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Another TI Who Describes Many Of The Atrocities That I Have Been Subjected To By The NSA

From time to time I post accounts of others who have documented what it is like to be treated as a government lab rat for non consensual cover research and human experimentation. There are a vast number of citizens from the United States and abroad who have now come forth to describe the atrocities that they are being subjected to by governments from around the globe, as well as other criminals who are using them for illegal experimentation.

An Australian by the name of John Finch is yet another. And I have taken the time to document his accounts here, given that he documents much of what I have personally experienced as an NSA satellite prisoner and non consensual human experimentee for the past three decades.

This situation has become a pandemic given that it has crossed all international borders and is becoming a plague on the human race. So please take note of John's accounts and visit the Mind Control Forums (where you can find nearly 600 accounts of such crimes against humanity) using the Google search engine. You can also access many of the Websites that John has listed at the end of his message to learn more about these depraved crimes.

These quasi Nazi crimes of torture are taking place globally and even within the borders of the United States of America.

You could be their next victim!

area-contact: Electronic / Psychotronics harassment


location: Australia


I sent a series of human rights activist emails to public authorities and forums beginning in 2003 up to 2006. I came to the attention of an extremist US Jewish security organisation in 2004 for this exercising of my democratic right to free speech and since then I've had my human rights, liberty and privacy completely violated and ALL aspects and degrees of my human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health profoundly assaulted, tortured and wrecked.

Using “star wars” and directed energy weapons technologies coupled with advanced neuro and medical science, and also using nanotechnology and holography technologies (or some such technical combinations) these people have the ability to :-

a. place a human subject under continuous surveillance, no matter where he/she is, from remote locations.

b. continuously monitor a human brain from remote locations, including thought and image reading.

c. continuously input directly into a human brain from remote locations, including the ability to override,
control and alter consciousness, and to introduce voices, noises, other disturbances, images and “dreams” into the brain.

d. directly interfere with, abuse, torture and hit bodies and objects.

By these means I have been :-

1. continuously - 24 hours a day 7 days a week - surveilled. (2004-present)

2. subjected to sleep deprivation torture. (2005)

3. continuously subjected to sensory and mental torture by being verbally, aurally and “intellectually” abused, goaded, disturbed and engaged with - directly into the brain. This takes the form of a running commentary with a personally codified system of comments and responses to my thoughts, activities and biorhythms - both straightforwardly and with echo, repetition and distortion effects.

This sensory and mental torture directly into the brain has varied from extreme causing near–complete mental breakdown and desperation, to loud, intensive and continuous, to milder. It is all, however, unignorable and inescapable, and it has profoundly degraded and wrecked my mental and physical life and being. (2004/2005-present)

4. repeatedly and relentlessly subjected to electrical abuse and torture on the genitals – electric currents are applied to my genitals at different intensities and positions, often continuously for extended periods of time. This ranges from extremely to mildly disturbing. The cumulative affect is sickening and constant mental and physical stress and tension. This electrical abuse and torture on the genitals is applied at any time of the day or night.

I am often woken up by the application of electric currents to my genitals – night after night after night. My genitals have also been liposuctioned, collagened, vasectomied, and my scrotum subjected to repeated reductions and enlargements. (2005-present)

5. continuously subjected to multiple nightly neurological experiments and interventions - night after night after night 2,3,4,5 or more times per night artificial “dreams” are introduced into my brain and therein experienced and processed “organically (?)”. This has resulted in mentally exhausting, degrading and wrecking me. I haven’t had an uninterrupted nights sleep in nearly 2 years. (2005- present)

6. subjected to ’deep’ neurological interventions on my brain creating a lasting ‘lobotomised’ effect. Repeatedly subjected to multiple other experiments and interventions on other areas of my brain. (2005-present).

7. subjected to various other mental, physical and social tortures, degradations and dirty tricks. (2004-present)

As an ancillary to these each and every night I am repeatedly put to sleep, woken up, made to go to the toilet, and mentally mood and temper controlled on waking.

Other nights I am given erections, and occasionally voided of semen (my sperm production has been stopped). I am being used like a lab rat. This regime has been ongoing now for nearly 2 years.

Each and every waking hour I am thought and image read, and continuously subjected to the various forms of sensory and mental torture by being verbally, aurally and “intellectually” abused, goaded, disturbed and engaged with - directly into the brain. Coupled with the various forms of genital abuse and torture. This regime has been ongoing now for over two years.

Thus my human rights, liberty and privacy have been completely violated and ALL aspects and degrees of my human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health profoundly assaulted, tortured and wrecked in this ongoing totalitarian nightmare.

There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding these technologies and victims such as I are being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and mental and physical destruction. This has remained completely unreported and undiscussed publicly. Despite, since 2004, continually appealing for help to Governments, UN Missions, UN Organisations, EU Organisations, other International and Human Rights Organisations, and many,many media outlets in the US and worldwide I have received virtually no help, or even acknowledgement, from anyone at all! Both the technologies and the perpetrators of these atrocities remain secret and unprosecuted!

John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia
Tel: 0424009627 Email:


Please refer to the following websites for further
information : -




especially the “sponsors” page




and especially the articles:-

a. John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA

b. On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis
in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology, Carole Smith,
Journal of Psycho-Social Studies , Vol 2(2) No 3 2003






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