have waged against me over the past four years, all because of an FBI lowlife thug named Raymond Migliore, who perpetrated an illegal vendetta against me 27 years ago under the US Color Of Law Statutes; something that Migliore should have been imprisoned for long ago.

But FBI agents who break laws seldom if ever go to prison because the Department Of Justice gives them impunity to commit crimes. This means that FBI agents cannot be held responsible for their actions.

Imagine if all of society operated with the same lack of rules. We'd be in a state of complete anarchy!

This is why due process of law has been completely absent in my situation. There isn't even a semblance of judicial protocol here, because the FEDS have no case against me and are trying to make one by using their psychological warfare operations to drive me into a state in which I can either be imprisoned, incarcerated into a psychiatric facility, or forced into committing suicide. And given that they have failed at driving me to suicide they have now found it necessary to accomplish one of the first two of these agendas, or if desperate enough figure out a way in which to murder me -- something that given their desperation -- and the extremely damaging information that I have against them -- I will not rule out.

If they fail to murder me this information may eventually find its way into the mainstream media, and if this happens all hell is going to break loose for the FEDS, who will then have an even more difficult time in covering up their rampant crimes against myself and numerous others.

For this reason, I cannot rule out a murder attempt being made on my life, or even one which is made to look like a suicide.

Before I close today's post let's briefly revisit some of my allegations against the FEDS once more since they apply to all TI's who are targeted for US Government sanctioned mind control experimentation.
I should also state that even though these FEDS have illegally spied on me by way of NSA audio visual spy satellites for the past 27 years, I have NEVER been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes!

Common sense would dictate that if I had committed any incarcerable crimes that the FEDS would have immediately moved in to arrest me.

So why didn't they? Because I gave them no reason to.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security on the other hand have conducted themselves with all of the decorum of Hitler's Gestapo, as they have commited myriad crimes against me which set precedent in the violation of both human and civil rights.

Spying on people within the privacy of their own bathrooms? These federal agents are not just a disgrace to law enforcement and the American people, but definitive examples of sexually degenerate mind raping Nazi filth.

1.The FEDS' Illegal spying of my person by way of NSA audio visual satellites for the past 27 years.

The FEDS' use of these satellites to piggyback their directed energy weaponry from in efforts to torture me both physically and psychologically.

3.The FEDS' use of this technology to target my mind as part of the US Intelligence Community's non consensual cover research and human experimentation program, in which my thoughts have been routinely adversely affected.

4.The FEDS' use of coercion to force my Family into keeping silent about this in order to help the FEDS completely obfuscate any legitimate investigation into these crimes.

5.The FEDS' use of a sanctioned network of organized stalking groups to follow and harass me where ever I travel to, through the use of psychological warfare operations. This is commonly reported by myriad others who have been targeted by the US Federal Government for non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

6.The FEDS' assorted tampering and damage to my personal property.

7. The FEDS' use of various forms of calumny orchestrated to destroy my reputation as well as my relationships with my Family and friends.

8. The FEDS' use of electronic devices to illegally access and tamper with my computer as well as hacking into my E-mail accounts at the America Online, Blogger and Angelfire Websites.

9. The FEDS' tampering with my credit cards in order to get them cancelled.

10.The FEDS' tampering with my medication having replaced legitimate medicine with placebos.

11.The FEDS' attack on my 1st Amendment Right To Freedom Of Speech by removing or having hidden all of the articles that I have attempted to publish on the Independent Media Center Websites in efforts to promulgate the FEDS' conspiratorial attacks on my person.

While there are numerous other charges that I plan to file against the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security as a result of their outrageous conduct over the past 27 years (4 years for Homeland Security who was later drawn into this criminal conspiracy), I believe that the ones that I have included here are damning enough proof of the precedent setting civil rights violations that these agencies have perpetrated against me; crimes in which due process of law has been completely disregarded.


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