Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Fascism In America Has Allowed For A Modern Day FBI COINTELPRO For The Masses

Common Statements Made By Provocateurs To Those Targets They Are Employing Psywarfare Tactics Against In Efforts To Drive Them Insane:

"You're sick "

"You need help"

"You're paranoid"

"You should see a psychiatrist"

"No one is out to get you especially the FEDS"

"Organized stalking and mind control crimes are all in your head"

The TI is told these things all while the sick bastards who deploy psychological warfare operations against them use COINTELPRO tactics to deny them their civil rights.

Individuals targeted for organized stalking crimes commonly report being told all of the above, by provocateurs who are taking part in the sadistic and depraved destruction of their lives. While the FBI and The Department Of Homeland Security, as well as other US Federal Intelligence Agencies are responsible for these acts of fascism, they are well insulated, operating behind the scene as they sanction the public's attacks on anyone whom the FEDS have failed to covertly destroy in the past.

These pernicious acts are what I have coined COINTELPRO For The Masses, in which the FEDS will coerce your families into taking part in this harassment, and through the use of slander, convince your friends, neighbors and the rest of your community to do the FEDS's dirty work for them.


The FEDS are also lazy by nature, which is why they have the jobs they do. Rather than creating something of value they sit back like fat cats in the jungle and wait for everything to come to them. Like these fat cats, they will even use others to bring their prey closer to them before attacking it. Their purpose in life is to destroy rather than create. To sabotage rather than innovate.

They are truly pathetic excuses for life of any kind and are most certainly damned for it.

They are a cancer on the human race which if not eradicated will destroy the human race.


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