Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Perhaps The Most Important Lawsuit In American History

John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, for its illegal use of satellites to remote sense American citizens, may well be the most important lawsuit in US History. Since the NSA has seen fit to torture John in efforts to prevent him from exposing this information, it is up to those of us who also know about it to do so.

As an American who has been subjugated to the virtual enslavement of being made an NSA satellite prisoner I consider it my Patriotic duty to expose the NSA and its remote sensing technology.

The NSA has absolutely no right to do this to me or the millions of others whom it has illegally placed into this satellite spy system.

I created the above bumper sticker and attached it to the rear bumper of my car and the rear fender of my motorcycle, in efforts to get other motorists to learn of the NSA's illegal satellite spying.

Akwei VS NSA should be on the back of every automotive bumper in America.

Ironically enough, the real danger that Americans will face is if they don't act to promulgate this information, since failing to do so will be an indication that it is OK with them to allow the NSA to perpetrate such vicious crimes against humanity.

And if this occurs Americans will have their own apathy to blame for the loss of their civil liberties.

We have the power to collectively change what we don't like about this government.

The problem is that we've been conditioned by said government through it use of the US media propaganda machine, to fear exercising our civil liberties out of concerns for retribution.

Well here's a wake up call for all Americans.

The US Federal Government is the criminal in this situation and it's about time that the American people began to acknowledge it!

Don't fear this government -- recognize it for the traitor that it is and work to correct the situation by exposing its treasonous crimes against us. Start by having this bumper sticker made and attaching it to the back of your motor vehicle.

Everyone in the United States should learn of John St. Clair Akwei and his lawsuit against the NSA and its Nazi satellite based remote sensing technology -- something that is n0t only a threat to your physical privacy, but to that of your own mind!

Remember the "United We Stand" bumper stickers that were omnipresent shortly after the attacks on 9-11? How about doing the same with "Akwei VS NSA" since both messages are being propagated to ensure your independence from fascism?!

You can make this bumper sticker inexpensively at the following Website:



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