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WACO The Rules Of Engagement -- A Modern Day Holocaust Perpetrated By The FBI & BATF

"In regard to negotiating with an FBI agent, there's little point in doing so since they will twist whatever you say to their own advantage, while omitting exculpatory evidence which can exonerate you, in efforts to demonize you. If you are expecting reasonable behavior from the FBI you are expecting far too much. These agents are the types of people who will not only hold a grudge, but spy on you every second of your life, videotape you within the privacy of your own bathroom while sharing it with the public, and when all else fails, conspire to demonize you with family, friends and community as revenge for publicly exposing their rampant crimes against you.

Think Hitler and the Third Reich and you've hit the dartboard dead center. In the case of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, they would learn first hand of the FBI's ruthlessness, when it unleashed an attack on men, women and children that would end their lives in one of the most macabre scenes ever recorded."

WACO -- An American Tragedy

If ever there was an example of a US Intelligence COINTELPRO operation that deteriorated into cold blooded murder, it was the FBI, BATF attack against The Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas on April 19th, 1993.

I have just finished watching a video entitled "WACO The Rules Of Engagement," which covers the subsequent Congressional investigation that occurred as a result of the murder of roughly 80 men, women and children who were incinerated to death, the result of a carefully orchestrated plan by agents of the FBI and BATF, to murder them as revenge for the BATF agents who were killed by Branch Davidians in response to the attack that these agencies waged against them.

Rather than spending a great deal of time commenting on what I viewed in this video, I would prefer to make some general remarks in regard to what I witnessed, which covers one of the most outrageous murder conspiracies in US History.

Throughout this video certain US Senators including Charles Schumer and Oren Hatch, were shameful apologists for the FBI and BATF, regardless of the evidence put before them. In once instance an infrared video was being analyzed by an expert witness who stated that the FBI tank being driven into a rear corner of the Branch Davidian Compound was clearly firing rounds of ammunition into the Compound.

The FBI has routinely stated that during its part in the 51 day siege against the Branch Davidians, it never once fired a single round into the Compound. Not only this is an egregious lie, New York State Senator Charles Schumer completely ignored this evidence as though it did not exist, while he shamefully routinely acted as an FBI apologist, knowing full well that the FBI agents under oath during their testimony were clearly perjuring themselves.

Schumer took ever opportunity to demonize the Branch Davidians when it was clear that there was compelling evidence to show that they made every effort to resolve the situation peacefully. There was also extremely disturbing evidence that the FBI not only seized material evidence which could have been used to prove that they had lied, but also deliberately tampered with the crime scene in efforts to destroy any additional evidence which could prove their culpability in this massacre.

Furthermore, while the FBI claimed that it had not used any type of pyrotechnic devices that might have started the blaze which destroyed the Branch Davidian Compound, and killed more than 80 men, women and children, at least two of these devices were found in the rubble of the destroyed Compound.

Moreover, CS gas, an extremely toxic chemical agent, was sprayed liberally on the outside of the Compound as well as inside, when the FBI's tanks were used to knock down portions of the building in efforts to allow more air to circulate, so that once pyrotechnic devices ignited the CS gas, the building would burn rapidly; which is exactly what it did.

CS gas is also extremely toxic and dangerous to the respiratory systems of humans and it adversely affected all of the occupants of the Davidian Compound -- including the more than 24 children who lived there.

In a way reminiscent of the Nazi Holocaust, the Branch Davidians were first gassed by the FBI and BATF, and then incinerated by them as revenge for the handful of federal agents who were killed in answer to their raid on the Compound.

If this situation sounds familiar to what occurred at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, when the Weaver Family was attacked without a warrant, and Vicki and her son Sammy murdered in cold blood by the FBI and local marshals, who also took revenge for a marshal who was murdered when he shot and killed Sammy Weaver's dog, it should.

"Sammy Weaver was not firing on the other federal marshal when he was murdered. He was running away when this marshal shot him in the back and killed him!"

Both the Weaver Family and the Branch Davidians were attacked by these agencies because they were living unconventional lives and as such, a threat to the status quo. There was no clear cut evidence that any of these people had even the broken the law. And in the Weaver case, neither of the two federal marshals who entered the Weaver Compound had a warrant in which to do so. They were clearly trespassing on private property looking to cause a confrontation. And that is exactly what they ended up doing, when they instigated a situation in which both Sammy and Vicki Weaver would be murdered by the FBI and the remaining federal marshal.

One FBI agent who was being interviewed pretty much came out and said that the Branch Davidians deserved what they got, while also stating that his conscience was clear in regard to what happened to them and that as far as he was concerned, both he and his children were going to Heaven.

If this does not smack of the arrogance and complete brainwashing that these agents exhibit in their sociopathic behavior, I don't know what does.

It also does something else. It clearly demonstrates that the FBI will cross the line the between law and lawlessness whenever it cares to and at the expense of the lives of the persons whom it's targeting.

