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FBI/DHS Sanctioned Organized Stalking Networks Are Camera Shy, Gas Guzzling,Tire Wearing Road Hogs + Insights On Fed Reserve Fraud & National ID Card

There has been an enormous amount of vehicular stalking in front of my home over the past two days.

Given that this is a dead end road with roughly 35 homes at the other end -- with an average of two vehicles each -- we are talking a total of 70 cars in that part of the neighborhood.

In a normal situation if there are 15 cars in an hour which pass my home on a Saturday this time of the year it's a lot. However, over the past hour not less than 80 cars have passed -- some which have made more than one round trip. And more are continuing to do so as I type this post.

Yet when I take my camcorder out to document this they immediately pull off to the side of the road until the camcorder is turned off. Of course this is indicative of the fact that these people are breaking the law and go into hiding mode in order to prevent me from capturing their stalking crimes on tape.

This has become a sport for these miscreants. And leave it to the FEDS to come up with a perversion of the law which is as outrageous as this one. Do you honestly believe that your average person could dream up something this depraved?

Of course not, because your average person is not a brainwashed hand puppet of the US Federal Government.

However, the FEDS are.

And they demonstrate this for me at least a dozen times a day.

First I have had my mind routinely raped and manipulated by this fascist scum for the past 27 years, and now I have been made into a pariah in order to prevent me from documenting the crimes that the FEDS have perpetrated against me.

Where is due process of law?

Then their prickly perp's assume their vehicular stalking mode, which the Old Brookville Police Department is not only aware of, but clearly sanctioning. As for libel, the Old Brookville Police Department is well aware that this is true, which is why I print it. I do so to illustrate what myriad other TI's have also documented -- that both state and local police are sanctioning these federally orchestrated crimes against humanity, and in doing so regardless of their pathetic excuses, violating the civil rights of those persons being targeted.

What those who perpetrate these crimes against us have failed to realize is that with such a system of vigilantism in place, what is to prevent them from being chosen next to be subjected to these organized stalking networks?

The answer is absolutely nothing.

We now have a system in the United States where the FEDS attack anyone they decide to and completely toss out the US Constitution in the process - this is called fascism.

How nice for them.

They are the bullies and what the bullies say goes. That is until a bigger bully comes along.

And eventually they always do.

Then the alliances change and once again it becomes every person for themselves.

It's interesting how the FEDS interpret the laws of this land. As soon as one of them becomes inconvenient, they find some creative way in which to nullify it.

If only we could get rid of the Bush Administration so easily.

It would also be nice to send the FEDS someplace where they would be greatly appreciated -- Russia's as good a place as any, since the FEDS' idea of government falls far more in line with the Ruskies than it does with a constitutional republic like the one that United States Of American once was. However, because of the Federal Reserve Bank's usurpation of our economy and government the United States is no longer a constitutional republic. It now falls more in line with a quasi democratic/fascist police state.

And exactly how many people in the United States are under the notion that this country was created as a democracy, believing that democratic rule of a nation is actually a positive thing?

Perhaps ninety-five percent?

Then maybe they should look up the definition of a democracy so that they can learn exactly how a democratic form of government operates.

How surprised they would be to learn that the United States Of America was not a democracy when it was created, but instead a constitutional republic. However in modern times the USA is far more democratic than it is a constitutional republic, thanks to the Federal Reserve Bank's subversion of our government.

The Federal Reserve Bank serves as a prime example for all Americans that if you have enough money you can pay to rewrite history so that you come out looking like the good guys, when in reality you were the most deplorable scum ever put on this planet. And anyone who's researched the men behind the privately held Federal Reserve Banking Cartel will amplify this comment one thousand fold.

Their actions have systematically destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions of people. (And this is a conservative number.)

As for the USA, just don't ever call it a democratic constitutional republic, because that's an oxymoron.

For in a democracy whoever garners more than 50% of the vote controls by tyranny -- it may be done so covertly, but they still make the rules that the rest of us must follow. And that is how the United States is operating in the present day, even though it's clear that those who make the rules do not abide by them, yet use them to hamstring the American people in order to prevent them from overcoming the servitude which they are now being rapidly cast into.

As an American you've all been brought up along party lines, and eventually you are forced to make a choice as to whether or not you are going to join either the Republican or Democratic parties. Unless you want to attach your name to one of the more benign parties -- those with great intentions but whom for obvious reasons never get within striking distance of the White House.

Remember that the FBI was created to maintain the status quo in this country and to use covert terrorism (COINTELPRO) to destroy the lives of any persons who wanted to improve this mediocre way of operating a government. And when I use the term mediocre, I am being very generous.

The truth of the matter is that this country would be far better off without either party, since they have done nothing but rape the hell out of the American people since these parties were founded.

Even back in the late 1800's Congress was trying to figure out a way in which to pick your pocket through a federal income tax, but the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional and prevented Congress from doing so.

In 1913 Congress decided to try it again. This time around a few sleazy senators allowed themselves to be bribed by the Jeckyl Island 7 -- a group of very wealthy and unsavory characters with names like Morgan, Rockefeller, Schiff and Warburg, who saw to it that the American people would be forever in their debt.

They accomplished this by bribing certain senators into illegally ratifying the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which would then pave the way for the privately held Federal Reserve Bank --- the world's largest legitimized counterfeiter-- to steal the American people's economy and government right out from under them. It also allowed for the creation of the Internal Revenue Service, an illegal organization which has been collecting federal income taxes in violation of the US Constitution for the better part of a Century, and illegally imprisoning and seizing the possessions of those who failed to pay income taxes.

