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Has The Privately Held Federal Reserve Banking Cartel Looted The US Treasury?

Boycott The National ID Card!

Exactly Where Is The Gold Bullion That Fort Knox Once Held?

According To Aaron Russo, head of the "From Freedom To Fascism Movement" here in America, the privately held Federal Reserve banking cartel and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are operating illegally in the United States. Moreover, Russo claims that based on his extensive research, the IRS doesn't even have the Constitutional authority to force you to pay income tax or to imprison you if you fail to do so!

Yet this has not stopped this criminal & fascist juggernaut from seizing billions in real estate, personal property and trusts. In fact former Heavyweight Champion Of The World, Joe Louis, was attacked by the IRS because it claimed that he owned them back taxes on prize money that he won in fights; money which he donated to the army and navy relief effort. Money, which Louis himself, never saw a cent of!

Even though Joe Louis, one of the most Patriotic Americans to have ever lived, faithfully served his country during World War II, he was quite literally taxed to death by the IRS, which took every cent that he made just to pay off the interest on the prize money that Joe donated to the US Armed Forces. The IRS even seized the trusts that he had set up for his children and the $600 that his Mother had left him at the time of her death!

And Joe is just one of myriad Americans who've had their lives destroyed by this criminal agency.

The US Income Tax Is Illegal & UnConstitutional

Supreme Court Ruling Eisner VS Montomery -- "Gains From Corporate Activity Are Taxable. Labor Is Considered Private Property And Non Taxable."

Supreme Court Ruling in Peck VS Lowe -- "If You Weren't Subject To Tax Before The 16th Amendment You Weren't Afterwards."

Supreme Court Ruling in Stanton VS Baltic Mining -- "The 16th Amendment Confers No New Powers Of Taxation To The US Congress."

Three Other Supreme Court Cases Which Ruled That The 16th Amendment Offers No New Powers Of Taxation To The US Congress:

Southern Pacific VS Lowe

Straten Independence VS Hobart

Doyle VS Mitchell

"Your Income Tax Is A 100% Voluntary Tax, And Your Liquor Tax Is A 100% Enforced Tax. The Situation Is As Different As Night And Day." --- Dwight F. Davis Head Of The Alcohol And Tobacco Tax Division Bureau Of Internal Revenue Service

"The IRS Selectively Audited Taxpayers Who Were Poor & Vulnerable. They Routinely Fabricated Evidence Against These Taxpayers. They Encouraged Agents To 'Stick It' To Taxpayers." -- Jennifer Long IRS Agent

"The IRS Can't Let This Turn Into A Rational Debate Because They Will Lose It. So They Have To Insult People By Saying That Their Cases Are Frivolous." -- Larken Rose Tax Honesty Movement

New York Times January 25, 1916
-- "In Substance, The Court Holds That The Sixteenth Amendment Did Not Empower The Federal Government To Levy Any New Tax."

"Based On Research Performed By The Congressional Research Service, There Is No Provisions Which .... Require An Individual To Pay An Income Tax." -- Senator Daniel Inoue

Aaron Russo & The Freedom To Fascism Movement

Even though I had seen one his movies (Trading Places starring actor Eddie Murphy), I'd never actually heard of director Aaron Russo until seeing his documentary From Freedom To Fascism -- an extremely disturbing expose on the privately held Federal Reserve banking cartel and the Internal Revenue Service. This motivated me to visit his From Freedom To Fascism Web site, and I have been interested in his movement to expose this fraud on a national scale ever since.

This documentary is so powerful and ties together so many different aspects of the present day fraud which the US Federal Government is perpetrating against each and every American citizen, that those who have failed to see it are simply asking to remain ignorant in regard to the outrageous and treasonous crimes that are being perpetrated against them in the present day.

Simply put -- stop worrying about China, the Middle East conflict, and the CIA notion that this agency continues to use in efforts to instill fear in the American people -- the Al Qaeda -- and start worrying about the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel and IRS frauds, the Democrats and Republicans, the National ID Card (which has been mandated to go into effect in 2008), and a myriad of other issues that are an imminent threat to your freedom -- and which are occuring WITHIN THE BORDERS OF THE UNITED STATES!

" The IRS will cite Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code as its legal mandate to impose an income tax on the wages of the American people. However, there is nothing contained within Title 26 that upholds the IRS' claim to have a mandate in which to do so."

Equally disturbing, according to Aaron, the Federal Reserve Bank is operating illegally within the United States and in the present day appears to be holding all of the gold that the US Treasury once oversaw in Fort Knox, in some undisclosed location.

As Americans this is our money!

