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Activist Sherman Austin Political Prisoner & The US Fascist Police State -- An Irrevocably Corrupted Government On The Precipice Of Collapse

Several months ago I wrote an article in regard to a young African American man by the name of Sherman Austin, former owner and Web host of the site

I did so for several reasons, not the least of which was to show how the FBI is deliberately suppressing the individual Americans right to exercise their 1st Amendment Right to Freedom Of Speech, when it involves any type of criticism of the US Federal Government and its policies.

As an American who has been attacked viciously by the FBI and other agencies within the US Intelligence community, the result of a long-term vendetta perpetrated against me by a single FBI agent, I am certainly empathetic to Sherman's situation.

What we have in the United States today is a pretense of constitutionality, done in efforts to deceive the American people into believing that they have government which is just and serves to protect their civil rights through the administration of the US Bill Of Rights.

And there are a great number of Americans who are coming forth in the present day to illustrate that the US Federal Government is in fact superimposing its own interpretations on the Constitution, in efforts to serve the interests of the hierarchy within this country, rather than the American people themselves.

Sherman's case is certainly a remarkable example of this, given that there are many other anarchistic Websites on the Internet which promulgate similar and perhaps even more aggressive messages than his Website once did.

However, the owners of these sites were never imprisoned. Why not?

As an African American male, Sherman is certainly no stranger to racial injustice. And his music most definitely exudes the anger that he has experienced in seeing such injustices being perpetrated against himself and those around him. It is fast paced and as progressive as it is provocative. It is the type of artistry borne from emotion. And in my opinion that is the only really art, whether one agrees with its content or not.

At present, Sherman has, as a condition of his unjust conviction and probation (the result of being setup by the FBI on a COINTELPRO Sting), been forced to remain largely silent in regard to his experiences as a civil rights activist, wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for what were clearly politically motivated reasons.

In this case the FBI decided to make an example out of Sherman, simply because he was a person of color who was vociferously exposing both the tyranny and hypocrisy that he was witnessing within the US Federal Government; something that many alternative journalists, myself included, have been forced to do, since the US Media has become nothing but a parrot of government controlled propaganda, and as such incapable of investigating any of the unsavory aspects of the US Intelligence community.

What Sherman's case has served to teach us all, is that those Americans who look to expose these injustices must do so without even an implied threat of violence. I say this simply because the FED's will exploit this aspect of activism even if they know that the person(s) taking part in it have no intention of committing violent acts.

Agencies like the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security and others of (as like to refer to them) the alphabet community do not play fair -- nor do they operate legally.

Moreover, they don't conduct themselves within the framework of the US Constitution and never have. However, since the advent of the Patriot Act and the 2006 Military Commission's Act ( two absolutely insidious pieces of civil rights decimating legislation), the FEDS are now wantonly abusing the American people like never before, and using these unjust laws as a form of tyranny.

If you are thinking German Gestapo of the 1930's and '40's you are certainly on the right track.

Young men like Sherman Austin are simply too tempting for the FEDS to ignore, because their causes can easily be perverted by agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security, for their own public aggrandizement, as well as the exploitation of the movements that men like Sherman represent. This is what the Intelligence Community in America is all about. It's what it has always been about.

It has nothing to do with maintaining law and order anymore than the Bush Administration's so called war on terror has anything to do with ending terrorism.

These agencies were created to maintain the status quo in the United States, while subverting the governments of other countries which refused to bow to US Imperialism. Simply put, if these countries did not play ball with the US Federal Government and allow it to covertly take them over, they were attacked.

And while these attacks did not always take place in a physical sense, the use of black propaganda smear campaigns which were promulgated by the US Media, were employed to demonize these countries with the American people.

The US Media is always presenting the US Federal Government as the defender of freedom and human rights, when in reality this government is as backwards and Machiavellian as any to come before it.

And those of us who expose Congress and the US Intelligence community for the frauds and criminals that they are find ourselves being demonized through the use of black propaganda, simply because we are telling the American people the unpleasant truth.

Do you honestly believe that a government which would target specific American citizens to be spied on within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms, is operating justly and within the framework of the US Constitution?

Of course it's not.

These government officials are using their positions of authority to violate another Americans civil rights under the color of law statutes in this country -- a federal law -- a federal crime -- however a law which is seldom if ever exercised.

Why not?

Because abusing Americans under the color of law statutes has become a rule in this country rather than the exception to it. And if we begin to actually enforce the color of law statutes in this country then the myriad of those within the US Federal Intelligence community who've continued to routinely abuse them would find themselves under investigation, and ultimately prosecuted for these crimes.

Their criminal house of cards would begin to collapse as it should have many decades ago.

So instead of exposing and punishing them for these crimes, the American people are once again forced to simply deal with this abuse, unable to even contact law enforcement, since it's now law enforcement beginning with the FBI on down that's become the problem.

It wasn't always like this. There was a time when you were in trouble that you call a cop and they'd be there for you. However, this situation has become more nebulous since the Patriot Act was passed.

Being a cop, especially a federal cop means having a lot of authority. And there is a saying in regard to this kind of power: power corrupts while ultimate power corrupts ultimately. No statement has ever been more true.

And a textbook example of this statement can and should be applied to the hierarchy within the US Federal Government, beginning with the President and his cabinet right on down to Congress.

In the present day, the aforementioned have the unenviable distinction of garnering the lowest popularity rating in this country's history. Put in simple terms, they have routinely cheated us behind the scenes and lied about doing so, so often that Americans have now all but written them off.

Given this, how long can it be before the American people decide for themselves, that this so called government simply doesn't work as it was designed to - not because a constitutional republic isn't the best form of government available to them -- but because a corrupt banking system in this country beginning with the privately held Federal Reserve has allowed for a system of corporatism which has subverted a once great constitutional republic, into a government which has essentially become fascist in nature; a government which serves a select hierarchy at the expense of the Proletariat.

The citizens of the United States are on the precipice of learning of several extensive betrayals by the US Federal Government in regard to themselves, which are going to expose said government for precedent setting crimes and a scandal not seen in this country's more than 200 year history.

I cite the 9-11 attacks as an inside job.

The privately held Federal Reserve Bank's illegal existence in the United States & illegal counterfeiting of US Currency.

The Internal Revenue Service's illegal imposition of a federal income tax as well as the illegal imprisonment of Americans, and the seizure of their real and personal property.

Consider what this fraud means to the history of this country.

The FBI's arrest of Al Capone on tax evasion charges was not even legal!

All I ask of those who regularly read my articles is to consider what this fraud of a government means to you, your families, and your futures.

And once you have done so, please go out and expose these frauds for what they are. Overpaid, under utilized bureaucrats who spend more time feathering their own nests than they do working to make your country a better place to live.

You can start your activism by refusing to endorse any Democratic or Republican candidate unless they are willing to sign an affidavit stating that once in office they will abolish the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel and the Internal Revenue Service, the result of their treasonous betrayal of the American people, and their theft of trillions of dollars of American taxpayer money over the past Century.

If these candidates refuse to sign such an affidavit, don't vote in the 2008 election. If no Americans show up to vote there can be no winner, and thus no president or vice president.

Through its corruption the US Congress has failed the American people miserably, and it is going to take acts of civil disobedience -- the only way in which great men like Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were able to organize substantive movements within their respective countries -- to bring about the major changes of reform that are needed within the United States in the present day. These two men were great leaders; the people running the United States Government are not.

You can learn more about Sherman Austin and his "Silence Is Defeat" campaign at the following Website:


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