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The Stalker's Lair -- 23 Wenwood Drive

While most of my posts don't cover the specific organized stalking attacks that I am subjected to on a daily basis, I do at times include those being perpetrated by people whom I consider to be a direct threat to myself, and even more importantly my Family.

Most persons targeted for these organized stalking crimes can usually identify the "base" where the instigators of such crimes set up shop.

And in my situation, this happens to be the home at 23 Wenwood Drive. From what I can gather this home is in bankruptcy and it appears that there are different people living there are a regular basis, or perhaps rotating in shifts. What I know for a fact is that they are in my neighborhood to cause trouble, and that is exactly what they have been doing here.

"The FEDS are selling the concept of organized stalking networks to the American public as though they were community watch groups. In this way the public feels as if these groups are a normal part of society that are simply making certain that criminal elements are being kept under surveillance. THEY ARE NOT! Organized stalking groups can hardly be considered as a benign addition to society, since unlike a traditional community watch group, these groups employ the use of psychological warfare which is deployed against those whom they target, in efforts to drive them into acts of suicide, or those in which they can be either imprisoned or incarcerated in a psychiatric facility. This is not legitimate law enforcement - this is a criminal conspiracy orchestrated by an extremely arrogant and corrupted law enforcement community, that actually believes that it has the right to violate the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights."

" The organized stalking groups which have now littered the American landscape are the brainchild of the US Intelligence community, which is why they have been allowed to successfully propagate within the United States without the interference of state and local law enforcement. There is no doubt that there were secret meetings held between federal, state and local law enforcement agencies long before these organized stalking groups were turned loose on an unwitting public, in efforts to coordinate them in such a way that they would be seen as socially acceptable. And this is also definitive proof that the United States Of America has now indeed reached the status of a Fascist Police State, where the civil liberties of every American citizen are now in serious jeopardy."

Where Is Due Process Of Law Here?

What Ever Happened To Due Process Of Law In This Country?

Why Are The US Courts Silent On This Issue Of Organized Stalking Crimes?

"Perhaps if these officers and the provocateurs whom they employ to take part in these organized stalking crimes, were subjected to the same abuses of their civil rights that TI's are forced to experience on a daily basis, they might begin to see this situation quite differently."

The house at 23 Wenwood Drive has been relatively quiet since last Summer when after a solid month of late night parties, and a never ending stream of teen aged juvenile delinquents racing their cars and SUV's up and down the road at all hours of the day and night (while leaving their discarded trash -- mostly fast food bags and wrappers in the roadway and on neighbor's lawns), the Old Brookville Police were finally called in to shut them down. However, not before these miscreants caused a lot of trouble.

Ironically enough, no one in my Family (including myself) called the cops. It must have been someone living either directly across or adjacent to this home. And I can hardly say that I blame whomever it was who called the cops, since these organized stalkers are indeed a menace to society.

While most of the organized stalking groups appear to follow a very direct protocol, the young Turk's up at 23 Wenwood seem to be an anomaly, in that they are more rambunctious and willing to actually shoot their mouths off, while the rest of the organized stalking network stick to their psychological operations -- street theatre, vehicular stalking etc.

Moreover, these late teen/early 20 something sociological curiosities have no compunction of screaming threats to me as they pass by in their cars while stalking my Family and me in front of our home.

A quick observation has shown that these punks have far too much testosterone and not enough gray matter. And one of these days their aggression and stupidity are going to combine to cause them some serious trouble.

Moreover, if they continue to cause problems there is little doubt that one of their more closely approximated neighbors will again call in the Old Brookville cops to run these thugs out of the area. It'll be temporary, but will have some impact.

Earlier today, four young males showed up in a gold colored Nissan Maxima which stopped in front of my home in a stalking posture. I would approximate their ages at somewhere between their late teens and early 20's. This car has intermittently been part of the stalking network of vehicles up at 23 Wenwood Drive for the past two years. Today,one of the thugs in the right front passenger seat began screaming at me and waving his arm in the air.

