Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yet Another Example Of The FEDS' Attempting To Destroy My Reputation

"The FBI Is Bad News"

"The FBI's attitude towards Americans is like some person who comes up to you unprovoked and punches you in the mouth, all the while attempting to convince you that they had every right to do so. And if you proceed to defend yourself this person then attempts to have you arrested. This is about as logical as the FBI's defense for the way in which it abuses the American people. The FBI does not want the American people to respect it nearly as much as it wants them to be terrified of it. However, what the FBI has never taken into consideration is that through its extensive psychological abuse and cruelty the American people are now coming to despise it."

Has anyone ever noticed how when it comes to FBI impropriety this agency simply refuses to answer questions? Now there's no question that the hierarchy within the FBI is as arrogant as any group of people you will ever come across. They are brainwashed into becoming that way. What's also clear is that when these agents are involved in criminal activity they simply refuse to answer for their crimes.

And considering that the FBI has for the past Century and continues to employ the use of its criminal COINTELPRO's one may conclude that the FBI has committed an extremely large number of crimes; crimes that it simply never answers honestly for.

Of course we shot him dead. He was a terrorist!

So you have said. Except that he had no terrorist connections, no criminal record and no weapons.

You are missing the point. When the FBI goes after a terrorist we have deemed that they are a threat to society.

Hmm.. and exactly what do you call of group of people who murder an unarmed person with no criminal history, in cold blood?

Next question please.

What about the murder of Vicki Weaver and her son Sammy at Ruby Ridge, Idaho? FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi was completely out of line in shooting Vicki. Even the DOJ agreed. She was unarmed and clutching her 10 month old daughter in her arms when Horiuchi blew her head off! What has the FBI got to say about that?

We have no comment -- next question please!

What about Waco and all of those men, women and children whom the FBI burned to death? What about the frame up of Leonard Peltier and the murder of Anna Mae Aquash? And the murder of at least 60 American Indian Movement Activists back in the 1970's? In regard to Leonard, how could you allow a man whom you knew to be innocent rot away in prison for thirty years?

This interview is over.

When those of us who challenge the FBI ask incriminating questions, such as "why won't you simply just show us the tapes that you seized from and around The Pentagon on 9-11 so that we can see for ourselves the 757 that you claim hit this building?," the FBI merely clams up and ignores us.

This is unbridled arrogance that we are talking about here. The people operating within this agency honestly believe that they have the right to do whatever they want to us, yet when we catch them committing crimes they are simply be let off the hook. Especially when it's become clear that the hierarchy within the FBI is aiding and abetting those who attacked us on 9-11.

The FBI is not protecting Americans. It is helping to covertly murder them.

So in good conscience how can the American people let the FBI get away with this? If we don't stop them now maybe during the next Bush Administration terrorist attack there'll be 50,000 of us dead instead of nearly 3000. Do we really want to wait that long?

If so, what number will it take - how many more dead Americans before we as a people tell the FBI and the rest of this federal government that we've had enough of their treasonous LIES, and that we are not going to allow them to ever get away with these crimes against us again?

Throughout this site and the journal that I keep, I have documented every aspect of the conspiratorial attempts the NSA, FBI and Homeland Security employ to destroy my reputation, while utilizing every imaginable type of psywarfare tactic to destroy my sanity.

"If the FBI's involved in investigating someone whom they cannot legally arrest one thing is for certain -- that person's civil rights are going to be violated and in certain instances done so in precedent setting ways."

Completely absent in this entire situation is Constitutional due process of law. Given their absolute violations of the US Bill Of Rights, the FEDS have now been reduced to nothing more than a modern day version of Adolph Hitler's Gestapo, where there were no rules, ethics, morality, or humanity.

Furthermore, if I am mentally unstable as the FEDS have claimed (they claim this about all TI's whom they illegally attack and who in return expose the FEDS's crimes against them), exactly why is it that they find it necessary to utilize psychological warfare to destroy my sanity?