And do you know where that federal income tax that you pay gets sent? Every penny of it goes directly to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank as interest that the US Treasury pays to it on the multi trillion dollar national debt. A debt that would not exist if the Federal Reserve Bank had not been created.

Not one cent of this money goes to any of the public services that you receive.

And it gets worse, since it costs the privately held Federal Reserve Bank next to nothing to print currency that they then lend to the US Federal Government with interest. The interest that you pay for out of your federal income tax.

Had enough? Because it gets even worse.

The US Treasury could be printing its own Treasury Notes interest free. And that means that there would be no reason at all for a federal income tax ( in spite of the fact that it is illegal in the first place).

And were you aware that your dollar is now nearly worthless because the Federal Reserve Bank took the American people off the gold standard (which had protected the value of our currency) and based their currency-- US Federal Reserve Notes -- on thin air! And the Fed didn't stop there. Unlike the US Treasury which would only introduce new paper currency based on the gold bullion in its vaults, everytime Congress has needed money the Federal Reserve Bank has quite literally counterfeited as much money as Congress required.

To put it simply, the Federal Reserve Notes which were circulated were based on thin air! There was nothing of intrinsic value backing them and this allowed for a much larger supply of paper currency than had ever existed when the US Treasury was in charge of the United States money supply.

Remember basic economics 101 and Adam Smith's law of supply and demand? The more you have of something the less it's worth. And that is exactly what can be said of the Federal Reserve Notes that you have in your wallet. You might as well have had Monopoly money.

The end result in all this is that after 94 years of this bank fraud, your money is now nearly worthless.

For this reason, the dollar, which was worth about 100% of its value in 1930, is now worth about four percent of that -- or four cents.

So the next time that the US Media attempts to convince you that your currency is safe, consider what we just talked about -- because it's on the verge of becoming completely worthless.

And should the Federal Reserve at anytime in the future elect to circulate a new form of currency -- for instance through the national ID card that Congress has mandated be passed into law in May of 2008, America will become a completely cashless society.

Try purchasing food when the chip on the card you have to make all of your purchases has just been turned off like your electricity.

Are you starting to get the picture?

This is not a good situation that we are heading smack into, which is why the American people need to boycott the national ID card. We have to do this if we are to stop Congress and the Federal Reserve Bank from completely destroying what freedoms we have left.

By now you're thinking to yourself, since the Federal Reserve Bank is operating illegally why doesn't Congress just shut it down?

This is a good question, but perhaps we should go into a bit of detail in regard to the last person who attempted to shut the Federal Reserve Bank down.

You may have heard of him. His name was President John F. Kennedy.

Prior to producer Aaron Russo, JFK was the only person in this country who had ever attacked the Federal Reserve Bank aggressively. And far more so than Aaron Russo has been able to do at present.

It was President John F. Kennedy, who in realizing that the Federal Reserve Bank was destroying the United States, mandated Executive Order 11110, which effectively abolished the Federal Reserve Bank. He did this in June of 1963.

By November of 1963 Kennedy was dead.

Do you really believe based on what you have just learned, that the Federal Reserve Bank had nothing to do with JFK's murder?

Four months after John F. Kennedy passed EO 11110, he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, in one of the most graphic and brutal murders ever documented. One might say that those who murdered him were sending a message at the time to any other presidents or politicians who were thinking about messing with the Federal Reserve. And their message was taken seriously, since no president since Kennedy has ever even thought to challenge the Federal Reserve Bank's autonomy.

And for those who believe that the Federal Reserve Bank had no part in JFK's murder, all you need do is look at who had the most to gain by seeing him dead. While there were myriad reasons for Kennedy's assassination, his attack on the Federal Reserve Bank was either at or near the top of the list.

With Kennedy in office the Federal Reserve was effectively out of business.

However, with him dead, the FED was back in business within months.

Coincidence? No way!

And for this reason alone, I worry about the safety of producer Aaron Russo, who is basically attempting to use his celebrity to promulgate a superbly done documentary of his called "From Freedom To Fascism", which goes into great detail regarding both the Federal Reserve Bank and Internal Revenue Service frauds.

JFK's attack on the Federal Reserve Bank cost him his life.

Let's hope that Aaron Russo fairs a lot better.

On a final and eerie note in regard to JFK one must wonder exactly what he was hinting at when he made the following statement, just ten days before he was assassinated:

"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight."

-- John F. Kennedy at Columbia University, 10 days before his assassination.

Are you angry yet?

So How Are The Services That You Receive Paid For?

You pay an excise tax on numerous items ranging from the gas you put into your car to your monthly phone bill. And your property and school taxes go towards schooling (even if you don't have kids of school age) and other services that the federal government does not pay one cent towards. And as far as I am concerned, forcing Americans who don't have kids to pay a school tax is not only unfair but ridiculous.

When was the last time that you bought your neighbor's car or house for them?

So why should you be forced pay to put their kids through school when you either have no kids of your own, or paid your own fair share in school taxes long ago when you sent your kids to school?

This is just one example of how "dumbed down" we have become as a nation. If you're looking for common sense answers don't look to Congress because they're fresh out of them, in spite of the so called brainstorms that they claim to have while they are decminating their opponents on TV and radio commericals.

Perhaps what's most appalling here is that these politicians as well as the tyrannical masters whom they serve, actually want us to respect them for this deplorable behavior.

Well as far as I am concerned they should not hold their breath on this one.

Then again, on second thought maybe they should.

What an outright disgrace!


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