As I screamed back for him to leave the neighborhood the car stopped, and I began to walk down my driveway. At this time the car left the neighborhood.

Several months earlier, four late teen/20 something males perpetrated what was essentially the same stalking crime. Passing my home looking to start trouble, as I recorded it on a camcorder. I should also note that they were using profanity at the time. However, they never appeared to want to actually engage me in a physical confrontation as I found out about 6 months ago, when one of them decided to race up to the back of my car in intimidation, and was forced to lock up his brakes in efforts to keep from crashing into the back of it.

When he passed he veered towards me in an effort to drive me off the road. When I pulled up to the traffic light I dropped my window and asked him to pull over to the side of the road stating that if he wanted to engage me in a fight, I would be happy to oblige, but did not want my car damaged.

Of course being the cowardly punk that he was, he wanted no part of the situation and decided to hi-tail it out of the area.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security are sanctioning these organized stalking crimes against me in efforts to demonize me with the public, simply because they have committed precedent setting civil rights violations against me, and now have little recourse since they have nothing legitimate to arrest me for. And moreover, have now given me ample cause to file a lawsuit against them -- which I eventually have every intention of doing.

This is what the FEDS do to people whom they commit crimes against, yet can't silence. DEMONIZATION TACTICS!

For this reason, they are now looking to use jury duty as yet another ostensible means in which to find some way of either entrapping me, or causing a situation in which they will attack my finances. This could occur in the way of damage to my automobile, or any number of other situations in which these filthy miscreants attempt to once again violate my civil liberties.

What I am documenting is perhaps the best example of law enforcement caught in its own criminal web of lies, and unable to extricate itself from them, ever recorded. This situation has become so problematic for them that they must now completely toss out the law, simply because in this instance these people are the criminals, and would be subjected to prison time for the crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against me.

Like all situations in which the FEDS are to blame, they merely change the rules to serve themselves.

This Web site and my journal of the crimes that the FEDS have perpetrated against me stand as testament to some of the most outrageous violations by US law enforcement of an American citizen, in this country's history.

And my information is finally being promulgated on a wide scale, given that those who elect to research this Website, realize that in many instances their freedoms have now been compromised by the spy technology that I describe here; advanced satellite based weaponry that this government is illegally deploying on the American people as well as other countries by way of the NSA's Echelon satellite spy network -- The Eye In The SKY -- The BIG BROTHER of George Orwell's 1984 anti-Utopian nightmare come to life!

There are also citizens of other countries who regularly visit this Website, who are all too familiar with the same types of satellite deployed technologies being used against them within their own countries. These people have also documented being tortured by way of satellite based directed energy weapons, and having their minds routinely raped by the Nazi filth that illegally deploys this technology against them.

What we are all collectively documenting here is the fall of what were once democratic constitutional republics, which have now fallen into the hands of modern day Nazis.

As the FEDS continue to promulgate their LIES and to attack my person by way of their COINTELPRO operations, their desperation becomes more pronounced, in the aggression being shown towards me by the community in which I live.

I am now referring to an absolute witch hunt in which the FEDS have illegally made me into a pariah, while covertly threatening to murder me.

What the FEDS are doing is using black propaganda to manipulate the minds of these people. And they have done so effectively, given that these people are attacking someone with no history of criminal activity; someone who does not know who most of them are and has also never perpetrated any crimes against them.

This is yet one more mainstream SCAM that the FEDS are perpetrating in order to confuse the facts and set up a smoke screen in order to cover up their own criminality.

They are now as desperate as they are dangerous, given that while they attempt to propagate disinformation in regard to myself, they are looking to avoid any investigation which can document criminal behavior on their part.

The FEDS cannot answer any legitimate questions in regard to the complete lack of constitutionality here, which is why they find it necessary to continue to whip this community into a frenzy which is based on outright slander.

In regard to their criminality I will again ask the same question that I have been asking for the past four years:



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