Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Rockefeller Foundation And The American Women's Movement -- Another US Media Driven Fraud

In his documentary about the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds, producer Aaron Russo made a comment in regard to his prior association with a member of the Rockefeller family.

Aaron recounted that this Rockfeller asked him exactly what he thought the reason behind the women's rights movement in the United States was.

Aaron said that he thought it was about women's equality and giving them the same rights that men had, something that the American public has been told all along.

Rockefeller's response was to first tell Aaron that he was an idiot for being so naive and then explained the real reasons for the women's movement in America.

He said that the Rockefeller Foundation had funded the women's rights movement because roughly half of the population over the age of 18 were women, and that most of them were confined to housework and not contributing in the way of taxes. By catalysing the women's right's movement in this country the Rockefeller Foundation was able to create a much larger tax base for the Federal Reserve Bank to cash in on, in which it was able to double the amount of federal income taxes that it had been collecting before women were accepted into the work force en masse.

He also told Aaron that with women working they would have less time to keep watch over their children, and that their kids would be spending several more hours a day within the school system (which Rockefeller also claimed that his family's foundation controlled), which would allow the Rockefeller Foundation to see to it that these children were "moulded" in the way that these Illuminati wanted them to be.

In essence, what Aaron learned was that the Rockfellers funded the women's rights movement to exploit women and their children; n0t to help them to gain a voice in society.

And given the glass ceiling which most women still experience in modern day corporate America it's clear that this particular Rockefeller was telling Aaron Russo the truth in regard to the real reasons behind the women's rights movement in this country.

Given what we already know about the Rockefellers and their support of Adolph Hitler during World War II, as well as their part in the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, is it any wonder that what Aaron found out about the women's rights movement should not really come as such a shock to any of us?


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