So exactly what is some private banking conglomerate doing with it?

Has the Federal Reserve looted America?

Also consider that through its counterfeiting of paper currency, the Federal Reserve is responsible for the devaluation of the US Dollar (which is now worth about four cents) because the Fed prints money based on thin air, unlike the US Treasury Notes which were once based on the gold bullion contained within Fort Knox.

This is why the prices of everything from homes to a loaf of bread have become so expensive.

The Federal Reserve banking cartel is the reason that the standard of living in the United States has been so severely compromised in the present day!

Moreover, The US Congress does not conduct any formal oversight of the Federal Reserve Bank -- they have never even audited it!

So exactly how are Americans to know what the FED is up to?

"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. Gold stands as a protector of property rights."

-- Alan Greenspan before he headed up the Federal Reserve

Aaron Russo has put together an excellent documentary in regard to the Federal Reserve fraud which I highly recommend that every person in the United States views at their earliest convenience. I can also guarantee that this well known Hollywood producer has knowingly put his reputation on the line and angered some extremely powerful people to make this film, in much the same way that director Oliver Stone did when he made the movie JFK; a very well received movie, which discussed the circumstances surrounding the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Stone has been demonized by these miscreants for his use of the movie JFK to expose the real reasons behind Kennedy's assassination.

When you have been so beaten up both physically and psychologically that you are willing to fight to the death to defend your civil liberties and those of your loved ones and the rest of the people on this planet, you can begin to understand the emotions that those targeted for government sanctioned mind control and organized stalking crimes experience everyday of our lives.

It is the most intense experience one will ever have.

Aaron Russo's documentary From Freedom To Fascism will only further ignite the passion that each of us experiences in our attempts to expose this corruption on a global scale. Something that we will either succeed in doing or die attempting to do.

Perhaps what is most frustrating is the abject ignorance of your average American citizen in regard to how dire the situation in the United States is in the present day.

Given the indignities that so many of us have been forced to endure at the hands of these fascist traitors -- those who call themselves US legislators -- and the egregious lies that they have used the US media to promulgate, in efforts to keep the American people in the dark regarding their treasonous crimes against us, it is high time that we exposed these scoundrels for exactly what they are.

For in doing so, we can begin to rebuild the Constitutional Republic of government that our forefathers sacrificed to create for us two centuries ago.

If we continue to allow the shadow government in this country to propagate its New World Order agenda, we will have ourselves to blame for the abrogation of our civil rights.

The key is in recognizing how these Illuminists operate to covertly undermine any just form of government, so that they can usurp it for their own criminal means.

Aaron Russo discusses many important aspects of his campaign to expose the abject fraud that is being perpetrated by those who have deceived us for the past two generations. Their progeny continues to do so in the present day and unless stopped, will eventually found a new feudal system in which the American people will find themselves enslaved in both a physical and psychological sense.

Some of the more compelling aspects of Aaron's documentary include the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel's perpetration of one of the greatest frauds ever to take place in this country. A fraud which has allowed the bankers in this country to quite literally steal our economy and government right out from under us, while they use the US media to promulgate their black propaganda in efforts to convince us that everything they are doing is being done to keep us safe from terrorism -- one of myriad lies which they continue to propagate.

The reality is that these people are the terrorists!

Michael Ruppert, the publisher of the E-zine From The Wilderness, has been quoted as saying that the American people should see the Democratic and Republican Parties as what they truly are: crime families. He has said that Americans should look at the Democrats as if they were the Gambino crime family and the Republicans as if they were the Genovese crime family. He also stated that while they may not always get along, they will always allign themselves with one another when it comes to defending their turf.

They simply have too much to lose if they don't.

The truth of the matter is that the Democrats and Republicans are far more dangerous to the American people and their civil liberties than the Mafia or any other organized criminal organizations have been
throughout the history of the United States -- having perpetrated some of the most outrageous and criminal frauds against the American people in this country's history.

Included in this fraud has been the illegal creation of a graduated income tax system -- something which was created as a result of the communist manifesto and traditionally used within communist governments. And an unjust system which has been used to steal money from every person in this country who has ever held a job.

The creation of the Internal Revenue Service has been an even greater fraud, given that since the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution was never properly ratified, and moreover, that it in no way called for any income tax to be attached to the wages of the American worker, the IRS is in fact operating illegally. Please pay careful attention to the following sentence.

There is no US law which authorizes the IRS to collect an income tax. And furthermore, there is no law which allows the IRS to imprison any person who does not pay taxes on the wages that they earn making a living.

The IRS uses intimidation to force Americans into paying taxes under the threat of imprisonment -- something that under the US Constitution it has no right to do!

