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Some Of The Scandalous Rumors That The FEDS & Their Provocateurs Circulate About Those They Target Are Absolutely Insidious

The following is yet another account from a mind control target regarding the scandalous and slanderous rumours that were circulated about him by the depraved filth that circulate such garbage in efforts to demonize those whom they target.

The FEDS in particular seem to latch on to the pedophile stigma since it is so effective at instantly alienating the Targeted person from their community. Other popular rumors that agencies like the FBI use in which do so include the person being profiled as a misogynist (a woman hater), a racist, a pervert, a drug dealer, a pimp, involved in incest etc. The more despicable the the rumors the better for the FEDS because they create such hatred for the persons being targeted that they have virtually no chance of defending themselves.

The FEDS do this by design because it's effective and creates a smokes screen in which the FEDS themselves can hide their crimes. It's really very clever, and a clear illustration of the complete moral and ethical depravity that agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security are guilty of.

One must wonder if what they do bothers them at all. I tend to doubt it, believing that they have had any guilt that they may have once experienced brainwashed out of them long ago. All that remains are the sociopathic murderers that the Bureau prides itself on creating. Quasi robots that are useful in carrying out tasks that your average human would not have the stomach for.

Many male TI's who have no criminal histories have learned of vicious and slanderous rumours of them being pedophiles circulated throughout their communities. And is it any wonder why, since part of the FEDS' mind controlled protocols are to make these men into the same kind of depraved trash that they are.

Imagine what it is like to come home to find your neighbors assuming that you are are a child molester, because someone started a rumour around your neighborhood that you were. That is exactly what happened to this man from Massachusetts when he got involved with someone on the dating scene who turned out not to be as she advertised. While his case appears to be independent of the crimes that the FEDS perpetrate against us, it follows a very similar pattern to them.

The following is his compelling account of the disease that is oozing through American society in the present day and age, courtesy of the Nazi's who are covertly operating within the shadow government in America. Call them Mafia, FBI, Illuminati or any other types of hierarchical organized crime that exists, because under the skin they are essentially the same. Although at least with the Mafia there was once a code of honor - something the FEDS have never had.


can others place your information else where on the web: yes

In the event of your death or missing in action. Do you want your personal account to remain on the mcf site: yes

area-contact: Electronic / Psychotronics harassment

location: Massachusetts

My Story...

Until now, I’ve basically kept quite about this. When it all started in October, 2005, I ran around like a chicken with his head cut-off, trying to recruit support from family & friends. I visited the FBI office, twice.

My situation, I’m sure, is similar to others out there: I lost my apartment, and my job. I’m now living with my parents; I’m 35 years old. I’ve become secluded, hardly
leaving my house for 6-months.

Three friends I’ve known for 18, 19 and 25-years, respectively, don’t talk to me, two of them, because I’m “crazy” the other one, I’m not sure why? Perhaps “they” went with the pedophile rumor this time? I haven’t tracked her down yet.

I had three job interviews last week and ALL of them went extremely well! That is, until.....someone stepped in....

My neighbors stare at me as if I’m a monster. Traffic on the main road (50 ft. away) is excessively noisy as expected.....and so on. And so on. And so on.... Just your
typical, out of the “Stalker Handbook” story except for a few things, which, from what I’ve read, make my case a little different:

1.) I know who started this and why.
2.) There is a witness who could back that up, but is too afraid and brainwashed to do so, deciding that it was easier to leave me here instead.
3.) If I’m a “whistleblower”, I haven’t “blown a whistle

What’s my “Crime” you ask?

After pressure from friends at work, I finally joined an online dating service (, against my better judgment. At that time, I had just turned 34 and was ready to try [again]. I wanted to meet a nice girl - someone I loved being with and loved me back. I was ready to get married, “settle-down” and have a children. I wasn’t ready for this at 30, but I was now.

A month later, I met a nice, beautiful 30-year old woman, originally from Europe (or, so I thought). She was on the “same page” in life I was; she wanted to settle down and be a mother. She had a sexy foreign accent; she loved cooking (good match for a guy who loves eating), and she was single! (Again, so I thought).

I wish I remembered Murphy’s Law which goes something like: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is...”

I was smart enough to know that beautiful, sexy, 30-year old blondes with sexy-accents and a love for cooking don’t exactly grow on trees. A woman like this gets scooped-up before she’s 25, no matter what country she’s from. So, I asked her to marry me. She said: “YES!”

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to (pardon the phrase) “land” such an amazing woman!

In March I took her to New York City for her birthday; we took a train from Providence. Rhode Island, and spent 2- nights in a Park Avenue hotel. I took her to Tavern on the Green for a birthday dinner and had an engraved cake brought out to her for desert. I spent/charged a fortune that weekend but, she loved it, and cried when she said: “it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done” for her.

By then, I knew this nice person had a horrible life of abuse and neglect, from childhood to adulthood. People would say tell her she was “ugly”. (I figured they were jealous because she was beautiful). Her mother allowed the step-brother to sexually abuse her, etc. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard these countless stories.

Well, no matter. She seemed quite well adjusted now. I loved her very much and I was DETERMINED, as her future husband, to be the first to treat her with the kindness, love and consideration that she deserved, but never received.