Logic dictates that if I am mentally unstable the FEDS have no need to use their psywarfare to cause me to become mentally unstable. Therefore, one can only deduce that I am sane and that the FEDS are not only attempting to drive me insane to bolster their own sagging credibility, but also LYING to the public in regard to my mental state -- which despite the FEDS' psychological warfare tactics waged against me for the past 27 years, continues to be sound.

*** Just one of myriad examples of how the FBI uses its attack on a person's sanity was when Janet Parker, a former associate of FBI agent John O'Neill (whom the hierarchy within the FBI set up to be murdered on 9-11, the result of his knowledge of the money trail which would lead up to the attacks and back to George W. Bush) took to the airwaves shortly after 9-11 to publicize how the hierarchy within the FBI blocked O'Neill's investigation; an investigation which could have prevented the attacks on 9-11. The FBI immediately went public to state that Janet Parker was mentally unstable and therefore had no credibility.

The FBI's demonization of Janet Parker had begun.

However, the truth of the matter is that Parker has plenty of credibility, and that's why the FBI moved in so quickly to attack her. Has anyone even heard from Janet Parker since she went public with this information?

Is she even still alive? When the FBI's involved in conducting a COINTELPRO against you, murder is their prime objective. However, they will first attempt to drive you to suicide. And if that fails, they will then grow even more aggressive until they find a plausible way in which to murder you -- something they are now in the process of doing with me.

According to a post that I had seen some months back on the Internet, Janet's last place of work was a veterinary clinic within the State Of Washington, which she left over a year ago, with no forwarding address. The post was listed by one of her customers, who said that Janet was very competent in her work, and extremely pleased at having found her position. It would appear that the FBI decided that Janet Parker was now a danger to them, given their outright LIES and obstruction of justice in regard to the attacks on 9-11.

I also find it of interest that this particular post in regard to Janet has now been removed from the Website which it was listed on, and I seriously doubt that this is a coincidence.

The readers can learn more about Janet and her association with the late John O'Neill at the following Website:


And given the extensive and treasonous crimes that the FEDS have perpetrated against me for the past three decades, is it any wonder why these federal miscreants would find it necessary to violate the US Constitution in efforts to cover up their crimes against humanity?

Remember the kid in school who loved to eavesdrop on other people's conversations just to start trouble between them, in efforts to see how much damage they could do to their relationships? If that doesn't describe how an FBI COINTELPRO works to a tee, I don't know what does.

It is a textbook example of how these federal miscreants will use satellites to illegally spy on those whom they target in protracted fishing expeditions, to pit families and friends against each other. And the FBI's viciousness has been so well documented throughout its history of committing these types of COINTELPRO operations, that it has become anathema.

Moreover, the FEDS can't win if they take me on head to head because they know they are lying. I went as far as contacting Amnesty International and The American Civil Liberties Union offering to take a polygraph in regard to what the FEDS have perpetrated against my Family and me. If you are LYING you don't offer to take a polygraph.

You only do so when you KNOW that you are telling the truth. I had a series of roughly 40 questions that were to be asked, as well as any that the ACLU or AI wanted to ask me. However, they never even volunteered to, because they are contacted by numerous TI's who are reporting the same types of illegal harassment being perpetrated by the FEDS, and are afraid to get involved. For that matter so are attorneys, who fear a loss in business if the FEDS decide to destroy their reputations, simply because these attorney's might attempt to actually defend the US Constitution, instead of allowing federal agencies like the FBI to trample all over it, as they have been doing for the past 100 years.

The FEDS can't beat me legitimately so they are using every dirty trick in the book to side step the issues and the law!

Since when can the FEDS attack someone publicly if that person has never been arrested, tried or convicted of a crime? In my case (as well of numerous others) these FEDS are just making up the rules as they go. And that's not law enforcement -- these are criminal thugs violating my civil rights under the color of law - a federal crime punishable by prison time.

