Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Truth About Lyme Disease

A Lyme Disease support group had T-shirts made up with a similar logo, one which is truly profound when one considers the complex ways in which the Lyme Disease spirochete manifests itself within the human body.

Once a person contracts a Lyme Disease infection their symptoms can appear immediately or take years to advance to the stage of becoming problematic.

One thing is for certain. Living with this bio weapon is a ticking time bomb because you never know when your symptoms are going to emerge. For example, you can go to bed one night feeling perfectly fine, only to awake the next morning with more than 20 symptoms occurring simultaneously.

A quote from one of the patients whom I spoke with years ago:

"I knew when I opened my eyes that something was wrong. The moment that I stood up the room began to spin and I fell back towards the bed. I had never felt this awful in my entire life and knew in my heart that something was terribly wrong my body."

When I was involved in Lyme activism several years ago, I spoke with many patients who experienced these types of situations, only to find that the morning that they awoke to such symptoms would be indelibly etched within their minds, as their symptoms continued to worsen to the point of rendering them completely incapacitated.

The number of people who suffer from chronic Lyme Disease who are able to hold down full time jobs are in the minority, and they often end up having to retire due to the fatigue and numerous symptoms that plague them daily, the result of this US Military created bio weapon.

A typical situation for most chronically ill Lyme Disease patients is to have doctors' appointments once a month in which to assess their physical conditions; spend anywhere from 5 consecutive months to years doing long-term intravenous antibiotic therapy in efforts to put the Lyme infection into remission -- these treatments can run anywhere from 5 - 7 days a week; battle with their insurance carriers who in nearly all cases end up denying coverage for most if not all of these prohibitively expensive treatments (many patients have spent well over $100,000 out of their own pockets in attempts to put Lyme Disease into remission; spend their life savings which in many instances includes the need to sell their own homes just to pay for treatment which may or may not put them into a remission! And this goes on for years on end until many Lyme patients can simply longer stand the torture and commit suicide.

All because the US Federal Government deemed it necessary to release this biological weapon on the American public to determine its efficacy (efficiency as a weapon).

The truth of the matter is that Lyme Disease does kill you -- however it oftentimes does so slowly and painfully -- as myriad patients will attest to.

I would experience the same situation in August of 1993 when I awoke to more than 10 different symptoms, which would in the next two months increase to 30 simultaneous ones, leaving me completely bedridden for the next eight months.

From 1993 until 2003, I would spend months at a time being bedridden as a result of my Lyme Disease symptoms, and many other patients will describe similar accounts.

The fatigue alone is unbearable most of the time.

You need only suffer with this bio weapon to understand how devastating it is. I know of myriad others (many of whom contracted this illness as kids or young adults) who have had their lives destroyed as a result of it. I also know of a young woman in her early 20's who is so debilitated at this time that she may not even live to see 2008. She continues to be confined to a wheelchair!

The general situation regarding Lyme Disease is truly this horrific. However, those who attempt to promulgate this information meet with tremendous adversity, the result of a government conspiracy to cover up the origins of the Lyme Disease spirochete.

Moreover, the Centers For Disease Control and the National Institutes Of Health are overseen by the very types of government scientists who develop these weapons in the first place. And this is why instead of being able to obtain truthful information regarding the facts behind Lyme and other bio weapons, patients are stonewalled by them in efforts to obfuscate the situation.

Having lived with this situation for the past 14 years I can say that it is truly a nightmare, especially when the US Health Insurance Industry has blackballed Lyme Disease patients in efforts to prevent us from obtaining the aggressive medical treatment necessary to ease our suffering. They are well aware of how serious this illness is, yet refuse to take the appropriate steps in treating it, even though they know that our claims are legitimate and that we are suffering horribly because of the symptoms that LD continues to plague us with.

One Lyme physician who treated me early on for my symptoms told me "these Insurance companies know how critically ill Lyme Disease patients are, and the truth of the matter is that they don't care if you live or die."

So please EDUCATE yourselves in regard to this complex illness. The Lyme Disease spirochete is known as a super bug, meaning that it has the ability to change its physical shape to avoid detection by the body's immune system.

This did not occur naturally, but was instead brought about artificially when this mycoplasma was genetically engineered to morph itself. Since the early 1990's there have been more than 300 different strains of Lyme Disease found globally, and this is only a fraction of the number of strains which now exist, given the extensive use of antibiotics to treat this illness, and the subsequent mutations of it which have since evolved.

Lyme Disease is a pandemic that is only going to get worse. So educate yourselves and do the best that you can to have a fighting chance to avoid this life threatening bio weapon.

There is now a substantial amount of accurate information on Lyme Disease that can be found on the Internet. This was not the case when I contracted it back in the early 1990's. As such you have a chance to protect yourselves from this bio-agent. That is more than many of us who are now permanently disabled by it had when we contracted it years ago; the days when we all thought that it was just a serious illness that occurred naturally.


Visit the ILADS Website today!

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