Moreover, the IRS has been ILLEGALLY collecting taxes by way of coercion for nearly a Century, and wrongfully imprisoned myriad Americans, something that it has absolutely no right to do.

The following is an excellent example which conclusively proves that the IRS is not a legal organization.

Furthermore, there are several cases in which Americans who have been arrested for tax evasion won their cases in court, simply because the IRS could not produce any evidence that a law which mandated that US citizens pay taxes on their wages ever existed. And for good reason since no such law was ever created!

In the case of Whitey Harrel, an American arrested by the IRS and tried on four counts of non filing of taxes, a precedent in regard to the taxing of American wages was to be set.

When a jury was empaneled to hear the case, they requested the law which gives the IRS the authority to mandate that Americans file a tax return.

However the judge could not furnish them with this information because NO SUCH LAW EXISTS!

As a result the jury agreed that the IRS had broken the law by arresting Mr. Harrel, and found him not guilty of tax evasion. Absolutely livid at the jury's just verdict, the judge presiding over the case stormed out of the courtroom leaving the entire jury, attorneys, and defendant stunned by his unprofessional conduct.

The judge was well aware that he'd just witnessed history in the making as the proverbial "Pandora's Box" had been opened; one which would cause the US Government and the IRS endless grief in the decades to come.

This is an outright indictment of the serious nature of the extensive fraud that this government has been perpetrating against the American people for the past Century.

There have been several such trials over the past decade, including those of a number of former IRS agents who resigned from this alphabet agency when they found that it was operating illegally. A former agent by the name of Joe Bannister was arrested on charges of fraud, when he promulgated information that the IRS had no legal right to force Americans to file an income tax return, and that the IRS was in fact operating illegally by attempting to do so, since no such law exists.

Mr. Bannister won his case in court!

To date there have been 24 cases in which American citizens who've been arrested and tried for tax evasion have won their cases in court, because they were able to prove that there is no law which allows the IRS to require that Americans file an income tax return, or that they be imprisoned for failing to do so.

According To J. Peter Grace Of The Reagan Administration Appointed Grace Commission, Every Cent Of The Federal Income Tax That American Taxpayers Are Charged Annually, Goes Towards The Interest That The US Federal Government Owes The Federal Reserve Bank. Not One Cent Of This Money Has Ever Been Used For Public Services.

Yet the US media (propaganda machine for the US Federal Government) has never once bothered to publicize this, or cover any of the trials in which Americans who were accused of being tax cheats won their cases in court, simply by proving that no such law to tax their incomes has ever existed.

The US media has become nothing but a pawn in the government fraud that has been perpetrated against the American people over the past Century. And all of the awards that they win for their so called journalistic integrity and excellence are meaningless, since they refuse to cover the real issues and expose the rampant criminality and fraud that the US Federal Government continues to perpetrate against all Americans.

Of even greater import is that when Aaron Russo visited a former commissioner of the IRS, Sheldon Cohn, to confront him with this fraud (Mr. Cohn Was General Counsel For The IRS As Of 2005), Cohn became so flustered when he could not find a law which gave the IRS the authority to tax the incomes of American citizens, that he angrily told Russo the interview was over! You will see this interview in Russo's documentary From Freedom To Fascism. C0hn was so miffed that he was literally squirming in his chair, knowing full well that the IRS has always been a fraud.

In his anger he made a comment to Russo in Yiddish that was later translated for the viewers.

The comment was: " Mr. Russo there is nothing that will help you!"

So what does this mean for the American people?

Well, realistically it means that you have never had to pay taxes on your income and that the US Congress and the IRS have committed a treasonous crime against the American taxpayer by charging them an income tax when no such law authorizing them to do so has ever existed.

And moreover, that the IRS and the US Federal Government owe the American people all of the monies and property that they have illegally seized through this illegal tax system since 1913.

Americans should use civil disobedience to collectively end this unjust tax system by refusing to ever pay a tax on their incomes again. The employers who hold back taxes from each employee's paychecks are in fact aiding and abetting the Internal Revenue Service in committing a felony.

The US Congress is well aware that it is unconstitutional to tax the wages earned by American workers, yet they have allowed this crime to occur for nearly a Century, and done NOTHING to stop it. In doing so they too have aided and abetted the IRS in its criminal activity.

See Aaron Russo's documentary "From Freedom To Fascism" at the following Web site. I have little doubt that it will be one of the most important and enlightening films that you have ever seen. And I am certain that you will be as livid as I was when I was through watching it!

But use your anger constructively. Expose the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds to the American people!


Boycott The National ID Card!


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