Thursday, June 07, 2007

Excused From Jury Duty

In what has come as little surprise to me, I have completed the entire call in for the week of June 4th, 2007, as a telephone standby juror and fulfilled this legal requirement, without ever having been called to serve.

And given that I had promised the FEDS that I was going to use jury duty as a venue in which to alert other Americans to the IRS and Federal Reserve frauds; those which are gradually becoming the biggest scandals in this country's history, they have chosen to deny me the ability in which to do so.

They have done this because they knew that I was looking forward to promulgating this information, and the Mineola Court House would have provided a perfect venue in which to do so, given the hundreds of American taxpayers who would have learned that the IRS is operating illegally, by levying an income tax on the American people; a tax which in the late 1800's the US Supreme Court ruled was unconstitutional and struck down!

The lower courts are attempting to uphold their own decisions in regard to tax evasion cases, in violation of the Supreme Court ruling -- something that they are NOT allowed to do.

I must now seek other venues in which to publicize this information, given its import to the American people and the future of this country. And so should all Americans who have learned of the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds , since these organizations are not only guilty of gross fraud, but also TREASON!

Furthermore, Americans who don't file a 1040 tax return are not getting away with anything. By law they are NOT required to. It is the Internal Revenue Service that is getting away with criminal activity here, and it's about time that the American people were made aware of this OUTRIGHT FRAUD!

There are many court cases which have now set precedent that those who fail to file a 1040 return cannot be incarcerated for it; nor can their real and personal property be seized!

As to the FBI and Homeland Security, I truly wish that they would do their jobs effectively and shut down criminal organizations like the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank, instead of continuing to aid an abet their activity as does Congress, while using COINTELPRO's to illegally attack Americans whom they cannot arrest legally.

These FEDS are heading 180 degrees in the wrong direction, and at the expense of the rest of us!

See Producer Aaron Russo's "From Freedom To Fascism" which documents the Federal Reserve Bank And IRS frauds in detail.

"From Freedom To Fascism should be required viewing in every classroom and boardroom in America."


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