I think that the most chilling aspect of what has happened at WACO, Ruby Ridge, and numerous other venues in the past Century, in which FBI agents wantonly murdered those whom they targeted with reckless abandon, is that these agents have demonstrated an absolute disregard for human life.

Many of them, such as FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi are quite literally killing machines, brought in when the FBI knows that citizens are going to be murdered, and need to be able to count on snipers who they know are up to the task of killing humans in cold blood.

The facts in the case regarding Horiuchi and his depraved murder of Vicki Weaver are a clear illustration of this, as witnesses recounted him saying that he was furious that one of the marshals was murdered and that he was definitely going to kill one of the Weavers that day simply as payback for it.

Horiuchi's statement makes his shooting of Vicki Weaver a clear case of premeditated murder.Moreover, he shot her through the head, although she was unarmed and in her home holding her ten month old daughter in her arms at the time. She was clearly no threat to anyone.

One former FBI profiler testified that his assessment of Koresh was that he was not overly aggressive. When he furnished the FBI agents in charge of the WACO investigation with his findings they urged him to change his profile of Koresh in order to make him appear more menacing.

This is indicative of what the FBI is presently doing to myself and myriad other TI's, simply because we are not violent (in spite of the FBI's long-term use of psyops to make us so) and the FEDS are looking to use psychological operations in efforts to make us violent. This way we fit neatly into the profiles that they have created for us.

Simply put, this type of behavior is so characteristic of the FBI and DHS, and an indictment of how vicious and criminal their COINTELPRO'S are, that it should be used as a textbook example for civil rights activist groups throughout the United States, as what to look out for when the FBI decides to target them for a COINTELPRO Sting.

When questioned in regard to the psychological operations which the FBI was deploying against the Branch Davidians, yet another FBI agent claimed that he did not even know what a psychological operation was.

This was a blatant LIE. Furthermore, when this same agent was confronted by the types of psychological warfare operations being used, he suddenly stated that the FBI did not discuss the tactics that it used in situations like Waco!

Now if I had not experienced the FBI's psywarfare operations every day for the past four years, I might have actually believed some of what the FBI was saying.

After all, it's only fair to be objective in any situation.

However, it was clear in the Waco case that these agents were lying through their teeth in something so commonly practiced within the US Intelligence community that it is referred to as "testa-lying." Testa-lying is the term that the FEDS themselves use behind closed doors, when they refer to the lies that they tell under oath in courts of law. Perjury that they regularly get away with, where even Senators like Charles Schumer and Oren Hatch look the other way.

The late Judi Bari, an ecological activist and member of the group EarthFirst!, who narrowly missed being killed when the FBI planted a bomb which blew up her stationwagon in 1990, had the following to say in regard to her observations of the FBI agents who were deposed in her lawsuit against this alphabet agency:

“These guys are professional liars, who have raised selective memory loss to an art form."

-- Judi Bari
Commenting On The Credibility Of FBI Agents In Court

FBI agents have become as arrogant as they are because they see themselves as being invulnerable, given that in most cases, regardless of the crimes that they commit, they seldom if ever are made accountable for them. Can you imagine what society would be like, if like the FBI we could all just do whatever we wanted without ever having to worry about the penalties for our actions?

If you want to find out join the FBI or another US Intelligence Agency who for the most part appear to all have get out of jail free cards!

To add further insult to the situation, when one of the members of the Branch Davidian Compound was buried on the property after being shot to death by the FEDS, the FBI routinely ran over his grave with a tank, as they destroyed two vehicles that belonged to the Branch Davidians.

Some of their agents even dropped their pants and mooned the women and children as they looked through the Compound windows in what has got to me one of the most callous and despicable acts ever witnessed.

This type of insensitivity on behalf of the FBI is also relative to a comment made by one of its agents the day after Vicki and Sammy Weaver had been murdered, in which the agent was reported to have stood up at a table during breakfast the following morning and mocked other members of the Weaver family as their neighbors looked on in horror, when he said "we had pancakes for breakfast today, what did your Mommy make you?"

This comment was actually reported by one of the Weaver's neighbors, and in reference to an unarmed Vicki Weaver, whose head was blown off the prior day, when she was shot by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, as she clutched her 10 month old daughter in her arms.

This neighbor was so appalled by this agent's comment after Vicki had been massacred the prior afternoon, that he went public with it.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect in all this is the number of politicians who sided with the FBI and BATF, even though the evidence against them was overwhelming.

Rules Of Engagement can be seen at the following two URL's. The top URL is part 1 of 2; the second is part 2. Warning -- towards the end of this video there are several graphic clips which show the charred and mutilated remains of many of the Branch Davidians. They are permanently etched within my mind as I know that they will be in yours, as a reminder that the truly psychotic people in this country are employed by US Intelligence. And of course it would also turn out that these people have access to the most advanced and deadly weapons on this planet.


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