Monday, June 04, 2007

The Man Made Satellite Has Become A Bane To The Human Race

A more complex version of the satellites that bring many of you your TV and radio programming are now responsible for spying on you 24 hours a day. With the capability of seeing into your homes as though the ceilings and walls did not even exist, as well as being able to locate a dime sitting on your kitchen floor, NSA audio visual spy satellites have become the most outrageous invasion of privacy and violation of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution ever documented.

And through a well crafted campaign of disinformation most Americans have no idea that such technology even exists. Gone is the privacy that you once had. Not even your own bedrooms and bathrooms are safe from this fascist intrusion any longer, when you can be spied on making love, having private conversations, and even showering or using the toilets within your own bathrooms.

This is absolutely outrageous!

Making matters even worse is that you can be tracked where ever you are 24 hours a day for the rest of your lives, without ever having a clue that it's happening to you. These satellites are able to accomplish this by using specialized devices known as SQUIDS (superconducting quantum interference devices) which enable these satellites and the Artificial Intelligence computers that the National Security Agency (NSA) employs in their illegal spying of the American people, to track the minute amounts of electricity given off by the invisible electromagnetic fields that surround your very own bodies.

As a result of this, not only can the NSA illegally spy on you regardless of where you are, its agents can also tap into the sub vocalized thoughts that you have and decode them with specialized software that they have access to. These NSA agents are also able to implant their own information within the subconscious minds of those whom they illegally target for these Nazi type crimes against humanity.

They are also able to electronically implant words, images, and full scenes which run similar to a short movie, within your minds while you are fully unconscious or at rest, in order to manipulate your thoughts and behavior -- I have experienced this on myriad occasions for the past 27 years.

Furthermore, as someone who has been routinely targeted for these Hitlerian crimes for nearly thirty years, I want to make certain that every person on this planet understands how vulnerable they are to this technology, and moreover, how it can be used on a global scale to eventually enslave the minds of the working class.

The mainstream media has been told to steer clear of this technology because there are many people being illegally targeted by it who would immediately react and contact their local politicians to report the strange anomalies that they have been subjected to; those who are at present concerned of making such statements publicly for fear of being stigmatized. Angela's situation is a prime example of this. She has been attacked by way of government satellite induced mind control for years, but came forward after she read the story "Mind Wars," by Washington Post columnist Sharon Weinberger.

It is clear that if articles such as "Mind Wars," which documents the experiences of Harlan Girard, a long-term target of government sanctioned covert mind control research, would appear in our local newspapers, that within no time many Americans who are suffering quietly as a result of these attacks would begin to promulgate their information, and those of us now reporting of this advanced satellite based mind control technology would suddenly have a much greater base of support.

This is exactly what the FEDS are trying to avoid!

However, like the proverbial pot which is starting to boil over, it is now only a matter of time before this information becomes publicized on a very large scale.

And the FEDS have themselves to blame for it. For if they hadn't been so devious in the ways in which they have illegally spied on us and used us for non consensual human experimentation, they would not find themselves in their present predicament, that of trying to cover up what they have done to us.

Also of import, is that many of you are in fact being targeted for this illegal spying and mind control research without even realizing that there's an external reason for the strange anomalies that you are experiencing within your lives.

The NSA has mapped out the human brain, so that their technicians can literally target any portion to bring about the desired responses that they are looking to achieve, while using those whom they are targeting, as unwitting guinea pigs for the US Federal Government's illegal program of non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

Given their ability to covertly manipulate virtually every aspect of the human brain -- everything from your state of mind to your appetite and libido can be electronically altered, remotely. And I tell you this from first hand experience. I also know of a great number of other Americans who've reported being attacked in similar fashion, and still those citizens from other countries who complain of having their minds illegally invaded, while they are both physically and psychologically raped repeatedly by those who are deploying this satellite based technology against them.

And for those who may assume that the NSA only spies on Americans, the truth is that the NSA is a global spy network which has many outposts around the world; the largest being in Fort Meade, Maryland, and Menwith Hill, England.

Ironically enough, it is against its NSA's charter for the NSA to be illegally spying on Americans without permission from the secret FISA court, however, that has not prevented this federal agency from doing so. Making matters even worse is that while most Americans believe that the spying that the NSA has been perpetrating against them NSA'shas only been occurring since the attacks on 9-11 took place, the truth is that the NSA has been illegally spying on millions of Americans for nearly thirty years.

And there is compelling evidence that this agency was illegally spying on many Americans in a more isolated fashion since long before that.

So as Americans you might as well accept the fact your privacy has now been compromised in ways that are so far beyond that of most people's comprehension, that for your own survival it is mandatory that you now conduct your own research.

And you can forget the US Media altogether, because they have been quietly instructed to stay clear of this topic.

You can start by researching John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which documents this technology in great detail. John first exposed the NSA and its criminal use of spy satellites and remote neural monitoring technology in 1991, when filing a lawsuit against this agency. He has been remotely tortured by the NSA for doing so through its remote neural monitoring technology and spy satellites ever since. And given the treasonous content which John exposes within his lawsuit, the US Courts have refused to hear it.

Given the US Federal Government's treasonous attacks on us by way of the NSA's satellite system, we cannot expect to obtain justice through the US Congress or our Judicial System. The only way in which we will succeed in exposing the extent of these crimes, is to alert the American people to them en masse.

Once this occurs, and the American people begin to collectively understand the extent of the treason involved here, and the outright Nazi ideologies which have allowed for the propagation of this technology, the US Federal Government will have no choice but to admit to what they have done and to accept responsibility and punishment for it.

And given the grassroots movements which have now taken hold around the globe, there is little doubt that the one world fascist government which is gradually emerging will soon be exposed on a very large scale.

Those who regularly visit this blog are well aware of what is gradually befalling not just the American people, but the human race. However for those who are new to this blog, for your own well being, I implore you to read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA which can be accessed below.

It is a frightening commentary on what the NSA has been up to behind our backs. And for this reason as well as myriad others, it is time that all of the people on this planet were finally made privy to what is really going on within the deepest and darkest recesses of the NSA and the rest of the US Federal Intelligence community.

Their crimes against humanity are truly chilling.


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