Monday, June 11, 2007

Congressman Ron Paul -- A Politician Whose History Speaks For Itself -- A Man That Americans Can Actually Look Up To

The opinion of most Americans in regard to the politicians in this country is that they are unworthy of their positions, since they are beholden to and thus represent those who contributed to their election campaigns.

And over the past Century the US Congress has proven through its criminal activity (however covert) and favoritism to lobbyist groups, that this opinion is based on sound evidence.

There was a time when I believed that Senator Barack Obama was the breath of fresh air that Americans needed to affect meaningful change in this country. However, I am now too concerned that he will be forced to compromise many of his views in order to maintain the Democratic party's partisan views.

However, what is needed in this country is a radical president who is not going to allow himself to be bullied by Congress, while he steers a course towards a better America, by replacing political rhetoric with common sense.

That man appears to be Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Paul is aware of the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds. He will also sign an affidavit stating that if he gets elected he will abolish both of these organizations -- something that should have been done a long time ago.

This is in the best interests of the American people. And to prove this, just try finding another political candidate who will include as one of their campaign promises, the act of abolishing the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and the Internal Revenue Service. I guarantee you that you will not find a candidate who will do so since it would be political suicide to attempt something so bold.

As for one of the early front runners, Senator Hillary Clinton, she's evidence of a political shark who through the use of cleverly orchestrated propaganda, can tell the American people what they want to hear, while never actually accomplishing anything of significance since being elected to office.

I have challenged Clinton supporters to come up with one actual accomplishment that she has made to the people of New York, since being elected as this State's Junior Senator. Not one person has been able to document anything.

So exactly what makes Americans think that Hillary will be anymore effective as President? Her only real claim to fame is a failed attempt at health care reform in this country while her husband was president.

And of course there were the Whitewater and Vince Foster scandals which forced Hillary to maintain a lower profile for a time. And Americans never did receive an answer to what her part in both of these scandals was.

Aside from raising millions of dollars in her own political coffers, and earning millions in a book deal, what has she accomplished for the people of this country?

Common sense would indicate that she's accomplished nothing of benefit to any of us.

It would also appear based on the facts, that Hillary Clinton has been very good for Hillary Clinton, yet not for the people of New York. It's my prognostication that if she gets elected -- and there's a good possibility that she will -- Hillary Clinton will be as empty a suit in the White House as she has been in the Senate.

As for some of the other front runners, they are no better. Take Rudy Giuliani for example.

Rudy was literally being chased out of New York prior to the attacks on 9-11, when this catastrophic event catapulted him into becoming a national celebrity for a time. I can still remember him shamelessly swaggering throughout the city overseeing the Twin Tower cleanup, while trying to appear as more of an emperor than its mayor. He is just one more political hack who'd love to add president to his resume before he passes into oblivion.

And the same can be said for just about every political candidate in the present. I still believe that Barack Obama is a good man who would make an excellent candidate if he was not so concerned about towing the Democratic party line. These things are counterproductive to the American people who need a smaller and more transparent government that they can understand. Not the behemoth of incompetence and waste that the US Federal Government has become over the past Century.

If Americans truly want to improve this country they need to take an important look at Congressman Ron Paul. His record can stand up to the most serious criticism. Few others in Congress can say that.

He may not have the rock star stage presence of a Hillary Clinton, however he's got a lot more substance to him. And he's willing to address some of the most critical issues which are plaguing this country in the present day -- something that Clinton is not.

You can learn more about Ron at this Website:

Also a video on Google about Ron:


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