I was the only person in her tragic life to be supportive and treat her like an equal. Which, by the way, she loved and in her words, made her “feel special” and “better to her than anyone ever has.”

Things were great between us, until mid-May when she announced she had stomach and liver cancer. I was devastated. I found this great girl and now this? Why her?
Why me?

She said she was going to spend the summer in Texas, staying with a friend and receiving her chemotherapy treatments three times a week. (After her initial
operation Memorial Day weekend).

She DID NOT want me to go to Texas with her. Nor did she want me visiting, because she’d be weak, frail and didn’t want me to see her in this condition. I protested, of course; I loved her and wanted to be there for her during her time of need. But, she asked me to respect her wish; this was a “Danish-thing” her culture (Danish/German) and the people are very tough, and she was afraid of my reaction if I saw her. She was petrified of me rejecting her, if I did. She wanted to confront this thing herself, beat it and then start-fresh.

What could I do? I knew she was “quirky” she had used that word to describe herself too. Maybe I didn’t understand it, but if she didn’t want me to go with her; if she didn’t want me to visit over the summer.....if all I could do was respect her “stay-away” and remain supportive of her, until her battle was won then that’s WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO!

She even told me to date other women while she was away that summer. I was angry that she even offered this, but I understood her “devalued” existence growing up quite well, now. Being the loyal, committed, loving guy I was, there was NO WAY I would consider such a thing! Nor, did I want to be with anyone else. For the first time, the idea of being with the same woman (sexually or otherwise) was inviting. She was great. She was gorgeous!

And, she was going to fight for her life this summer. What kind of a man would I be if I was dating women up here, while the woman I loved and planned to marry was in Texas, fighting for her life?

This was a golden-opportunity to show her, by example, that not everyone in her life would let her down. There would be some people encountered she can depend on. I was
one of them...and proud to be the first.

So, I took her to Cape Cod one weekend. I took her to Martha’s Vineyard too; anything to take her mind off the battle ahead. I showered her with “supportive” gifts the night before her flight to Texas.

That summer I lost 10-pounds. My production at work dropped. I was worried sick about this woman; her health, her life. She became distant, even insulting me once or twice on the phone. But, I knew it was because of what she was going through, so I never reacted. I was going to be waiting for her when she returned.

Long story, longer: she “recovered” but remained distant, even odd after returning. Finally, one day, I had enough and decided to run an online background-check on her, to try and find out why this person was acting so odd and mysterious.

If you guessed by now, I wish I knew you last year: She was already married; and had been for nearly 10-years!

That’s not the worst of it (here’s where the Gang-Stalking comes in): she was married to a career criminal; a member of an organized network. My luck had just changed.....

The Stalking began immediately and the fun hasn’t stopped since. I was NOT supposed to know she was married on account of connecting her horror-stories of abuse and other “clues” observed and discussed over the year.

Talk about a relationship that just keeps on giving!

She was under enormous pressure to stay-away and NOT reveal anything further (the 1st-rule for organized crime).

She did feel very guilty for everything, as she should. For example:

1.) She’s not Danish. She’s American and grew up in Houston, Texas. Thus, every word out of her mouth was spoken with a fake accent; very word layered in lies.

2.) She NEVER having cancer that summer; she needed to get- away for a few months (for reasons, I won’t discuss).

Sure, why be honest now and end a “relationship” like an adult, especially when an innocent life was at risk like mine. Faking cancer: there’s an option I never considered.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen such despair or heard such horror from another human being. Even before I knew the “truth” I thought of her as a sort-of “modern-day Cinderella:” a beautiful, smart, promising young woman; tricked into marriage, plagued with sadness, surrounded by wicked people with selfish intent; interested in themselves and maintaining the status-quo.

That’s the problem....

See, because I was the only one I her life to treat her with respect (including her cruel family), the 12-months of equality, loyalty and respect from me was not enough to undo 30-years of prior abandonment, deception, betrayal, and cruelty. If there was a glass-slipper in this Cinderella-story, it was shattered...

So, one day in February, after discussing our “situation” with her wicked mother, she said: “I discussed this with my mother and it’s time to start thinking about my future now, not yours.”

Pearls of wisdom and motherly-advice from a life-long demoralizer to an attention-starved daughter. The message: Don’t value yourself too much; maintain the status-quo, remain in harms way; don’t value those who love you and treat you well. (See: brainwashing, coercive-persuasion; Battered Woman’s syndrome and Stockholm syndrome, to understand this girl’s life better). So, she betrayed me and walked away; too afraid to speak out on my behalf; feeling close to her mother after their talk, which is something she always wanted.

After that the stalking discrediting, blacklisting, etc., kicked into high gear. My future sealed.

Let me say it again, for the record: I am NOT a pedophile.

I am NOT a drug-dealer. I am NOT mentally ill. I am NOT a criminal in anyway; yet, at times, it seems I’m treated like one.

What I’m guilty of is 1.) being naïve; taking someone at their word, and not questioning it. 2.) Being loyal, respectful and trusting of a person who, didn’t know what these concepts were, hence never reinforced in her.

Hindsight is painful.

As God as my witness, the above story is true.

I know this was long. Thank for listening,

-The Town Monster
(Needham, MA)


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