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In 1990 After A Failed Attempt At Using Its Psywarfare Tactics To Drive Activist Judi Bari To Commit Suicide The FBI Attempted To Murder Her

Direct Quotes Regarding The FBI'S COINTELPRO Tactics From Judi Bari's Website:

"These guys are professional liars, who have raised selective memory loss to an art form."-- Judi Bari, Earth First!"

An uncanny ability to lie under oath, commonly referred to as "testa-lying," is a trademark of rogue law enforcement professionals."

"FBI Legacy From the moment of its birth in 1908 as the Justice Department's "Bureau of Investigation," a key part of the FBI's mission has been to suppress political dissent. In the early years they used deportations and the career-destroying Palmer raids to target union leaders and communists." "Burglary, blacklisting, infiltration, and disruption became standard operating procedure.

Later, when the Supreme Court ruled that the Smith Act specifically could not be used to target communists, the FBI took it undercover, developing its "counterintelligence" program dubbed COINTELPRO. In the words of then-director J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO was designed to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" groups whose views the FBI deemed threatening to the status quo."

It is the FBI who is a very real threat to the American people and their civil liberties.

I have done much research on the late Judi Bari over the past several years and have found her to be a truly remarkable person. As someone who's also been targeted by the FBI's COINTELPRO operations for nearly three decades I can certainly understand how aggressive the FBI can get when it wants you dead; especially when its use of psychological warfare operations (an absolutely vicious and vile methodology) have failed to complete its objective.

Then the FBI gets more aggressive by contacting the police within the state and community in which you reside in efforts to utilize them to harass and entrap you. If this fails, the FBI will attempt to murder you in a way in which they have plausible deniablity.

To truly know the FBI and its operations is to absolutely despise them.

The readers can learn more about the FBI's attempted murder of Judi Bari in her book Timber Wars, which covers her activism against the US Timber Industry in her attempts to save the California Red Wood Forest, and the FBI's use of COINTELPRO to covertly murder her.

Judi's Insightful Book "Timber Wars" Describes How FBI Agent Richard W. Held Orchestrated The Sleazy COINTELPRO Tactics Used Against Judi And Earth First! -- Held Was Also Responsible For Destroying The Lives Of Many Other Activists And People Of Note Including Actress Jean Seberg

I believe that Judi Bari was murdered by the FBI for filing a lawsuit against them. Her deposition was taken just weeks before she died from breast cancer -- a condition most likely brought on by way of remote radiation exposure, quite possibly administered by way of satellite. Remember that Judi lived through the FBI's bombing of her car and had filed a federal lawsuit against them, claiming that they tried to destroy her and the EarthFirst! movement through their use of illegal COINTELPRO tactics. So there's no question that the FBI considered her to be a major threat to them, given her exposure as one of the best known Earth First! activists in this country.

It is also quite likely that the FBI assumed that with Judi out the way, her lawsuit would never make it to court. However, they underestimated Judi's resolve and those around her, who carried through on her suit even after Judi expired. In 2002 Judi would win a posthumous lawsuit against the FBI for nearly four and half million dollars! It's nice to see someone sticking it to the FBI for a change -- even if Judi had to do so posthumously. Her deposition is quite emotional as one might imagine, but Judi hangs tough throughout it, even when the FBI defense attorney accuses her of faking having cancer -- And even though she would pass away from its effects just weeks after her deposition was taken.

Is there no end to the arrogance of this fascist and malignant federal agency?

The following is commentary by Judi Bari in regard to the rogue ways in which FBI agents operate -- Judi states: "the FBI is out of control," in reference to their complete lack of respect for the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, as well as the total absence of due process of law when the FBI is involved in perpetrating its COINTELPRO's against those Americans whom they illegally target.

Perhaps the best indictment of the FBI is that many of its own former agents became so disgusted with how this fascist agency routinely breaks the law, that they turned against it.


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