Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Organized Stalkers At 23 Wenwood Drive Causing More Problems

As I have mentioned on several occasions over the past few years, the house at 23 Wenwood Drive is being used by some provocateurs of the FEDS as their stalking lair.

These late teen/twenty something juvenile delinquents are aggressive when they are in a car and ready to race out of the neighborhood at the slightest hint of trouble. Typical of the organized stalker, they are cowardly thugs who crave excitement as long as their lives are not placed in any danger.

One of these thugs was driving a late model Chevy Impala with the personal license plate G Colorado. I caught of glimpse of it the other night and he has not been back since. However if he does show up I will certainly document it. This thug is an organized stalker who belongs in prison - not driving around assaulting people.

As for the rest of the thugs at 23 Wenwood Drive, anything that they say or do which causes my Family or me problems is going to be reported here. Moreover, while I have deliberately not reported what they have done up until now (they are kids and as such I have tried to give them every benefit of the doubt), that does not mean that I will not report them to the police in the future. I most certainly will.

Earlier this evening as some of these thugs passed by my home one of the miscreants screamed out you FUC*ER at the top of his lungs while he broke a bottle in my driveway. Of course they made certain that this happened once the sun had set so that they could commit their crime under the cover of darkness.

What this perpetrator did this evening is referred to as criminal menace.

The aggression by these perp's is indicative of the FEDS' failed COINTELPRO waged against me over the past few decades -- which went from being covert to overt in the Summer of 2003. Since then all hell has broken loose as they have sought to demonize me in efforts to cover up their crimes against my Family and me, using degenerate stalking networks to harass me where ever I travel to.

The FEDS clearly cannot afford to have me testifying against them in a public trial, describing the NSA's illegal tracking of my person over the past three decades, or the physical and psychological assaults that they continue to wage against me by way of directed energy satellite weapons. This as well as the FBI and DHS criminal conspiracy to deny me my civil rights -- an illegal COINTELPRO operation which began nearly thirty years ago.

They are well aware that they have been subjecting me to illegal non consensual cover research and human experimentation for the past 27 years and cannot afford to have this information become mainstream news. It would destroy any appearance of constitutionality that the FEDS claim to observe, and expose them for the closet Nazi's that they really are.

Consequently, they have and continue to do everything within their power to force me into a state of suicide, including both slandering and libeling me as forms of character assassination. This is how the FBI and Homeland Security really operate -- completely outside of the framework of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

It is one thing to know about this technology. It is quite another to come forth with information which proves that you are being targeted by it. And that is exactly what I have done.

As I have said in the past, the FEDS can't go head to head with me on this because they know that I am telling the truth and that when my accounts are made public on a wide scale, they are going to lose.

So they have resorted to the most despicable and inhumane tactics imaginable in attempting to drive me to a state of suicide -- and they have failed.

And if the FEDS can do this to me and the scads of others whom I have reported on, they can do it to any American citizen at anytime -- including all of you!

The real issue now is how quickly I can continue to propagate my information, given that more and more people are circulating it, understanding that my experiences have also illustrated for them how their freedom is now in jeopardy.

I knew that this would eventually happen once I was able to get my accounts in a place where they could be seen, given that the FEDS continue to remove them every time I place them on the Independent Media Center Websites; venues which could afford me much greater circulation than I have had in the past.

The FEDS simply can't afford to have this info getting out into the public domain on a very wide scale. It will destroy their credibility if it does.

Let's face it, I am documenting the most outrageous cases of treason by the US Federal Government ever reported. Long term illegal spying; subjecting an American citizen to illegal human rights violations by using satellites to electronically hack into their mind and manipulating their thoughts!

This is positively Orwellian and it is happening within the United States in the present day!

This is the type of scandal that brings down governments, and there are myriad Americans who are now documenting similar crimes being perpetrated against them by this government; accounts of which I also plan to include in my documentation when I file suit against the FEDS for their crimes against me.There are also numerous people from others countries including but not limited to Norway, England, Japan and Australia who are telling of similar accounts of what can only be described as Nazi technology being deployed against them.

So is it any wonder that the FEDS are trying to murder me, given what's at stake here?

I will continue to document every aspect of what I witness including the organized stalking group of miscreants that has taken up residence at 23 Wenwood Drive. It's become clear that the FEDS are going to attempt to use them to start a confrontation with me in which I will end up being the one who gets arrested. Yet another aspect of the COINTELPRO Sting being waged against me for the past three decades. This might have worked before I knew what organized stalking crimes were, but those days are over.

They don't belong here, and one way or another they will be leaving.


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