Friday, June 01, 2007

FBI Agent Arrested For Masturbating In University Of Arizona Campus Women's Bathroom -- Another Black Eye For The Fascist Bureau Of Intimidation

It's bad enough that the FBI is using the NSA and its millimeter wave satellite technology to illegally spy on many of us within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms, but now we find that some of their agents are having orgies within their own offices (a story which was reported several months ago) and more recently a report of an FBI agent masturbating in a woman's bathroom at the University of Arizona. And these incidents are just two of a myriad in which the FBI has shown its true colors.

The FBI has become an outright disgrace and public menace!

Read on:

This story contains details that some readers may find objectionable.

"An FBI employee is on the other side of the law, facing charges of inappropriate conduct in a woman's bathroom on the University of Arizona Campus.

According to a University Police report, a woman was cleaning the bathroom on May 3, when she saw a stall door open. Inside stood a man with his pants down, masturbating.

'That's actually shocking,' says student Meghan Carey. 'It makes me question who's walking around U of A.'

'I think that masturbation can be a very natural form of sexual expression,' says student Stephanie Castle, 'but there needs to be a time and a place for that.'

The police report states, the witness went to get help. When she returned with an officer she spotted the man, later identified as Ryan Seese, outside the same bathroom.

Seese took off down a hallway and ran out the door. Police chased him into a parking garage where he was arrested.

Seese now faces charges of public sexual indecency, sexual indecency and trespassing.

He also told police he's an FBI agent.

The Bureau verifies his employment but will not reveal his position or status.

Meanwhile, students say this incident is a good reminder not to let their guard down, even in a comfortable place like the student union.

'I'll definitely watch out a little more,' says Carey. 'I have to be more aware.'

Some students say they would like to see UAPD set up more patrols around campus to make them feel safer."

The full story can be see at the following URL:


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