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Satanic Ritual Abuse Is Yet Another Form Of Mind Control Used By The Illuminati

There are myriad forms of mind control that the Illuminati (a covert group of wealthy elitests who secretly control virtually every aspect of what goes on in your lives) utilize to manipulate the minds of selected targets. Electromagnetic weapons are just one way in which this occurs.

For those wondering who might be members of the Illuminati, the current President of the United States, George W. Bush, and his father George Herbert Walker Bush both belong to it. So do the Rockefeller's. There are a great many of their kind living within the United States of America as well as abroad. These people represent the most powerful group of individuals on this planet. They also represent a source of the most abject evil one might imagine.

They control virtually every aspect of what goes on in your lives.

And their ultimate goal is to seize all 0f the precious resources on this planet for themselves, while using various forms of technology to commit genocide, in efforts to reduce the Earth's population to what they believe will be a more manageable size.

Most of the Proletariat is destined to be murdered through ways which on the surface might seem plausible enough. However, the Illuminati has access to advanced technology which can allow for the murders of
tens of millions of humans, which can be explained away through what appear to be natural disasters.

However, nothing about them will be natural.

Some examples of these include: biological, chemical and electronic warfare. The use of scalar weaponry will also be used to disturb the Earth's crust thus causing floods, earthquakes and other types of phenomena which would on the surface be considered as natural disasters. This is already occurring on a larger scale than one might imagine. And those US Government employees operating at the HAARP antenna farm in Alaska are largely responsible for it, by beaming very high amounts of electrical current into the Earth's ionosphere, which in turn alters weather patterns.

See Dr. Nick Begich's book "Angels Don't Play This HAARP." The following is a video in which Dr. Begich discusses this technology and his book.

Those of the Proletariat whom the Illuminati allow to remain will be kept alive in order to maintain the economy which these Illuminists have been leaching off of since their more humble beginnings. For those of you who require an example of this, the privately held Federal Reserve Bank is the best illustration of Illuminati infiltration of the American people -- so is the Internal Revenue Service. Both are outright frauds and responsible for stealing trillions of dollars from the American people over the past Century.

Of even greater concern is that the Illuminati's creation of a New World Order one world fascist government is nearly at hand. One need only take a careful look at what has been happening globally over the past few decades to understand that there are some very dark forces at work behind the scenes here, and that their intention for most of the world's population is at its very roots an extremely malevolent one. Taking total control of the American people by way of their Government is absolutely mandatory if the Illuminati are to make the NWO a reality.

In my interest to post the best information on government abuses including but not limited to its sanctioning of non consensual cover research and human experimentation, I continue to choose what I believe to be the best resources available on the World Wide Web.

The following is yet another. The person who has documented this information merely goes by the name of Svali. Svali covers quite a bit of useful information in regard to what it was like to be subjugated to a life of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and what it took to break the mind control which kept her and her family enslaved by it.

Moreover, she ties the Illuminati directly into SRA as well as myriad other forms of mind control enslavement which is of great import, given the Illuminati's long-term quest to conquer the human mind and to create a subservient society which will be at their mercy.

These people truly are this evil.

Svali's information can be seen at the URL following this post. Remote forms of electronic mind control are real, but so are many forms in which psychological warfare is used to brainwash the victims of the "controllers." There are myriad forms of mind control within today's modern society, ranging from religious and political indoctrination to the programs that you watch on your TV and listen to on your radio; programs in which many different forms of subliminal messages are sent to the human brain.

For this reason those who are searching for a better understanding of the New World Order's plan to enslave the Proletariat (the real working class on this planet -- not the wealthy elitists who use you for slave wages while they get richer off your labor) must EDUCATE themselves. Don't take any one's word -- make your determinations based on your own empirical observations.

This is the only way to be certain that you are heading in the right direction.

And if you find that those who are attempting to send you certain pieces of information are being demonized for doing so ask yourselves why. See if those who are demonizing these people to you have a covert agenda of their own. Oftentimes, you will find that they do -- especially when the US Federal Government is involved.

Svali's Article On Satanic Ritual Abuse


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