Monday, June 04, 2007

An Account Of Yet Another Person Who Is Being Targeted For Satellite Based Electronic Harassment

I should note that as I am posting this I'm getting a painful jabbing sensation in my left ear, the result of a directed energy attack. The following person who goes by the name of Angela, is one of myriad Americans who is being illegally targeted by the US Federal Government for satellite based electronic harassment. It is also clear from her statements, that Angela's TV programming has been replaced with covert government programming that's being used to attack her psyche.

Many persons, including myself have reported this same phenomenon, and in most cases it appears that the NSA and/or other US Intelligence agencies are behind these attacks. She has also reported having images placed within her mind and of having her thoughts remotely read and manipulated. I continue to experience this phenomenon on a daily basis as do most others who are targeted for the US Government's non consensual cover research and human experimentation program, in which we have all been illegally turned into unwitting guinea pigs.

Common sense would also dictate that this is why so many of us have ended up searching the Internet for mind control research. When one considers that there are presently over two billion Websites on the Internet, finding those on mind control research would represent "looking for a needle in a haystack."

Simply put, we did not find these Websites by accident. We were clearly looking for any information that we could find in regard to mind control because we knew that somewhere on this planet there were people who were using advanced technology to hack into our minds.

And now through our own research, many of us have learned that in nearly all instances, the US Federal Government has been the culprit all along.

The real issue is how many millions of Americans (and for that matter people in other countries) have been made into unwitting satellite prisoners, and subjected to non consensual human experimentation in the form of illegal satellite based mind control research?

There's little doubt that there are a great many who have been, yet who've not figured out that their governments are behind this crime against humanity -- at least not yet they haven't. But as in the case of those of us who now know the truth, it's only a matter of time before these unwitting mind control targets learn what we have. That they have people working within their own governments who are as evil as men like the late Adolph Hitler and Dr. Joseph Mengele. An extremely terrifying thought!

Angela has also reported being setup for staged car accidents, and deliberately run off the road on several occasions. I have experienced this as well, in fact, numerous times over the past 27 years. On at least four separate occasions family vehicles have been deliberately crashed into by the FEDS or their provocateurs as part of the psywarfare campaign that they have been conducting against my Family and self. Angela has also documented that when she reported this harassment to the police she was committed to a psychiatric facility for observation and forced to take anti-psychotic medication, when it was clear that there was nothing psychologically wrong with her.

For this reason it is not recommended that persons being targeted for government sanctioned mind control research, contact the police unless they have obvious proof that a crime has been committed against them -- for example if the perp's have damaged your property. In order to protect yourselves, you should have some type of physical evidence of a crime before you lay claim to having been attacked. Otherwise you run the risk of being arrested and incarcerated in a psychiatric facility, as Angela was -- sadly enough, simply for telling the truth.

It is clear from my own personal experiences as well as those of myriad other TI's, that the FEDS have included both the state and local police in our harassment. As such, these cops will either ignore the claims of a TI, or pervert the situation so that the TI can be incarcerated into a psychiatric facility -- this is the primary goal of the FEDS, since they cannot legally arrest us, yet will easily be able to control the situation once we are incarcerated, as we will be away from the public eye, and vulnerable to any number of serious violations of our civil rights, once the FEDS are able to covertly attack us from behind closed doors.

There is absolutely no question that the FEDS are this EVIL. Their notorious history of committing the most vicious crimes against certain targeted American citizens (which the media either never reports or spins in a euphemistic way) has clearly made them a danger to the entire American population.

The conspiracy against us, and I use the term conspiracy deliberately, because that is exactly what it is, has now become this outrageous!

And as any person targeted for this harassment will tell you, it is a living nightmare for both ourselves and our own families.

Since Angela has given permission to post her accounts on the Internet, I am doing so here for educational purposes.

For emphatic purposes I want to again state that the key aspect of this electronic harassment is to drive the persons being targeted into such states of despair that they are forced to commit suicide, or act out in such ways in which they can either be incarcerated or institutionalized in a psychiatric facility. This is exactly what happened to Angela, and for that matter many other TI's who unwittingly went to the police for help.

Simply put: the FEDS have now created a situation in which your state and local police are in on this scam, so there is little point in contacting them if you are a target of non consensual cover research and human experimentation (aka mind control research) or the crime of organized stalking which appears to go hand in hand with it.

These attacks are absolutely Hitlerian in nature. And those who continue to perpetrate them against us will one day be severely punished for taking part in them.

name: Angela Morgan
date: Mar 10, 2007

Can others place your information else where on the web: yes

In the event of your death or missing in action. Do you want your personal account to remain on the mcf site: yes

location: Atlanta, GA

I've been a victim of Gang stalking and street theatre; multiple staged accidents. When I complained to law enforcement I was institutionalized and forced to take psychotic medication. My chief complaint was against Direct T.V. prior to the institutionalization in 2003. I have been overseas for several years without issue.
However, immediately upon returning to Atlanta, GA the harassment has started again. CNN's information is clearly distorted; I have observed derogatory images of Martin Luther King, Jr. and other African American politicians.

Several of my personal photographs have appeared on television while viewing CNN. I am being harassed on the highways - Ford vehicles are attempting to run me off the road. Semi trucks follow me attempting to intimidate me while on the highway. While travelling just last month through Mississippi, I was harassed by a sheriff's deputy.

I also observed large electronic road signs reading "Cheney's Country" - - in Mississippi!! You are correct in that most people do not believe that you are telling the truth. But I am positive that this is occurring; further I believe that satellites are projecting images into my mind. I have no privacy to think or even write my thoughts on's all very true. My first exposure to this as a national issue was by reading the article, "Mind Games" as published by the Washington Post in January 2007 which is what prompted me to search for this forum.


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