Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The National ID Card Will Be The Penultimate Assault On Your Civil Liberties -- The Implantable RFID Chip Will Be The Last

In 2008, the 2005 Real ID Act which Congress has mandated will go into effect. The Real ID Act requires that a newly issued US drivers license be used as a national identification card. This card will be used in the same way that registration papers were used by the Nazis to identify the citizens in their countries.

Americans will now be forced to show these cards when travelling from different parts of the United States at any time that they reach a Homeland Security checkpoint.

What we are talking about here is the propagation of a US Federal Police State, done under the pretense of a bogus war on terror.

If the FEDS are so concerned about protecting the borders within this country how is it that the illegal immigrants from Mexico are simply walking right into this country without being detained? And exactly how is it that a man who was just mentioned in the news who contracted a very serious case of tuberculosis overseas (and was ordered to be quarantined there), was able to sneak back into the United States simply by traveling through the Canadian border?

Given the LIES that we are being told here I'm going to put this bluntly.


The national ID card is just the latest in this government's attempts to control every aspect of the American people's lives, and several US States have already said that they will reject this federal mandate when it becomes law in 2008.

Finally Some Common Sense Has Prevailed!

What one must ask oneself is, once the national ID card is put into effect, how long will it be before Americans are forced to undergo the implantation of RFID chips, which will be capable of performing functions ranging from electronically tracking them to altering their thoughts?

As an NSA satellite prisoner and target for non consensual cover research and human experimentation for the past 27 years, I must now seriously consider this question, given its import regarding the mind enslavement of the human race.

What I find most disturbing is that the majority of Americans have become so brainwashed by the US Media, that they are failing to notice how their freedoms are being stolen right out from under them; stolen in much the same way that certain members of Congress allowed J.P. Morgan, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, John D. Rockefeller and the rest of the Illuminati Jeckyl Island 7, to steal the American people's government and economy right out from under them, with the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel -- the largest fraud in US History.

The New World Order will mandate that America become a cashless society. This is being done for the same reason that this government is attempting to destroy the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, to prevent Americans from owning guns. The NWO does not want to be challenged, and needs effective means in which to punish those who do so, swiftly and devastatingly.

Without access to firearms, the American people will find themselves powerless to defend themselves in the event that they are illegally attacked by the federal, state, or local police.

This has happened in numerous countries in the past and will become problematic in America's future, as such past situations as the tragedies in WACO, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho stand testament to. At least in the case of the Branch Davidians and the Weaver Family, they had access to weapons in which to defend themselves, which for a time created a standoff.

However, the brutal ways in which the FBI and BATF incinerated more than 70 Branch Davidians (many of whom were women and children), and their cold blooded murder of both Vicki and Sammy Weaver, must remain as tragic reminders that America is no longer a Constitutional Republic.

The mere fact that agents of the FBI and BATF murdered more than 70 American citizens, and not one of these agents was ever prosecuted, should give Americans an even better indication of how they will fare in a similar situation.

The US Federal Government and its Intelligence community no longer assume any responsibility for their actions in modern day America.

Moreover, without armed weapons used to defend yourselves, you would not even be able to prevent these FEDS from illegally accessing your own homes within seconds and taking you captive, even if you had committed no legitimate crimes and were being set up on trumped up charges. Something which is becoming more problematic in the present day regarding those Americans who demand their civil liberties, yet are being treated as domestic terrorists by the Bush Administration.

Speaking of one of the Bush criminals, at the link below the readers can access the Website of Michael Boren Williams, who in 1988 had his home illegally stormed by several well armed FBI agents, at the request of former President George H.W. Bush. This was done as punishment to Williams, who was at the time working to resurrect Senator Gary Hart's presidential run against Bush #41, while digging up his rampant criminal past.

William's home was stormed by several FBI agents, whom without a warrant proceeded to ransack his home while strip and cavity searching his six month pregnant wife and two year old daughter. They even shot his daughter's puppy to death as further revenge for William's exposing of the elder Bush's treasonous crimes. After this, Michael was arrested on trumped up charges and sent to prison for two years, while his wife was forced to divorce him and take their children away.

I guess that I should consider myself fortunate that to date all the FEDS have done to me is to spy on me within the privacy of my own bedroom and bathroom, subject me to satellite based physical and psychological torture, and destroy my relationships with my own Family as well as my reputation, while vilifying me within my own community. Due process of law you say?

Oh yeah, we really have a Democratic Constitutional Republic in this country --- THE HELL WE DO!

The gun issue is serious enough. However, the complete eradication of cash within society will prove to be even worse, since cards used for the electronic purchase of goods and services can be cancelled at any time, leaving the holder with no way to purchase food or clothing. This can also be applied to paying bills including those of the monthly mortgage which can result in the government's seizure of a person's home.

And the situation will 0nly grow worse from there.

For this reason it is mandatory that the American people uniformly REJECT THE NATIONAL ID CARD.

By doing so we will send Congress and the New World Order the message that we are not going to stand for their treasonous LIES any longer! And we will also let them know that we are well aware of the plans that they have to turn us into a nation of mind controlled slaves!

The Future Of Your Freedom Depends On It!


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