Moreover, these FEDS are pathological LIARS.

At the end of this post I have included the latest E-mail scam that they have sent me in order to maintain the constant state of stress that I am under. I am subjected to every imaginable type of psywarfare operation 24 hours a day, as are numerous others whom the FEDS are attempting to covertly murder.

Something that has been happening for decades, but extremely aggressively over the past 4 years, when the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security took their harassment of my person from being covert to overt.

According to this latest E-mail I never paid for an item that I bid on through EBay. There's just one problem with this. I never bid on this item, nor have I ever heard of it up until today when I opened an E-mail which appeared to have come from EBay. Yet I have no way knowing if it did, or if the FEDS just scammed the address off another of the companies that I have conducted business with in the past. They have done this on myriad occasions.

I have never in my life seen such a pathetic display or abuse of the US Constitution and civil rights as I have with these FEDS. Their abuse has become so terrible that it's almost surreal. These people are not law enforcement -- they are outright criminals, and to be reviled by the entire American populous.

The way that US Media portrays the FBI as premier law enforcement is not just a lie but also a direct attempt by the FBI to cover up its covert agenda of using violence to maintain the status quo in this country; something that it has a long history of.

Examples of COINTELPRO and just a fraction of the number of lives that they have destroyed:

WACO, Ruby Ridge, The Palmer Raids, The Puerto Rican Independence Movement, Martin Luther King Jr. , Activist Judi Bari, Actress Jean Seberg, Dr. Steven Hatfield, The Socialist Workers Party, Frank Wilkinson, Fred Hampton, The Black Panther Party, The Women's Rights movement, Michael Boren Williams, The Marino Family, Constitutional Activist Rick Stanley, Leonard Peltier, The American Indian Movement, Janis Lanham -- and the list goes on and on.

Why do we even have the FBI? It is an anti-American subversive agency which exists specifically to defy the US Constitution. When are the American people going to demand that this fascist agency be abolished?

Of course, my record on EBay has been perfect just like my credit card rating used to be before the FEDS got through with it. So now it's clear that they are looking to destroy my reputation on EBay so that these beasts can now prevent me from conducting business there as well. What a surprise since they have sabotaged me in business since the early 1980's just shortly after a sleazebag FBI agent had me illegally placed within the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring system.

I will now have to determine if the message below is bogus, or if the FEDS hacked my EBay account and bid on this item without my knowledge. Given their desperation nothing that they do would come as a surprise to me. After all, we are talking about scum that spies on you within the privacy of your own bedrooms and bathrooms, rapes your mind and body with their satellite based directed energy weapons' technology, and intimidates your own Family and friends into keeping silent in regard to what is happening.

Everything I have heard about COINTELPRO I have now experienced first hand. And these FEDS are absolutely the most putrid filth on this planet. People don't come any worse.

**** As it turns out there is no complaint reported against me. The FEDS merely pulled another EBay member's account name out of thin air in efforts to get me to contact this person, who would have had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. They have done this in the past, and I have learned not to contact any person making claims against me until I can be certain that they are legitimate. So far not one of the complaints against me has been legitimate. As for my complaints against the FEDS; they are mounting by the second.

eBay Unpaid Item Strike Received for Item #160114006010

Dear customer,

You have received an Unpaid Item strike.You were the winning buyer on eBay item 1928 MOSCOW MOCKBA LARGE ART PHOTOBOOK w/200 GRAVURES (#160114006010). The seller, redtagmarket has informed eBay that payment for the item has still not been received, or that the two of you were not able to come to agreement. As a result, you have received an Unpaid Item strike. If you would like additional information regarding the item in question, please review the . Important: Repeated Unpaid Item strikes may result in your suspension from eBay. If you have recently paid for the item or have otherwise resolved this dispute, you can ask the seller to remove unpaid item strike.

Thank you, eBay


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